Monday, January 2, 2012

It's more than just the Year of the Dragon....Kill the dragon that is sabotaging your life!

We may not all have vast amounts of money, or resources, or powerful networks of people,(yet) but we all do have the same amount of time in a day. Those 24 hours that seem to fly by, are precious and will make or break your efforts to achieve your best year ever.

How are you really spending your time? Social media, phone chats, T.V, endless emails, text messaging, internet and on and on. In short it's called "resistance" or more commonly known as procrastination.

Resistance will try to creep into every nook or cranny of your psyche and mindset.

So everyday you gotta slay that dragon. Resistance is vicious. It breaths the fire of distraction, rationalizations, and just straight out bullshit excuses for not working on your goals. You gotta kill it by sitting the seat of your pants to the seat of the chair, over and over again.

It's not just the year of the Dragon. It's a lifetime of dragons.

Because guess what? That dragon resurrects every single morning, right after you open your eyes and take that first conscious breath. Actually just like in video games it has INFINITE LIVES!

I haven't been consistent with this. I'm fessing up because the only way I am going to achieve anything worth achieving in this life, is with integrity and commitment.

So I sat down and really evaluated what I as doing with my 24 hours. Things seriously need revamping.

As I started getting serious with where I want to go with my goals in life, it became sooooo apparent that time was a huge factor interfering with my success. I thought resources or money was. But actually that is just scarcity thinking. Abundance truly is our birth right.

My time management changes in 2012:

1) In bed by 10pm, and up by 6, at least during the week!

I'm committing to getting in bed earlier, getting at least 7 hours, and waking up earlier to meditate on my day's goals. AND the 30 minutes before I head to lala land, are going to be positive thoughts, visualizations and prayers of gratitude.

Gotta slay that dragon before you go to dreamland and help the subconscious work on what you WANT in life, not the crap. Your brain doesn't stop working when you sleep. And your creative process does a hell of a lot of work during sleep time. So make sure you put AMAZING feeling thoughts into your head before you fall asleep. You give it the food it needs to work on your desires and aspirations.

Kinda similar to the next one...

2) The first 60 minutes of my day must be dragon proof:

What you do with the first hour right after you open those pretty eyes of yours will make or break the whole rest of the day. Do you get that? It is CRUCIAL and imperative that you take the first hour of your day and truly gear your mindset against that flame breathing monster.

I'm waking up smiling, and forcing it if I have to. I'm meditating on how awesome my life is because of it's abundance. I'm literally counting every fricken' blessing and feeling that resonate within me. I'm connecting to my higher power, asking for guidance and support to make it a kick ass day. I'm also inviting my creative subconscious to inspire me for my greatest and highest good. I'm reading my goals 3 times, that are written and sitting on my nightstand. I'm throwing in a little visualization as I ask, and pray. I'm seeing all that I desire my reality to be.

Call it airy fairy or whatever. But this stuff works. I know it does, because when I am consistent with this, I see RESULTS. My goal is to get real consistent. No need to beat yourself up if one day you just can't do it. But overall, this has got to be the deal.

3) Less Facebook, less Bbm, less emails, less time spent with people who aren't adding substance to my life and more connecting with those that do.

Pretty self explanatory. I'm not checking email or going online till I get at least one hour of work, writing or something on my task list done. I don't watch T.V, or many DVDs. Those hours are spent working out or yoga, making time to eat healthy and seated at a table, educational or career seminars and community outreach.

I also will not subject myself to chatting with drama queens, negative Nancys and people who don't resonate. The quality of my energy on a consistent basis is critical. Those individuals are dragons in disguise. Cut them loose and make positive, better connections with people in your life. Find people who ELEVATE you, and bring you to higher place.

No joke, this is the battle plan.

You got to psyche yourself up so HIGH that you are confidence incarnate.

Here is to 2012 with better habits, connections, relationships and a true commitment to the dreams. Dragons are gonna die each day. You in for this battle?


Love and Light,


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