Saturday, March 26, 2011

Adrenals Part 1-Are your ADRENALS at risk?

We get up early, and rush to get out the door to work. Get on crowded buses or subways, or stuck in traffic jams. We sit at our desks, with the piling workload at our side, and eat lunch while typing, emailing, and organizing the next project.

Meetings, and appointments come later. We run to the next one while thinking of the tasks of tomorrow. We haven't eaten dinner, and need to get the 50 page report finished by tonight for the presentation tomorrow. The kids need to get picked up, the gift needs to get bought, and that call to dad is still on the to do list. It feels like it never ends.

We get caught in this vicious cycle, and it goes on and on until we crash. That's when we finally "awaken" and realize the craziness is just too crazy to maintain any longer. By this point your body is aching, and your spirit follows.

What is Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion?

On a physical level your adrenals are the first to suffer in all of this. The mental and emotional stress tears down the integrity of your health. Its an accumulative effect. You don't wake up one morning and crash.

Years of ingesting stimulants like coffee and nicotine really undermine adrenal and overall health.

Years of rushing, not sleeping enough quality hours, eating crap and fast food, not exercising or over exercising.

Years of pushing every limit, or feeling resentments or regrets, feeling guilt or blame, using others for your gain or giving too much of yourself in hopes of being accepted or loved all wear down on the mind, body and most definitely the soul.

And then that's when the adrenals decide to call it quits and throw in the towel. They are tired of fighting that fight. They are exhausted, sore and defeated. So we are left with low reserves, ongoing fatigue, inability to recover from even mild efforts, craving sugar, gaining weight, hormonal imbalances, sexual difficulties, depression or anxiety and suffering from insomnia. The later stages become even more severe and debilitating.

Adrenal Fatigue is Real!

Get your adrenals checked by an alternative medical practitioner. Conventional doctors don't do this and won't even know what your talking about if you ask them. Its a simple test, using your saliva sample taken at various times during the day.

Essentially the test will measure the way your levels of cortisol rise, fall and how intense the amount is at a given time.

From what I have studied and seen in practice adrenal fatigue is at epidemic proportions. Especially in the westernized world. Most everyone needs adrenal support and recovery.

If you suffer from the following, you will want to investigate getting tested!

  • On going fatigue that does not ameliorate with sleep. You wake up in the morning feeling unrested even if you slept 8 or more hours
  • Insomnia that wakes you up at 3 or 4 am, or you feel so wired and awake at the end of the day you can't fall asleep even though you know you are exhausted
  • Craving salt or sugar
  • It takes you a few hours in the morning to get going, and around 3 or 4pm you feel a complete energy dip, and then you end up feeling awake right around the time you should be in bed getting that precious sleep
  • Hypoglycaemia- low blood sugar causing dizziness, shakiness, brain fog
  • On going bouts of anxiety, restlessness, or periods of depression and apathy
  • Sore muscles, and joints
  • Inability to recover from even mild exercise, and not able to work out like you used to
  • Feeling cold
  • Weight gain, that is not improved with low calorie diet, or any amount of exercise
  • Increased symptoms of PMS, and irritability in general
  • Inability to handle even mild daily stress
  • Lowered sexual drive

In my next blog learn which foods and herbs you need to take to help restore and bring your energy levels back up to thriving health!



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