Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heal Your Pain Without Pills- 3 Steps to Relief!

How does pain and suffering affect your life? How do you deal with pain?

Instead of going on auto pilot mode, please stop and feel the pain and put down the pain relief meds for a moment. Read the following instead......

Some pain is physical. Some pain comes from emotional blocks and unresolved issues. Some pain is inflicted upon us from seemingly unforeseen causes. Consciously you may not know why, but subconsciously you are holding a pattern that enables the pain to manifest again and again. Pain may come in different forms, but they all seem to have this common thread.

Pain is universal to human beings. We all feel pain during different times in our lives. How you deal with your pain is very significant and often determines how well you get through and heal it.

Pain warns you. Pain notifies you that things are not right and that you MUST take attention to your body, mind and soul. Pain is a difficult thing to comprehend sometimes, and we often feel victims when we don't know how to handle it.

Speaking from personal experience from dealing with intense pain, I now have come to a very great appreciation for pain. Pain is a teacher. Pain has been one of my greatest teachers.

What I have learned from pain:

  • Physical pain tells me I need to STOP, and step back and realize I am not present
  • Emotional pain tells me I am human, and encourages me to start ASKING questions about what is going on in my life
  • Emotional upsets and pain also alert me to taking a moment to realize I am not PRESENT, and that I need to feel the emotions and allow them to just be. Eventually they dissipate just as they came on.
  • Physical pain also alerts me to the reality that I need to take a BREATH and become still in order to HEAR the VOICE of my pain

Your pain and my pain has a VOICE. It is one way your mind, body and spirit COMMUNICATES with you.

Next time you find yourself in PAIN and are suffering do the following:

1) Just STOP: yes pause and completely stop yourself from moving. In stillness there comes clarity

2) BREATH: Once you have stilled the body, STILL the mind and everything else follows. Remember the BREATH is your direct link to connecting with your INNER GREATNESS. Breath into the pain, BREATH to release the stress, and breath to FEEL your whole body. The mind follows the breath. Slow the breath, and you slow the mind.

3) Ask and Assess: Now that you are core connected, still, and more clear, things are given a chance to shift. You have opened your channels to receive the answers you need to make better choices for yourself and alleviate the blocks that are causing you pain. Pain is blockage. More precisely pain is a blockage to energy channels due to repressed feelings, emotions and issues.

Implement the three steps above every time you find yourself in pain or anxious with emotional turbulence. Each step takes your through the pain, instead of SUPPRESSING the pain. Medication is a very disadvantageous way to deal with pain because it SUPPRESSES pain. Meds do not HEAL your pain. Please know that you can feel your pain and not be destroyed by it!

Yoga also is a great way to relieve stress and manage pain. It utilizes the breath and brings you to experience more PRESENCE in your life. Each time you step on your mat, you are given the opportunity to Stop, TUNE in, and breath through the resistance.

I'm always here to hold your hand ;) Reply with questions or your own thoughts :) Love it all!


Mad loves


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