Thursday, December 27, 2012

I learned a few things in 2012...

Here are some of the more notable things I learned in 2012.....

That you can't seek what you already are and own.

That travelling pianos makes a uber cool art project.

That  it's time to get off the soap box and do the laundry.   Being spiritual doesn't mean "clearing our crap, or leaving "3D" or any of the other verbiage we use to distract ourselves from the REAL WORK.  Our spiritual growth relies on walking our talk, living our truth instead of just declaring it , and BEING the example of love and compassion.

That Mr. Right won't come along until I own my own title of Mrs Right and amazing as is right now.

That there actually is great Mexican food in Toronto.  You just have to dig a little.

That the food at a resto doesn't really matter as much as the company you are with.

That Bradley Cooper is half Italian, and I wouldn't mind having even just a quarter of him.

That not getting a job you interviewed for is actually a huge BLESSING in disguise. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to see I have all the strength, smarts,  and hutzpah I need to run my own business.  It's confirmed that I am to live out my entrepreneurial DNA, and also my higher purpose here, and therefore NOT work for a boss.

That a cancelled Duran Duran concert didn't end my world. Well only for a little bit.

That some friends may physically not be around, but that actually their connection is so deep that it's felt beyond time, space, and words.

That looking in the mirror happens every time you see yourself in the other.

That when I think my life sucks, I need to remind myself I can walk, breath, eat on my own, and I'm not fighting for my life.

That wanting more out of life isn't greed.  It actually is the courage to admit you know what you are worth and deserve.

That the more I risk being open to all that comes in my life, the more familiar and unthreatened I feel with whatever comes in my life.

That self hate creates world hate, and inner peace will bring peace to the outer wars we see surrounding us.  We have full control over creating the inner peace that our hurting world needs to shift, and is demanding right now more than ever.

That hugs heal beyond words in most circumstances.

That dogs still rule over cats. I'd rather have the slobber of my dog's tongue on my face, than a cat hissing at me and scratching my eyes out.

That there is a NUTELLA store in Germany.  It sells all things NUTELLA. OMFG that is brilliant!

That a human unlike other animals, never eats its own vomit. Ya that would be gross right?! (A good friend made this analogy in reference and as advice that I not entertain the idea of getting back together with an ex boyfriend from the past.) Smart girl!  Thanks Isla Bonita ;)

That Unity is vital to our human family's evolution more now than ever.  Thank you Rana Unity ;)

That books don't fly off shelves for no reason at all.  

That to take a stand for something in this world, to speak up and truly live your beliefs takes courage, immense strength and Cogliones. (That's balls in italian) I want even more people like that by my side.

That I have no room for atheists in my life.  Sorry God took full center stage.  And I finally have let go of the fear, and politically correct bullshitness ( ya I made up that word) about using the word God in my public or business life.  There are worst things.

That bullshitness is my new fav word for all that is bullshit.

That when someone shows you who they are through their actions, non actions, words, or non words, BELIEVE them the first time.  Don't wait till the 15th time to be convinced of their bullshitness.  Thank you Oprah.

That I like being given flowers by the one who is courting me, and if he doesn't like to do that, well good bye Jack.


That if your date only pays for the first lunch date and is too cheap to buy/take you out for dinner every once and awhile thereafter, he most likely will be cheap in most other areas of the relationship including you know what. Done with that bullshitness as well.

That life presents the "ashram" at any given moment.  One does not need to go to India to grow spiritually.

That an untethered soul delivers the true happiness we desire and seek. Thank you Michael Singer.

That great friends are the best "anti depressant" you could ask for.

Here are the more notable ones...

That a real loving relationship isn't founded on comfort, but rather on shared beliefs, values and the mutual growth each seeks to attain on their own individual path.  That each relishes watching the other get past their challenges, through learning their own depth and capacity to love and be compassionate towards themselves and the rest.

That fear is as real as the boogey man.

That you can help pull someone up, but they must climb the rest of the way on their own.

That I LOVE and want to be surrounded by more and more positively ambitious people, who are passionate about their lives and who everyday try their best to live from their authentic power and life purpose.

That I respect people not for their titles, their status or degrees.  But for their willingness to show up in life for themselves first and honour their highest truth above all else.  

That I find more and more reasons to laugh, especially at myself.  And it truly is the best medicine.

That using a diagnosis or illness is not an excuse to play the victim and use the "disability" card.  I've met SOOOO many people this year with incredible stories where the odds were immensely against them health and otherwise, and yet they choose to not back down,  not to give up and instead, rise above their mind's critical story. God bless every one of you for being such a shining example of what humanity is capable of!

That if women spent less time on their thigh, waist, butt or bust size, they could actually spend more time creating successful lives, a powerful existence and legacies of amazing creations in this world.

That by throwing out my scale it was a huge leap forward to attaining the above aforementioned.

That if a man comments on your bra size, waist size, or butt size (especially if his junk is less than stellar)  he should be thrown out with the scale.  Clears even more space.

 Having said all that...

Love truly trumps everything and anything worth living for.

It's been a great 2012, and here's to even MORE kick ass 2013!!!

Mad Loves and Namaste


Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to Change What Isn't Working Now!

So you are wanting to improve your life, create transformation and feel more invigorated and healthy?  Many of us do want all of this and yet aren't achieving it.  The problem is we don't BELIEVE we can manifest it or even more discouraging we don't BELIEVE we DESERVE it.

The moment you believe you do deserve more, and better in your life is a breakthrough moment in your perception and therefore your ENERGY and vibration.

Let me  explain further.  We are taught that the circumstances we see and "find" ourselves in are given to us by the external world.

How many times have you said "why is this happening to me? and NOW?!"

Things aren't happening to you.  You are happening to things!  If you can truly grasp this, own this and integrate this you will be EMPOWERED beyond your mind can comprehend.  You will take yourself out of VICTIM mode, where you are at the mercy of everything, every person and every other and bring yourself into your own POWER.

If you create your circumstances then guess what?  YOU CAN CREATE the circumstances that you really desire and achieve the kick ass states of energy and vitality that you deserve.

First step is to truly OWN everything.

Every thing that happens is your own creation.  Hard pill to swallow.  But once your Ego gets over that, and your BEING CONNECTS to this, you have the LEVERAGE to powerfully change your reality.

Start with your feelings.  They are the key to attracting what you really want.  If you don't feel good, you are climbing uphill and you'll struggle endlessly.

So here is my recipe for success:  

Feel good.

Find ways to feel better and better and better. (this means you need to figure out "what really moves you, inspires you, really gets you cranked for awesomeness!)

Find a way to be present and connect to your core.   Then GIVE and OPERATE from that energy every single day. That's it.


Requires that you show up, be present, and live with intention.