Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to Face Your Fear and be FREE


F E A R !

The word alone may conjure up feelings of uneasiness and dread. Fear usually is an experience of feeling a loss of control and sense of insecurity.

Fear is not knowing the certainty of a future outcome. It also may be based on a past memory of an event that may have left you feeling a lack of control.

So here we are fearing something that happened already, or hasn't even occurred! Essentially something that doesn't even exist RIGHT NOW.


What does fear do? It really is trying to protect you and keep you from danger. It's your EGO or the superficial self that is trying so desperately to hang on, so that it doesn't lose its identity.

How does fear feel?



Holding on




Growing Smaller

So what is the opposite of this state?


Love is the complete opposite of FEAR!

Love is expansive, open, available, allowing, growth, SAFE and infinitely available.

FEELING your FEAR will allow it to dissipate and crumble right before you.


Because the moment you STOP and just feel the emotion or feeling of fear, you come to the PRESENT.

Or the NOW, and this is PURE FEELING. This is feeling whatever is going on in your body, not through your mind, but just through the body and inner self.

Eventually if you hang in long enough the feeling seemingly dissipates like a MIRACLE. Stay with the feeling and whatever sensation you experience in your body. Being with it allows you to walk through and come to your CORE essence which is PURE safety, and Love. And once you connect, the fear vanishes. It has to, because your source energy is far greater than anything.

This takes persistence and courage. AND once you make this a routine part of your daily life, it gets easier and easier. AND you encounter less and less situations of pain or fear.


1) Stop and get right into your body and FEEL all the sensations present there. Feel your feet, legs, pelvis, torso, heart center, throat, arms, neck and head. Get right into places where you feel pain or constriction. What is happening?

2) LET GO of the story about the fear! Those are cellular memories that continue to paralyze you with fear. We have years and years of stored feelings and memories in our cells and whole being. Engaging in thoughts REINFORCES these cellular memories.

GET right into your body and feel it without your MIND and thought patterns. So whatever thought of past or future TRIGGERED the feeling of fear, become detached from it and OBSERVE it rather than let it be your IDENTITY.

3) BREATH- The only gateway to letting go of the MIND and coming to the PRESENT moment. The experience of PURE feeling will allow you to disengage from cellular memories and actually DISSOLVE them!

Face your fear and live the FREEDOM you deserve!

Love and Light always!