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What the heck is Homeopathy? How Homeopathy heals disease and the proof to show it!

Similia Simibus Curantur = Like Cures Like

Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine that is founded on the principle that "like cures like". Homeopathic remedies are made from substances found in nature such as plants, minerals and animals. These remedies are made from substances that in pure or crude form cause the same symptoms in healthy people. Hence the "like cures like principle".

So for example, when you cut raw onions, you most likely will begin to tear, your eyes get red, and itchy. This is "similar" to that of a histamine reaction in someone who has an allergy. So giving the homeopathic remedy allium cepa (onion), often can help alleviate allergic type symptoms. This is a very basic example to explain the premise here. There are other remedies specifically indicated for the particular reaction you experience. Hence the highly individualized nature of prescribing remedies and treatment.

Homeopaths practice in a manner that offers a very personalized prescription. Patients are given a very thorough session where a record of all their symptoms are recorded. The chief complaint you come in with is often only highlighted for a brief period during the intake. There is an emphasis on understanding ALL the emotional, mental and physical symptoms and their interrelationship . A symptom picture emerges based on the WHOLE individual and not just the allergy or headache. A remedy is then chosen which matches this very specific personalized intake.

Homeopathy also relies on the principle of "minimal dose and dilution". So homeopathic remedies are prepared in a very precise way using highly diluted solutions. The belief is that the higher the dilution, the stronger the potency of the medicine. This goes against the laws of conventional chemistry. However, as we have made and continue to make discoveries in quantum physics and nano biotechnology, we have VOLUMES of documentation to prove how minute substances are far more powerful than once thought.

Scientists such as Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and Jacques Benveniste (google these guys when you have a chance, they will blow your socks off!) just to name a few, have astounding research to prove how the quantum world is truly our gateway to medical breakthroughs, and puts the current conventional system in the dinosaur category.

There has been recent heat and debate over the validity and efficacy of homeopathic medicine. It often is a result from conventional medicine attempting to undermine any effort that is not pharmaceutical based healthcare. Big Pharma wants to sell sell sell. The bottom line is their business model. This often comes at the risk of YOUR health. Their ethics are highly questionable. If you don't believe me check this article out and read how studies on medications were faked to pass regulations and get on market shelves:

So here are 3 prime examples of how well homeopathy has treated illness.

The following are scientifically documented studies and cases that provide proof for those still skeptical.

1) Cuban Leptospirosis Study:

The largest homeopathic study took place in Cuba, and involved 2.3 million Cuban patients. They were all given 2 doses of homeopathic remedy as a preventative treatment for a hurricane-triggered disease called leptospirosis. With this treatment the infection rate for this bug dropped down to nearly ZERO! Check this site for more info

2) Bristol Homeopathic Hospital

From 1997-2003 we have documentation of one of the most comprehensive patient outcome surveys that analysed over 23,000 outpatient consultations at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital in the U.K. The follow up records show that more than 70% showed clinical improvement following homeopathic treatment. Impressive were the following results for these specific disease ailments:

  • Asthma improved in 89%
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome improved in 72%
  • Crohn's/Ulcerative Colitis improved in 76%
  • Depression improved in 71%
  • Eczema improved in 82%
  • Chronic headaches and migraines improved in 74%
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome improved in 71%
  • PMS and Menopausal symptoms improved in 77%
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis improved in 70%
Need more proof? Then please check out :

3) The Lancet Allergy Study:

The Lancet has been hot and cold towards homeopathy, however this particular 8 week trial was published with a huge amount of supportive attention. The trial examined 28 patients who were divided into a double blind study for 4 weeks. One group received a homeopathic remedy of their allergen in a 30CH potency. and the other received a placebo. Participants were tested by using the conventional prick test for allergies. After the first week 9 of the 11 experienced improvement compared to the 5 of 13 in the placebo group. The homeopathic group experienced a median 53% increase in histamine resistance compared to only 7% in the placebo group.

Homeopathy is an incredibly effective, deep acting yet gentle treatment for disease and illness. It promises a less invasive way to address disease symptoms. It often can help prevent further progression of disease and in many cases cure pathologies. This is however dependant on a number of factors.

It is said that when the student is ready the teacher appears. Well with healing, I believe that when the patient is ready, the healing and cure appear to support the patient's own healing capacity. You must have the intention to want to heal, and let go of what is in the way of that.

Sometimes that is our own selves. Our thoughts, actions and words all play a part in what results in our lives. Let's aim at being our own best friend, instead of our own worst enemy :)

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