Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Master Cleanse begins!

So its that time of year again where I partake in my twice yearly cleanse. I usually do a full detox/ cleanse just after the summer, and close to the end of winter.

I'm going to start before the end of winter, because the Lenten season is earlier than usual. I find fasting helps not only the body, and mind to let go of the unnecessary junk and negative thoughts, but also lightens the spirit allowing for greater awareness to emerge.

When you fast your digestive system is given a huge holiday. So in essence you are allowing the energy that normally would go into digesting , assimilating and eliminating the food, to be directed to other processes, primarily detoxification.

Tips for cleansing:

Depending on what type of fast or cleanse you do, you will achieve different results. Not every cleanse is the same, and you should choose one according to your needs and goals. If you have never done a cleanse, are eating poorly, smoke, and drink alcohol it would not be advisable to start right off the bat on a water or juice fast. That would cause more stress to your system than good.

New to cleansing?

Decide where you are at with your health and diet. Perhaps you have gone to see your holistic health practitioner or doctor and been told your blood lipids were high (cholesterol) or your sugars are high (sign of possible Diabetes) or your blood pressure is high. You know you don't feel all too good, and lack the energy to get through your busy day. So now you have come to terms that lifestyle changes are a must.

Well begin with your diet. Clean it up. Get rid of anything that comes in a box, carton, bag, and can. It's all processed. Do that for a few months, along with incorporating psyllium fiber daily, superfoods and appropriate supplements such as PROBIOTICS. This way you prepare the digestive system for deeper cleansing. Shocking the body in any way, only serves to depress the immune system. And that is not the aim of cleansing.

Have you cleansed before? Looking for something deeper?

101 on the Master Cleanse:

I've been on cleanses numerous times, and have tried quite a few different types. My good friend Zak mentioned The Master Cleanse and I got curious. I've done some research on it and it seems like a good way to reset the metabolism, eliminate cravings, encourage gentle detoxification, and improve total energy levels, and vitality. So I'm in.

It is basically a 10-15 day fast where you drink a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water throughout the day. It is not a no calorie or water fast. The maple syrup provides essential nutrients and calories. The combination of these ingredients is the key. All act synergistically to pull toxins from organs and cells.

You are encouraged to drink additional pure filtered water in addition to the lemonade. I would aim for 2-3L. Yes sounds like a lot, but during a cleanse you want to maximize the detoxification process as best as possible.

In addition to this a salt water flush daily is suggested to encourage the bowels to do their work.

The Master Cleanse relies on the premise of using the live enzymes from the lemon juice as alkalinizing catalysts. These encourage the liver and whole digestive tract to release toxic build up and restore organ functions.

Who should not do the Master Cleanse:

  • Pregnant or nursing mothers
  • Those recovering from an intense illness
  • Diabetics dependant on insulin
  • Those who have done very few cleanses or none at all
  • Those that require food to be taken with medications
  • Those looking for a quick fix to their weight problem. This is not intended to be used temporarily as a great way to fit into that dress for the wedding next week. The goal is to continue eating healthy, and not resort to the junk food lifestyle afterwards.

I'll blog about my Master Cleanse experience next week. I'm aiming for 7 days. It's my first time and it will be interesting what will unfold. We'll see how it goes...

If you have done it and want to offer your account and experience I would love to hear your story. Reply or email me at

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