Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dirty Dairy Facts- Why dairy can be DEADLY!

The campaign tried to sell us on the white liquid.

Big white moustaches streaked the upper lips on all kinds of celebs who chose to sell out. "Milk does the body good"! was the tag line.


I didn't buy it. Here is why.

Milk first and foremost is something only we humans decide to drink past our weaning stage. Every other animal on this planet does not drink milk after they are weaned off momma's bosom. They go on to eat grass, plants or wild berries if they are lucky enough. The domesticated ones are subject to the poisons industrial farmers choose to feed them with.

Most dairy cows are not fed natural feed, let alone grass. If you really care to know more about the disgusting dairy industry, I invite you wholeheartedly to read "Eating Animals" by Jonathon Foer. The book explicitly details the atrocious methods, and practices most industrial farmers practice to make as much milk as they legally can in the shortest amount of time.

Here is what your regular milk contains:

  • Pharmaceutical grade HORMONES- so no kidding our children are obese by the age of 6.
  • Pharmaceutical grade ANTIBIOTICS- keeping large numbers of livestock in warehouses creates a breeding ground for bacterial sickness. So they pump them up with lots of nasty antibiotics to keep them from dying and spreading disease. YUMMMM!
  • All the pesticides and artificial fertilizers used to make the feed
  • Many also feed the cows other cows, other dead animals. Again YUMMMMM!
  • Milk can also contain pus and blood that is present in the mother's utter from infections caused by over lactation and general stress.

Ready to have that latte now?

Here are 5 other reasons why ELIMINATING COW milk is a great idea:

1) Milk is pasteurized: It has to be, considering all the potential for bacteria or viruses to be present. Pasteurization successfully kills bad bacteria, but it also kills the good bacteria you need! So essentially you are getting a DEAD product. NO VALUE. So get over the idea that you need it to get CALCIUM. That is a savvy way the dairy industry SELLS THIS CRAP TO YOU.

2) Lactose Intolerance: I am convinced that this is such a rampant problem now because people have been consuming milk like it was water. Over consumption of anything will cause digestive problems in the longterm with artificial foods like milk. Milk is NOT NATURAL. It is not supportive or nutritious to our bodies. Lactose intolerance gets worse not better when people continue to consume "lactose free" milk. The next point will explain why.

3) PRO INFLAMMATORY: Due to the type of fat milk contains, it causes inflammation in the body. Inflammation is proven to be linked to Cancer, heart disease, and bowel diseases such as colitis, Chrohn's and IBS. Milk, a source of arachidonic acid when consumed in excess, promotes inflammatory cells and hormones. It also disrupts alkalinity in the body, and if you are over acidic in your body PH than you create a favourable environment for disease and free radicals to go haywire.

4) Allergies and INTOLERANCES: With inflammation comes other consequences. One most important one is a LOWERED IMMUNITY. Inflammation stresses the body and therefore takes the bodies reserves to heal. Your immunity becomes compromised and your tolerance for things also is at risk. You are thus more susceptible to allergies and food sensitivities.

It is almost certain that when I see a child for allergies, chronic asthma or digestive intolerances to numerous foods, they consume large amounts of dairy in their diet.

5) Dairy is the MOST MUCOUS FORMING food out there: This means that the whole respiratory system is put in a highly compromised position. Milk creates sticky mucous that coats everything internally. So when you have a respiratory condition already like asthma, or chronic sinusitis, MAKE THE LINK TO YOUR DAIRY CONSUMPTION. It's a HUGE connection. If your airways are coated in sticky goo, then breathing is harder, eliminating phlegm is more difficult, and essentially healing becomes a longer ordeal.

Also whenever you do experience a cold, flu or respiratory infection the first thing is to get OFF ALL DAIRY. Any intelligent and conscientious doctor will advise this. If your doctor thinks this is airy fairy BS than change your doctor.

So to conclude...

Milk does not do the body good!

I would love to hear your experiences, comments and thoughts on this subject.

To your health always,



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