Saturday, April 27, 2013

Affirmations Suck! How to create powerful intentions that GET YOU WHAT YOU WANT!

Affirmations suck.

Yup, I said it.

I can just hear all the gasps, and the instant reactive dismissal.  Hold on, let me explain.

Affirmations are nice.

You are told to make them concise, in the present and of course positive.  So they are short and sweet.  How nice.  I personally don't need short and sweet.  I don't need short and sweet mentors. I don't need short and sweet business relationships, and I definitely don't need a short and sweet dream. (I really have a comment about short and sweet men, but I'm gonna be positive and let it go.)


If you are looking to really live a more passionate, expansive, and abundant life, couldn't you always use some more power and dynamism on your side?

I also need statements that move my insides.  That bang the drum of my desires so LOUD, I can't help but get massively ignited and turned on.  What you place your attention on grows.  And that includes your intentions.

Short and sweet won't cut it.

Why invest your time with warm and fuzzy when what you really deserve is to hit the big delicious prize- YOUR DREAMS.  Dreams aren't created with warm and fuzzy.  They require clarity, and big heart grabbing inspirations that juice up your heart energy so high you could climb Macchiu Picchiu in a day.  (by the way that is one of my intentions. To visit it. Not the climbing in a day part).

For over a year now I've been saying "Affirmations Suck" and when I've said it to groups during public talks and events, the shock in the room is almost palpable.  The Louise Hayers nearly have cardiac arrest, and the rest have to blink a few times to confirm I'm actually really standing in front of them.

It's a bold statement.  I admit it.

And I love BOLD.  Bold makes dreams happen.  Bold made civil rights and women's lib possible.  Bold is what stands behind Apple and the most bodacious business man on the planet Sir Richard Branson.  And bold made the CN tower stand tall. I'm a proud Torontonian.

Bold is what will get the internal mechanisms of your passions churning in the direction YOU WANT TO GO.

Affirmations won't do that.  They aren't bad.  They are nice, sweet and fuzzy.  Eat some candy if you want that feeling.  Pet your dog.

But please stop reciting warm and fuzzy.

When I would recite "All is well" or "The right and perfect job is coming to me now", my insides wanted to gag.  Not because they were bad statements, but because my heart couldn't believe them or CONNECT TO THEM!

You can't fool your heart.  My mind was saying one thing and my heart needed to be reminded of what REALLY MATTERS to me.  And those are my dreams, my aspirations and the people I love and want to help in this world.  Not the candy words.

My heart knows exactly what it craves.  And so does yours.  I needed to really inject that into my daily mind mastery practice.  So I threw out the affirmations and I completely subscribed to INTENTION SETTING.  I got really CLEAR on WHAT and WHY, I want what I want.

So to make the most powerful and heart driven statements you need to dig DEEP down into your BEing and access the feelings that you want  to FEEL in life.  How you want to feel is essentially what rapidly and effectively creates manifestation of your goals.

So get out a pen and piece of paper.  And start the Intention Process now!

Decide your "What".  What do you really want?  What is the goal. the dream or desire?  Get that down on paper by starting the statement with " I intend ___________ 

The second part is the juice that will get you into the vibe of what you want.  You need to be it on a feeling level FIRST, before you see it in your physical reality.  Now Brainstorm your WHY?  WHY DO YOU WANT IT?  What will it give you?  Keep going deeper and deeper, by asking WHY over and over again till you have an intensely delicious FEELING (state) you want to BE and experience.  

So here is an example from a client of mine:

"I intend to create a new business because the most exhilarating feeling is to BE my own boss and see my efforts blossom into success."

That gets the job done.  That reminds her of why she is doing all the steps in the mean time, before manifesting her prize desire.  And guess what? She's more likely not to GIVE UP!   If you don't know WHY you aspire to having, doing or BEING something or someone you'll be left all warm and fuzzy and also really conflicted.  

What do you intend?  What you desire.? WHY?  I wanna know!  Comment below and share with me your dreams!  Tell me if this made any sense or how the exercise worked for you.  I would love to hear all about it.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ask powerful questions and you receive powerful answers!

What kind of questions do you ask?  And what do you ask of yourself? 

I mean precisely, what flavour are your questions?

Do they sound like this?  :

Why does this always happen to me?

    Why do people do this to me all the time?
         Why can't I make more money, be more successful and have a great loving partner?

These questions are weak, and will not INSPIRE any action, let alone MASSIVE action.

Why?  Because they leave you a VICTIM.  

They also leave you in the problem, not the Soulution (that is a deliberate typo ;)

Any answer to those above questions defines only the problem and your current state. 

AND those questions WON'T GET YOU TO SHIFT!

When I teach the S.A.F.E Method™, the ASK process is probably my most favourite.  Because it truly empowers people to THINK powerfully, and ASK POWERFUL questions.  Questions that lead you to SOLVING and shifting to the RESOLUTION and get you to shift out of the limiting negative state you are in. 

You want challenges.  They aren't "bad" for you.  The problem is STAYING in the challenge or conflict longer than necessary drains our energy and doesn't propel us forward.

So to rephrase the above to more powerful questions try these:

How can I feel better or even a little better right now?

     What action can I take that will allow me to make more money, have a better                   relationship etc, etc?

             How can I attract better people, relationships in my life? 

Key point here:   

You are defining what you VALUE, what you truly believe you deserve and you are using your INTERNAL guidance system - your feelings to get you to a more authentic and powerful state.

These questions stimulate the brain to get you creative and provide Soulutions.  And if you go deep enough they access the internal KNOWER and spirit within you.

To learn more about the S.A.F.E Method™ and the "Fabulous 5" - The 5 most powerful questions you can ask to access your personal best then please contact me at:  or  647- 351-7282.  

My new website is coming soon!! So stay tuned my Core Connectors!  Thank you always for connecting with me :)



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just Detox! How to feel great and lose the holiday weight!

So many of us indulged.  Some more than others. And why not? We work hard, and we need to play hard sometimes too.   So no guilt trips here.  I'm all about balance my friends.

But you may be feeling a little out of sorts.  Maybe low on energy?  Do the jeans feel a little tight? A little foggy and having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning?

Well a good detox will alleviate the post holiday bloat and help get that metabolism revved up to lose the extra pounds you might have piled on.   

Have no fear, Piera the detox Queen is here!
Let's DETOX!

My Detox plan will :

  • Give you MORE ENERGY! And who doesn't need that? Less toxins means less of a burden to your body,  therefore freeing up more energy for you to feel awesome VITALITY!

  • Allow you to clean out your colon which means better absorption and assimilation of vitamins, and minerals. So you actually get more out of your food without eating more food,  which lessens cravings and promotes a healthy weight.

  • Improve mental Focus!  Accumulated toxins in the body contribute to a lack of concentration, and poor brain function overall.  Also ailments like chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances and anxiety or depression can be healed by lessening the toxic load and getting your system clean.

  • Help prevent disease!  Cleansing helps us to eliminate toxic chemicals, and old stuff that may be hanging out in our digestive tract.  When stuff hangs out too long in the colon, it creates a breeding ground for bacteria to multiply and digestive disease and inflammation to result.  A healthy gut = a longer, more heathy life.

  • Kick start your weight loss goals and boosts your metabolism! During the first stage of a detox you will eliminate quite a lot and that translates to some quick weight loss.  However, a cleanse or the use of fasting should not be used as quick fix for weight loss.  I always promote sensible healthy eating , with regular exercise and a stress management practices for losing weight.  That brings long term results!

For a full consultation that will address your particular detox needs book an appointment with me at Platinum Health and Wellness  I will provide you a tailored and individualized detox program that includes:

  • A specific "clean diet" so that you can prepare your digestive system for a full cleanse/detox without shocking your body, and allowing you to avoid huge withdrawal or detox symptoms.  I want this to be a safe and gentle expereince. Cleansing can cause discomfort, however there are ways to make the journey not such a bumpy ride ;)

  • A protocol of specific herbs to cleanse the colon.  

  • A specific protocol of supplements that will assist the body to detox, and support your vital organs (mainly liver, gallbladder, kidneys and colon) throughout the process.

  • Exercise, water, and other therapy recommendations to assist the cleanse/detox process.  

  • Breath work instruction to assist the release of toxins and help you connect to your own healing potential.

If you have any questions and to book your appointment you can reach me at :

Piera Bonventre, H.D


Here's to a cleansed, energized new you in 2013!!!