Monday, March 26, 2012

How the Power of Choice Can Change Your Life

I've made some very real, and concrete changes in my life. I've discovered the new science of Neuroplasticity. The ability we have to change our brains- literally!

I am learning some very powerful applications of the mind. This topic is so juicy for me, I can't stop reading, researching and actually applying it and seeing the powerful results already manifesting in my life!

I've been so pumped up that it led me to start Project Me Before We. A direction of focusing my efforts, thoughts and energy into my own dreams, goals and Self, instead of looking for a mate.

Best choice I've made in a long time.

That simply is it. We ALWAYS have a choice in our life. We may live in chaotic systems, and more specifically the quantum matrix, however there is always order underlying chaos. 100% certainty in anything does not exist. However we ALWAYS have a choice as to which thoughts we CHOOSE to focus on, which actions we consistently take and which words we put forth in our world.

I've heard all the objections.

Piera, you don't understand I have kids screaming and a husband who isn't around, or my mother in law has been vile to me for the past 2 decades, or I've been in pain and struggling with a dis-ease and I can hardly walk up the stairs let alone affirm anything good in my life or I've got 2 aging parents who are now like kids and there is no time to breath, eat or visualize any of my dreams or my wife up and left me and took everything and you just can't let everything go!


My grandmother was one of 8 children during wartime and she didn't have time to complain. She made the bold, fearless choice to leave everything she knew and moved across an ocean with NO MONEY in her pocket and 4 small kids. She had no washing machine, no microwaves, no nannies, or daycare or free healthcare.

One of my best friends, lived in a not so great part of an urban US city, faced a tough upbringing by not a so loving father, then faced being left a single mom and yet has made huge strides in raising her own daughter to be courageous, strong and just as beautiful as her own mother.

A client of mine who has lived with HIV for the past twenty years, lived the torture of child neglect and abuse, kicked out at 16 and then struggled with years of drug dependancy. He now not only has cleaned his life, but he is a living testimony to the power of CHOICE. He teaches yoga and meditation and helps countless of people heal their minds, bodies and souls.

Quantum physics is fascinating because it states that all potentials and possibilities exist simultaneously and we then have the CHOICE to focus on any one of them. The atom we once studied in our science text books in grade 8 is now depicted in a whole new way.

No longer are a set number of particles surrounding a core nucleus. Every possibility surrounds the center and it's the ones that we CHOOSE to focus on that come into focus and materialize before our eyes.

Airy fairy? Ummmm no. Pure real science. Science that is evolving to include so much more than we can physically see with our eyes. I love this!

Every thought you have produces a chemical response. THAT IS FACT. We often don't have control of which thoughts arise, simply because the underlying subconscious mind generates them without our say in it.

BUT you do have a say in whether to entertain the thought and dwell on it or CHOOSE to direct your ATTENTION on another potential in the endless, infinite potentials that exist. You have the choice to not OWN another's comment, idea or criticism. It wasn't yours to begin with anyway. They CREATED that potential not YOU. Get it?

Everyday you wake up and have the choice in which direction you will direct your thoughts. And this is critical. Your THOUGHTS, chemically affect you, by encouraging or discouraging ACTIONS and INITIATIVES.

You CREATE your reality, not your boyfriend, not your ex partner, not your mother, not your "unfair" life. If we can truly learn the power of CHOICE we liberate our whole existence to LIVE the potentials WE DREAM OF and that EXIST in our deepest hearts of hearts and soul.

We also liberate the most powerful thing we have and that is the ability to LOVE and be LOVED.

Project ME before We, has a mandatory lesson before completion.

Loving YOURSELF, before loving another. Truly respecting your WHOLE self including the dark messy parts. HONOURING your VALUES, your sense of spirituality, and all the things that are not NEGOTIABLE.

If the belief in ONENESS is something that is intrinsically part of you as much as your left arm, than don't settle for someone who doesn't believe in that.

If being active, keeping fit and having a lifestyle that is health conscious is really who and how you live your life. than don't settle for someone that doesn't take care of their body, mind or soul with that same RESPECT.

If a picture of Mother Teresa in in your wallet, on your wall, on your dashboard, and you pray to her everyday and your partner thinks she was a fake, then don't settle for that energy to surround you.

If running naked in your backyard makes you feel alive and a better version of who you are, and your partner doesn't jive with it. Then jive with someone else.

You get the picture.

Because at the end of the day, if your heart doesn't sing, and you aren't CREATING amazing experiences and giving your world your BEST, and the one next to you isn't nurturing it, then what is the point of your existence?

Once you make the CHOICE to surround yourself with not just a partner but people in general that are in alignment with your deepest values and beliefs, then your deepest DREAMS and ASPIRATIONS are inevitable to MATERIALIZE!

I've seen it happen in so many people I know. I'm so gracious for this deeper awakening. Thank you God, the infinite intelligence.

Love and Light



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