Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to Change What Isn't Working Now!

So you are wanting to improve your life, create transformation and feel more invigorated and healthy?  Many of us do want all of this and yet aren't achieving it.  The problem is we don't BELIEVE we can manifest it or even more discouraging we don't BELIEVE we DESERVE it.

The moment you believe you do deserve more, and better in your life is a breakthrough moment in your perception and therefore your ENERGY and vibration.

Let me  explain further.  We are taught that the circumstances we see and "find" ourselves in are given to us by the external world.

How many times have you said "why is this happening to me? and NOW?!"

Things aren't happening to you.  You are happening to things!  If you can truly grasp this, own this and integrate this you will be EMPOWERED beyond your mind can comprehend.  You will take yourself out of VICTIM mode, where you are at the mercy of everything, every person and every other and bring yourself into your own POWER.

If you create your circumstances then guess what?  YOU CAN CREATE the circumstances that you really desire and achieve the kick ass states of energy and vitality that you deserve.

First step is to truly OWN everything.

Every thing that happens is your own creation.  Hard pill to swallow.  But once your Ego gets over that, and your BEING CONNECTS to this, you have the LEVERAGE to powerfully change your reality.

Start with your feelings.  They are the key to attracting what you really want.  If you don't feel good, you are climbing uphill and you'll struggle endlessly.

So here is my recipe for success:  

Feel good.

Find ways to feel better and better and better. (this means you need to figure out "what really moves you, inspires you, really gets you cranked for awesomeness!)

Find a way to be present and connect to your core.   Then GIVE and OPERATE from that energy every single day. That's it.


Requires that you show up, be present, and live with intention.



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