Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It's really quite simple to manifest better and better outcomes in your life. It does require effort and daily practice of a certain type of mindset, attitude and perspective on life. 100 people could be given the same circumstances and depending on their attitude and belief system, the outcomes result in a myriad of ways.

How do you face each day? What do you bring to the table of your life situations? If you choose to believe in constraints, negatives, and limitations than that is your result. If you navigate this wondrous life we have with a sense of gratitude, appreciation and openness of mind than guess what, that is what you ultimately manifest over and over and over again.

Your life experiences are a direct reflection of the THOUGHTS, INTENTIONS, and BELIEFS you harbour on a consistent basis. Zig ziglar describes the negative, pessimistic outlook quite nicely by calling it "Stinkin' Thinkin' ". As one of this world's most renowned motivational speakers, Ziglar is a prime example of what can be done when you make the effort to surround yourself with positive PLACES, PEOPLE, and THINGS. He was a self made man, and proved that whatever your heart desires is possible if you can harness the power of your thoughts and beliefs. You are what you eat, say, do, think and believe. You just cannot escape that fact!

So EVERY single day you must do a check up from the neck up. This means you need to feed your mind, body and soul with POSITIVE energy, thoughts, beliefs, and INTENTIONS.
It truly is the only way to live a more successful, prosperous, satisfying and blessed life.


1) Surround yourself with positive, successful, vibrant people

Just today I was fortunate enough to spend some time with a friend who exudes from every pore positive infectious energy. He helped me turn some of my limited thought patterns right around and see the scenario in a more prosperous light. You must check out his site and see what this guy offers to the world : www. and

2) Rev up the Engine RIGHT when you first WAKE UP:

The first 5 minutes after you wake up are the most critical of your day. You can either gear yourself to approach the day with a head full of abundant awesomeness or you can settle in to your gloomy and limited mindset. Which sounds more fun? You have the choice EVERYDAY! Don't pass the buck and make excuses it's out of your control to get more out of your life. Excuses eventually causes regrets, which eventually cause you to resent and live in more pain and suffering. What do you really want in this life? Begin each morning seeing it, visualize it with every fabric of your being, make is so real that you can't help but be excited to live the passions and dreams in your life.

3) THOUGHTS+ BELIEFS+ WORDS= Actions & Outcomes

Every thought you have creates an outcome. Every BELIEF you harbour creates an outcome. Every WORD you utter creates an outcome. Do you see a pattern here? Change your thoughts, beliefs and words, and watch your world change. Don't take this lightly. THOUGHTS and WORDS become things. Talk crap, and you get crap. Think crap and guess what you get crap. So what do you really want in life?

4) Your BODY is your Temple:

I've touched on this in past blog posts. Some people take better care of their cars then their bodies. It blows my mind. You have to live in your body 24/7. Your energy level, your health and how you feel on a daily basis is a direct result of how you choose to take care of your body or not. Treat it with respect, give it healthy food, move it daily, and ultimately LOVE it and you won't feel like crap. If you can't get through a full day feeling strong, vibrant and motivated than you aren't taking care of your body. It is NOT NORMAL to feel tired, and lethargic for most of the time. Change your lifestyle habits and start to really care about the body you live in. You will be amazed at how much your life will improve on every level once you get this!


I saved my favourite ones till last. The quality of of your life is in direct proportion to how much gratitude you feel towards all you have. Even for the bad, dark and ugly stuff. Yes LOVE IT ALL. Truly it all has a purpose and can drive you to achieve things you never would think were possible. The ugly messy things in life are there to point you to the direction of where you would rather be. They are there to teach you lessons about yourself and who you can be.

Reverence is so sacred and powerful in our lives. What do you really respect? What do you honour with all your heart and soul? What is your truth? What are the things you VALUE and would never ever settle for less? Give these things attention, love and care and watch how your external world changes in amazingly gratifying ways.

You need to ask yourself these questions. They are vital if your want to get CLEAR on what is IMPORTANT in your life. If you don't know what is SACRED and NON NEGOTIABLE in your life, than what is the meaning and value of your existence here? Too often we are lenient in this department. The "oh whatever" attitude is an empty, and very weak attitude to have. It will not allow you to live with passion, purpose and vitality.

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  1. Excellent title... I need a mind cleaning desperately. Thank you for your posts.