Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Tired You is A Tired Thyroid

You feel fatigue. You hardly can get out of bed in the morning without groaning. Just walking to your car seems a struggle. You're achy, and feeling lethargic has now become the mainstay.

What is up with that?

Dealing with chronic low energy is not normal. Many have come to believe that it is just the way it is. We become so used to it that we are unaware of how much it affects our day to day mental, physical and emotional functions. It just may be a poor functioning thyroid.

Getting your thyroid checked is a must. Your adrenals are most definitely also affected and must be treated alongside the low thyroid issue. Hypothyroidism or low functioning thyroid is at epidemic proportions it seems for the overworked, over stressed, over pressured and on demand A types who are nearing a very critically dangerous state of health. When the well runs dry, you simply cannot fetch for more water!

Supplements for Hypothyroidism:

My philosophy with supplements is always to use them in chronic, and depleted states of ill health. I never advocate taking supplements in large quantities or in substitution for a good, clean and nutritious diet. However, 90% of urban people have adrenal fatigue or exhaustion. The only way to build that up is by supplementing for the first phase of their health plan. That is my strategy in practice.

L-tyrosine- an amino acid that is a precursor to thyroid hormone, and must be present for it to function optimally.

B vitamins- All B vitamins are supportive in times of stress. Buy a B complex and take 2 50mg capsules everyday. These support our energy needs, helps stabilize moods especially anxiety, and balances the nervous system. When you are treating thyroid and adrenals STRESS is the number 1 enemy. So anything that can nourish the nervous system and counter the stress response is highly indicated.

Vitamin C: This is required in any high stress state. Our bodies go into vitamin C overdrive, and use up any incoming Vitamin C at a much more rapid and intense rate. Eating oranges is not going to cut it. Unless you have access to freshly picked oranges daily and consume a bushel, I would say take the caps. Vitamin C is just a given. Take 500mg at least 3 times day or to bowel tolerance.

Selenium: One of the most important minerals and antioxidants around. Our soils are now depleted more than ever and so we are not getting enough of this mineral through our diets. It was also found by french researchers to contribute to auto immune disorders affecting the thyroid and creating low functioning thyroid conditions. Selenium supports the thyroid in making thyroid hormone and aids the metabolism.

Great food sources of selenium are : Brazil nuts, tuna, cod, eggs and whole unprocessed grains.

Spirulina and Marine Phytoplankton Algae: These 2 are pure food sources. So go crazy with them. They literally are the most potent and nutrient dense foods we have on the planet.

Spirulina ounce per ounce has more protein, iron, minerals, and vitamins than any animal product out there. Also these supplements build the blood, thereby increasing energy and boosting the immunity like nothing else.

Iodine: A natural source of iodine may help those who have a high TSH number and low thyroid output. The thyroid may not be converting the hormones effectively. If you are going to supplement with iodine do so only with a natural source. Instead of buying pure iodine, the better option is to take bladderwrack herbal capsules, eat seaweed like nori, dulse and take seaweed such as Kelp in capsule form. Again these are food supplements and not extracted minerals condensed into a pill or tincture. Your body will absorb and use what it needs accordingly.

Personal note: SPIRULINA is not just for Thyroid health!

The moment I began taking spirulina my whole physiology changed for the better! I could not believe the immense support this food can give you. It almost seemed miraculous when I first started supplementing with it. I'm literally a Spirulina freak. Yes and some of you who know me personally, would just say ENTIRELY health freaky. I still love you ;)

My energy sky rocketed, my stamina went from struggling to get through a day, to getting back to working out and being active like I used to be. Spirulina and the algaes are SUPER DUPER DUPER foods! Spirulina cured my anemia faster and more sustaining than any iron pills my MD would give me. 2 teaspoons are added to my morning shake every morning! I just don't leave home without it

These are whole foods, and not substances extracted from foods, and therefore YOU ARE GETTING PURE fuel sources.

Your body wants that. Your body craves and is screaming for that kind of sustenance. Your body can assimilate, process and use these types of supplements better than anything else. Consider this whenever you are shopping for health food products.

Remember: When your health is compromised, and you are in a depleted state taking larger amounts of vitamins, minerals and other supplements is safe (I am not referring to mega dosing, just more than what is advised for healthy people on a maintenance health program).

Words of Caution: Make sure to consult with a professional practitioner before you begin any supplementation or healthcare program. The suggestions here are not intended to diagnose or treat your specific situation. A professional must always work alongside your efforts :)

To your thyroid health!



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