Monday, October 3, 2011

Lighter and Brighter- Day 7 of my Fall Cleanse

It has been one full week on my Fall cleanse. I am beaming. I'm like the CN tower at night, all lit up and glowing magnetism.

Physically I feel lighter and have lost 3 pounds. But that isn't really the cause of the joy pangs I'm feeling in my fuzzy heart centre. Letting go of what isn't serving me is what is creating my feel good self to come out and play.

I surrender to what is.

Simply put, I am allowing the present moment to be, without me judging, measuring or comparing it to anything or anyone else right now.

I unplugged from social media, my phone, and most technology for the past 2 days. I can't describe how amazing that was. I intend on having less of Facebook, Twitter, Stumble and the rest of the mumble jumbo in my life now. I realized it was a lot of loud noise that was feeding my ego. It's also an escape from facing one self and being with one self.

A cleanse can allow you to do just that. It can truly reveal a level of awareness of your body, mind and spirit that invites you to renew your sense of faith and love in YOUR SELF.

I have seen how amazing my body works when it has less "junk" to deal with in all areas of my life. Less garbage in means less subtractions in my life. Less ego driven media, less superficial hollywood BS, less toxicity in the form of toxic relationships, jobs, or food.

It all has energy.

Figure out what type of energy you want in your life. Because it really is going to be either a deficit or an investment to your daily energy bank. Everyday you have so much in your reserves to use to nurture your well being, positive actions and direction in your life.

Where do you want to invest your thoughts, emotions and precious time? On people that add to your life? On projects that make you grow and realize your dreams? On activities that will keep you fit, well and thriving physically?


On people that take away from your life and aren't growing in positive ways in their lives? In jobs or work that feel like jobs and work and you simply are working for the weekend? Or sitting on the coach, eating whatever and not making time for physical fitness?

Being honest with ourselves is tough. We are accountable for every action, word and thought we put out there.

I got honest with myself this weekend. I decided I needed to be one on one with the most important person in my life. Me.

If I'm not on good terms with Me, there is no way I can be with anyone or anything else. It's amazing how easy it is to run away from ourselves. When we do run by eating, drinking, smoking, abusing, gambling or any other distraction, we keep from discovering that the very answer is right where we are and have always been.

You can run, but you can't hide. We really can't run from ourselves. Because eventually we realize we take ourselves and the pain and suffering or problems we think we have wherever we go.

A cleanse may be a great starting point for you to learn the power of presence. The present moment is really all we got baby. Let's live and love it! Tell me your experiences. I'm a message away. :)