Saturday, March 31, 2012

Let go of Your PAIN and feel Sane!

We have all experienced pain on some level in our lives. I'd like to talk about the deeper pain of our psyche and internal lives.

As a homeopath I learned that pain is definitely a symptom of an underlying imbalance. Pain is our personal warning system, and one of our best teachers. Pain will reveal to us where we need to place our awareness and ATTENTION.

I'm not saying we need to focus on our dis-ease, and use it to excuse our inactions to then become VICTIMS of it. That is living in pain with no awareness of its REAL voice and message.

Pain can be so valuable if you can just become STILL enough to LISTEN to it.

When you feel unloved, the pain may be so unbearable that anything is better than feeling it. Drinking, eating, sex, gambling, shopping, complaining, denying, and any other distractions we run to all seem like solutions. Yet that only perpetuates the symptom.

What you resist only persists. Your pain is REAL. No one can debate that. How you choose to see it and react to it, though is YOUR CHOICE.

If we can allow ourselves to get quiet enough, still enough to just be there for ourselves and allow the pain to speak its truth, then we can heal.

I'll tell you about my personal story with pain.

I dealt with low back pain for over a decade. It was a result of overdoing it in the gym in my teens. I didn't listen, and kept working out, and overworking out.

I also struggled with eating disorders which contributed to the problem. My back wasn't the problem. My fear, my insecurities, my unwillingness to stop, breath and be there for myself was the problem. AND my resistance to FORGIVE and ACCEPT myself blocked me from healing what needed my ATTENTION.

My last acute attack 4 years ago left me on the floor for almost 2 weeks. Doctors told me I might have degenerative disc issue and there was "nothing to do" except live with it and take codeine. I'll let you figure out what language I used to respond to that diagnosis.

I knew the pain was my teacher. I needed to listen and let go of controlling everything.

I literally slept, and lied on the floor the entire time. I crawled to the washroom, ate on my side on the floor, and was forced to DEAL with ME. So I did. I finally listened to the pain, its voice and what it needed from me. I gave it SPACE to reveal what is was wanting to tell me for YEARS!

The moment I did that, I was able to get up and move again. I haven't had an acute attack since.
I haven't had any discomfort, or issues in my yoga practice either. When before it always would be triggered.

What is your pain trying to express to you? Would you turn your back on a crying infant, who needed a hug? Would you leave that child knowing it was hurting and just needed your love?

Then why are you abandoning your pain, and your need for some love?

How do we SURRENDER and heal the pain?

The moment you core connect inwards, and use your breath to link to the LIFE FORCE that is always within YOU, is the moment you surrender to what is. Until we surrender, we remain captive to all the painful things that bind us to the realities we don't want to see. Remember those realities don't just surface from the external, without your participation in them.

Pain at its very best, is your friend and will give you the most precious learning experience you can ever have. It will allow you to FORGIVE what you haven't allowed yourself to let go.

Holding on to what is not serving us creates the pain we see manifest in our lives.

Be there for yourself. TRUST that your pain is temporary and just as impermanent as the material world you see. Breath into the pain, breath into your inner heart center, and breath into the places you have not trusted yourself to go.

Because the moment you step into your authentic Self and see what you have been so scared to see, you will be filled with so much compassion that the darkness dissipates into a NEW most awesome REALITY.

Just as Marianne Williamson is famously quoted as saying "It is not our darkness that we fear, but our LIGHT".

Breath. BEcome still, and listen. Healing follows.



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