Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 4: Learn the Basic First Cleanse

Its Day 4 of my cleanse... I'm still alive.

I felt like utter crap (excuse the pun), the first 2 days. Yesterday was better. Today feeling nasty again. I do mean that in every sense of the word actually.

Physically, the fatigue is tremendous and quite unsettling. Nasty headaches torment my days and sometimes accompany me at night. I won't describe in detail what is coming out of me. That would be real nasty of me and I love you all too much.

Let's just say for someone who leads a pretty clean life, its amazing to see my toxic release. I can't imagine what a meat/dairy eating, alcohol drinking, nicotine smoking, grease consuming, drug using and coffee brewing Joe would see. Or feel for that matter. Poor soul!

But there is a less painful and gentler way...

Beginners Cleanse

One recommendation I have for those who are embarking on a healthier lifestyle is to go slooooooooow.

If you have not done a cleanse ever, and your current diet and lifestyle would
make me all red in the face from frustration, then I would suggest you just begin by cleaning your diet.

That's it for 3-4 months.

Herbs, water or juice fasts, or specific organ cleansing protocols like a liver flush or heavy metal detox are for much later!

Trust me it will be way too much and you may get too ill doing too much too soon.

What is a clean diet?

That means: No processed food like bread, cookies, muffins, cereal, anything in a box, bag or package. If Momma earth didn't provide it from a tree, bush or shrub don't go there.

Second wean off stimulants like coffee, chocolate, nicotine, caffeine sports drinks or supplements, sugar in any form (honey, white, brown, fructose or rock sugar) it's still refined and HIGH on the glycemic index.

Limit alcohol to 3 drinks a week. It's pure liquid sugar and many empty calories. The best thing would be to forgo it altogether. Alcohol is one of the most toxic things for our brains, livers and whole organism to filter and process. I'll dedicate a whole post on this one day. There is way too much information to go into that here.

Drink 2-3L of pure water. Yes you may be in the bathroom a little more, but your body will get used to it.

On the lighter side of things...

I feel lighter!

Also, my dream world has been quite a joyride. It's been the highlight of these first few days. I've gone to worlds unbeknownst to me. I've intensely visioned vivid landscapes , so magnetizing I did not want to leave. I will have so much material for a book, that I can foresee a series of adventures in print. Who knows.

There is always good in the seemingly "ungood" in life. So even though I feel like a Mac truck hit me, my body is revealing what needs attention and what doesn't.

Chocolate cake really wants me right now. Do I want it? Or a better question is what part of me really wants it- the mind or the body?

Who is the master in all of this?

Aim to be the master of your mind, choices, actions, reactions, and Life. What if that desire or craving were all just a sneaky trick?

The rest truly works itself out...

Peace and Namaste


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 2- Fall Cleanse

(You'll understand the pic above by the end of this post. So just start reading)

Last night looked like this:

11pm Got to bed, after having already gone perhaps 20 times to the bathroom that day. 4L of liquids can easily do that.

12:30 am Up to go to the bathroom.

12:31 Back in bed. Fall asleep to the still playing ipod on low volume.

2:30 Up to go to the bathroom. I recall a dream! It was way to racy to mention here, but I'm glad I got up to remember it.

2:31 Back in bed. I hear such a beautiful thing. Complete silence. I nestle right into the most tranquil and comforting position in bed. I'm awake long enough to let the dark depth of the night remind me there is always stillness if we can just get quiet enough. Yes, that is actually what I thought.

4:23 Up and grumbling on the way to the bathroom. Dam dandelion tea. Maybe I put too much in the pot. I just want to sleep and meet my angels. Stumbling back to bed, as I didn't see the dresser that has been there since I moved in over 10 years ago, I stub my toe. Ya profanities came out. I judged that reaction at first, then remembered it's all part of letting go of crap. So I'm off the hook for a few not so poetic words.

Actually I'm allowing myself to be whatever surfaces for the duration of this cleanse. If you call me and I'm not my usual self, well you are forewarned. Just play along and enjoy the show.

I kid you not 5:05 Up again! I'm thinking my kidneys are getting quite a workout by now, and I must be 5 pounds lighter already. Talk about releasing water retention. I crawl back into bed, and safely avoided the dresser and the dog by my bed. Ya a squashed chihuahua would not have been a pretty thing.

I laid in bed and visions of chocolate mousse swirled in my head. Then the mousse was being spread on chocolate croissants by Javier Bardem and he was trying to feed me one and I wanted to curse the cleanse and who ever invented them for eternity. Just as I was about to take the croissant past my lips, I wake up again.

7:00 am What? Where did Javier go? Ugggghhh I realize I was hallucinating or dreaming. I need to pee once again. I've woken up with a gnawing craving. But alas, the day must start and I prepare my green smoothie with Javier still lingering in my consciousness.

Last night was interesting. As much as I know how these cleanses work and no matter how much I prepare myself for facing the first week of this, I still want to whine.

Here is a Green smoothie you may want to try for yourself. I can't promise Javier will come and feed you chocolate croissants, but this will make every cell of your existence smile and do jumping jacks.

Piera's Power Smoothie

1/2 cup organic blackberries
1/2 cup blueberries
2 oz of wheat grass juice
1 bunch of kale
2 tablespoons of hemp seeds
1/2 avocado
2 tablespoons almond butter
1 tablespoon raw honey
2 tablespoons of Chia seeds
1 tablespoon of Spirulina
1 cup of filtered water

Blend all of the above in a blender. Serves 2. Javier's serving is still on the counter. Maybe one day...



Monday, September 26, 2011

My Fall cleanse! Day 1

I'm back to this blog again. Have taken a hiatus. Sometimes life throws us some curves that can block the writing drive. I had to play ball and got struck from a few. Everything passes :)

I return with commencing my yearly Fall cleanse. I'm so looking forward to all this season has to bring to me. It's a time of harvest just before the big retreat of the winter months. It's a time now to truly reflect on the gracious blessings that are in our lives.

I know its been a rather hectic time for me these past few months. So a cleanse is something I fully embrace now as it will allow me to let go of what is not needed right now in my life, and it will help to let go of the past.

How does a cleanse do this? Well for me, I feel things beyond solely the physical plane. A cleanse to me isn't just juicing a little more, taking herbs and eating lighter. I truly take the time to reflect, get introspective and listen to what the deeper sensations within are saying.

Remember when you do a cleanse you are embarking on a whole body, mind and soul endeavour. Only if you are aware and have the intention to do so of course. But why just do a cleanse to see physical benefits only? Why not get the most out of it, and transform even more deeply. Food for thought ;) Make those green foods....

Things I picked up today for my 30 day cleanse:

  • Betonite clay- An amazing product that helps to chelate toxins or absorb them from the intestinal wall and pull them out of the colon.

  • Psyllium husk fiber supplement- Fiber helps to keep hydration in the colon at optimal levels as well as providing bulk. It will also help the clay move through and do its job more effectively. So these two work in harmony.

  • Herbs: Burdock root - a blood cleanser and purifier which helps the detox process.

  • Red clovers- another blood purifier. During a cleanse you want to ensure that toxins don't build up in the blood and that they get ushered out as effectively as possible.

  • Milk thistle root- one of the best liver detoxifiers in the plant world. Milk thistle will help keep the liver from becoming too overburdened from the colon's release of toxins.

  • Licorice root- An adrenal support herb that will lessen the stress during a cleanse.
  • Dandelion root- a natural diuretic that will eliminate excess retention of water and helps the lymph nodes release toxic build up.

  • Ashwahghanda- my favourite adaptogen in existence. It supports the immunity, relieves effects of stress, feeds the adrenals and helps reduce any stress from withdrawal from substances and addictions of any kind.

  • Liquid Chlorophyll- the best natural internal deodorizer around. It also purifies the blood, is great for anemic states as it helps fortify the blood and absorb natural iron.

  • Spirulina- A potent sea plant that not only provides one of the highest sources of bio available and highly assimilable protein, but also trace marine minerals that support our whole biological make up.

  • Ginseng tincture- I include this one for supporting energy levels. During a cleanse you can become very fatigued as your body lets go of toxic build up. Ginseng is a powerful adaptogen that also supports the sexual system as well. So bonuses everywhere ;)

My diet is fairly clean to begin with and I don't do much alcohol. ( Is vino alcohol really? hehe) I'm cutting out dairy, coffee, and chocolate for the next 30 days. Eeeek! I can really do without most, except for chocolate. That will be the temptress in all of this. Oh my mocha madness tendencies will be quite interesting to observe the next 30 days. I'll call out for an SOS if it becomes a problem of dire straits.

However I must mention though, I had given up chocolate for 40 days this past Lenten season and that absence actually helped bring down the addiction quite dramatically overall.


When we let go of our attachments for a sustained amount of time, the mind eventually gives up on trying to seduce us back. With any addiction it's really the first two weeks that are the hardest. After that, it's really all uphill. Just remember your mind is the biggest trickster around. Claim power over that, and you own all that you desire :)

If you have any questions about cleansing or starting a detox, I invite you to message me. Always here to answer the call.