Monday, June 20, 2011

How to heal HIGH CHOLESTEROL naturally!

So your doc declares you have "high cholesterol". Yet another label to deal with. Not to fret, let's clear the myths from the current facts.

Good vs. Bad Cholesterol is part of the problem.

It was once thought that simply raising the "good" HDL cholesterol was the answer to this problem. It is part of the equation, but not the whole gig. So do strive to include better whole foods in your diet, which are going to fuel the body and not cause an increase in the lousy cholesterol or LDL.

Power foods for lowering bad cholesterol:

  • Garlic, Garlic, GARLIC!! - also helps lower blood pressure beautifully
  • Omega rich foods such as salmon, mackeral, sardines, flax oil, borage and primrose oil
  • Organic virgin Coconut Oil ( also anti inflammatory which is very indicated for those with high LDL
  • Beta carotene foods: Carrots, yams, dark greens like Kale, collards
  • SPIRULINA- its the elixir to everything period.
  • ARTICHOKES- one of the best foods to clear a congested liver, to detox and overall blood cleanser
Oxidative Stress is the other side of the coin

In addition to addressing the LDL cholesterol, we need to understand how serious oxidative stress is to our bodies. This happens when "free radicals" are not kept in check and left to disrupt the balance of our cells and whole body.

Oxidative stress is caused by smoking, ingesting processed foods ( pasta, bread, cookies, anything packaged, boxed, in a carton or bag) , fried foods, sugar, excess alcohol, drugs and conventional medications, HIGH STRESS levels, not exercising enough, over exercising, pesticides and fertilizers in our food, and environmental pollution.

The cleaner your diet, the less oxidative damage is caused to the body. So eating clean must be the first step you take.

Secondly you should aim to increase the amount of oxidants you eat everyday through foodBold and through supplementation, at least in the beginning phase of your attempt to lower your cholesterol.

High Anti oxidant Foods:

  • Acai juice or supplements
  • Aloe Vera juice
  • Goji berries
  • Dark green, red, orange, yellow vegetables
  • All kinds of BERRIES
  • Wheat grass juice
  • Green drinks/supplements
  • PLANT STEROLS- concentrated nutrients found in supplements at your health food store

Include these foods everyday! Also take higher doses of Vitamin C and B to counter the effects of stress on the body.

Understand that the body works as a whole. It cannot be dissected and treated in parts, even if conventional doctors will have you believe. Cholesterol is a symptom of an overall in balance in the body. STRESS is the underlying cause of most disease processes.

Therefore, treat that first! Manage emotional and mental stress by taking time for yourself. Lower physiological and physical stress by eating clean and exercising on a regular basis in a way that makes you FEEL GOOD. And set some time to do the spiritual work. You just cannot ignore this last one. Going inwards, taking time to reflect, journal, pray and really appreciate the great things in your life are important for all of this to work.

Once all the pieces fit, you are no longer left with a puzzle :)

In health always,



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