Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to RISE from a FALL! 3 KEY Ways to get back on your feet

We stumble, we trip, and we can fall. SO WHAT?!

That didn't stop Edison on his 999 time attempting to create the light bulb.

That didn't stop Sylvestor Stallone after 200 auditions, and big fat NOs in his face.

That didn't stop YOU when you were learning to walk, and got up and tried a few more steps again and again and again.

The perception that a "mistake" or achieving a goal is failure is just that- a perception.

Shift it.

We need to look at things from a different angle. There are an infinite number of possibilities in this universe. Why do we get stuck on that one thing that didn't pan out exactly like we thought would be best.

Maybe it wasn't the best possible outcome. MAYBE just maybe, there is something BETTER!

That is a tremendous REALIZATION in my own life. Something doesn't work, or a mistake is made and it can feel like nothing else is possible. CHALLENGE that feeling and thinking. Because it is FACT that potentials in this universe are LIMITLESS.

We can't see every possibility because the vastness of the living matrix is hard for us to comprehend entirely. So this is where it gets tricky. BUT so SIGNIFICANT. We must call upon a dear and most misunderstood friend we have...


You need to believe beyond what you see with your eyes, feel with your hands and hear with your ears. That is the meaning of FAITH.

FAITH requires a great sense of self trust. That is not a theoretircal lesson. It is learned and practiced till we EXPERIENCE the power of FAITH and BELIEF.

And that my friends, requires doing the INNER work. For nothing in your outer existence can manifest without something happening FIRST within you! Do you get that?

We need to stop trying to comb the image we see in the mirror. Take the comb and fix your own image, in order to see a new and desired one reflecting back at you. We keep trying to "fix" and change our outer circumstances and then miss the mark entirely.

Change YOUR own state by changing YOUR thoughts and then your OUTER world changes to reflect that. Its an INSIDE out job. Not the other way around!

3 Steps to bounce back from a stumble:

1) STOP: to SHIFT and take note of what isn' working. So in essence you check in and take stock of what you are sitting in. You need to see how far deep your stuck in your "mud". Then you can plan the way out. ALSO what is key is taking a moment to stop and BREATH. The breath is your life force. Give up on the breath, and life gives up on you!

2) Take ACTION quickly- Once you shift your thoughts, your feelings will automatically follow and change too. Now you take ACTION.

The Key to ACTION:

Take positive action(s) that leave you feeling better than before is the KEY!! It may actually mean doing something completely UNRELATED and that TAKES CARE OF YOU.

So you may just leave the challenge and go for a walk on the boardwalk. Or if you love art you might take the afternoon and go to an art gallery and get lost in the beauty of what you see there. Once you move your energy in a better feeling way, then you can build UPON that by taking other actions to then address the challenge. You then can build momentum again, and try it with a different perspective.

You cannot create a better direction from a "bad" place in ANYTHING you do.

3) Ask for guidance/mentor- We have such a hard time asking for help. Get over that. Ask people you know and trust for their view. Another may offer you a more objective standpoint and you may be surprised to realize something can be seen in a whole new Light.

Then ask MORE people. Ask people you bank with, friends of friends, your realtor, your librarian, and business owners you deal with. The list is really endless. ASK ASK ASK. For then you are given :)

AND ask your Higher Power. That is the most powerful guide you have 24/7. Never forget that.

Seeing you on your feet again and again and again,



Friday, April 20, 2012

5 ways to UNBLOCK your inner creative and make magic in your life!

Ever feel like you are just going through the motions in life? Nothing seems in colour or 3D, and just plain flat and drab?

It could be a sign of a neglected inner creative wanting some attention and playtime. Your inner creative needs some TLC and so often we forget we even have one! We all have one. Never forget that.

I've heard friends, clients and loved ones say I'm not "artistic " or I am the left sided "type" who could never draw or play any kind of music, you just have to be "born that way". I'll leave the Lady Gaga jokes out for now, and disagree with that attitude. You are born "that way". You just need to let it feel safe and GOOD in order for it to come out and play.

Play is so important, and so undervalued in our society. We live to work and when we aren't working we think that just going out for drinks, or spending quality time with loved ones is play time. Uh think again. You need to spend time solo and have fun doing something you wouldn't normally do and gets you a little out of your comfort zone and still is FUN. Tricky? Not really.

You just may be blocked from imagining what that kind of fun could be. You just may not be spending enough "quality" time with yourself. And the biggest blocks are unresolved issues, emotional "stuff" and baggage.

So here are 5 "blocks" you need to address before your creative Self can create magic in your work, relationships and life:

1) Self Criticism/Judgement:

This is something we all have done and do to some degree, and the biggest block to artists all around. We sometimes can be our worst enemy. When we constantly engage in negative self talk, we truly are sending harmful messages to not only our body's cells, but to our mind and soul.

It is almost akin to abusing a small child. We can consider our inner creative as being our inner child. Would you hurt an innocent child who is just looking for some loving attention? No. So why can't we treat ourselves with as much compassion, and understanding? Once you do, the inner creative feels SAFE and then can come out to play without LIMITATIONS!

2) Unresolved disputes:

In other words, not forgiving self and others. Forgiveness is a huge healing action we can take to truly unblock our creative. Forgiveness dissolves past hurt, anger, and connects us on a deep level to our capacity to grant compassion to others. Especially to those we feel have wronged us. When we forgive, we let go of the baggage and free up the channels of creative energy. We then ALLOW for more space to be made for greater clarity and connection to our inner selves. Just let go, and let God.

3) Not Paying Attention:

The power of the present moment is unquestionably significant when it comes to creating anything in our lives. If we don't pay attention to our feelings, our words, and our interactions with others, we risk losing the precious connection to security and trust in our life.

When we pay attention we also can see more of the details and not take even what seems "subtle" for granted. When we place attention on the things that we desire, we in fact are also creating a connection to it. In this very act we can trigger amazing inspiration and great feeling vibes that help nurture and allow that inner creative a medium to express itself.

4) Guilt: is a huge BLOCK!

It denies your inner voice the ability to feel worthy of expression and hence will defeat any attempt at creating anything in your life.

Guilt has a very heavy energy that often leads to self deprecation and when you don't feel "good enough" you just can't create from a place of prosperity and true inspiration. Guilt creates a powerless state, much like blame outlined next. Our inner creative can't vibe with powerlessness and thus will retreat out of fear it will be rejected and criticized

5) Blame: is related to guilt and creates the victim mentality. We blame others when we can't own our "stuff". Blaming our parents, x-partner, or the government for what we think is wrong, can never create a safe ground for creativity. Our inner creative is a free spirit, one who wants to love without borders and boundaries and the blame game certainly get in its way to do this.

The reality is, the inner creative is truly the star of the show when it comes to living life to the grandest and fullest. How is it playing out in your life?

Leaving it backstage or worse, out of the whole production truly creates a depleted state and unfulfilled dreams. Give that inner creative the space to venture forward and feel it's authentic power. You must create that for it. No one else can do it for you.

I know you can ;)

Love and Light



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Be the butterfly! Transform your life and LIVE your purpose.

I spent an evening with a beautiful butterfly. She's not from the insect world exactly, but she definitely knows the forest life. I'm talking about Julia Butterfly Hill. A remarkable woman and amazing soul. She graced our presence on stage Tuesday night, during an evening of immense heart energy, that I will never forget. An evening of "Leading Lives of Purpose, Passion and Power...Turning Inspiration into Action!

She told her story of transformation and truly proved she is the butterfly that changed her world and now ours. From a period of self destructive behaviour she went on to discover and LIVE her purpose. She grew wings too.

Julia Butterfly lived in a 200 foot Redwood tree in a threatened forrest in California. She stood by the trees, her truth and for all the future generations to come. Trees are precious and we can often forget how much we take them for granted.

Let's STOP using paper cups!

Every time we waste paper, we are taking for granted the sacredness of trees and our own existence. Trees enable us to breath and when you disrespect that fact you in essence are disrespecting your own life and ALL Life.

I'm at fault for this too. I OWN that. I've used paper cups on the go, wasted napkins at lunch, and thrown out paper without a slight hesitation. I'm CHANGING that.

From sacrifice there comes a rebirth of new awareness.

Julia sacrificed her life and weathered the storms of the most brutal winter that hit Luna, the name she gave her tree. She encountered trigger happy hunters who tried shooting her and then with compassion and generosity offered her food. Imagine that!

She proved that there is a power beyond what we are encouraged to see in the media, our governments and all oppressive powers. A power that can break open our hearts and allow for CHANGE to take place in a world of desensitized complacency.

The power is LOVE.

Tears ran down my face and I too broke open.

I broke open from doubt, all the naysayings of our tribe, and my own personal limiting beliefs. I realized even though I Am one, I still affect the whole.

Even though I Am one, my every thought, word and action affect the whole. Even though I Am one, my truth tells me I must take responsibility and offer my best to make this planet better than when I first got here.

I Am one in the grand ONE of our whole existence. And so are you.

We are not small and insignificant. We can save trees, forests, people, lives, hurts, wounds, suffering and the planet, if we engage the strongest power we have as humans.

Our capacity to LOVE.

It is the highest of all vibrations. It has enabled human rights, created masterpieces, and HEALED people.

The work begins within. It must. For if we are at odds and separated within, we can only see the same without. We must go within, settle the war that we feel there and emerge victorious that we found our infinite ability to LOVE and BE LOVE.

Go inwards. Core Connect with your inner essence and realize how powerful you are to create change.

For when you reach that sacred place with your full, and complete attention and intention, there is no room for anything but Love. Devote your energy to that space instead of the rest.

Thank you Julia, our Butterfly for living your truth and helping us to discover ours.

Julia Butterfly Hill can be found at :

Love and Light



Monday, April 16, 2012

How the Artist Way is creating MAGIC in my life!

I'm sparking like never before! I really feel like I'm giving off ELECTRICITY! I love that word! I'm using it now in my life like never before.

I'm sparking new creative ideas and concepts in all areas of my life.

I attribute part of this transformation to a number of things that have come into my life lately. I didn't quite take the law of attraction as seriously as I could have. Now, all that has changed. I changed my thoughts, and now my life has taken a whole new colour of awesomeness.

I'm sparking!

I went for a walk a few months back, in an area outside my own neighbourhood. I was helping a friend with pet/house sitting and I came across a sign that read "Artist Way group starting soon". I grabbed the invitation. The Universe was talking LOUDLY and directly at me.

Years ago I had bought the well known book, "The Artist Way" by the phenomenal author and artist Julia Cameron, but I never completed it. I tried a few times, and would get to week 3 and then put it aside.

I decided to change.

I choose to make the effort and commit to this. Knowing how much I love working with people and in a team, completing this course with a group is such a BLESSING! It's only week 2 and it already is exceeding my expectations!

I'm ecstatic with this group and for making the effort to do this. It's a great group of 9 creative souls coming together to learn, grow and inspire each other to believe we can surpass any limitation.

3 women in the group have done the course numerous times, and are PROOF it works and that they KNOW how to WORK it! So I've met some great mentors! The big goal is to overcome our inner CRITIC or the negative MIND. The rest just works out.

This time I know I'm not only COMPLETING it, I'll be doing it again and again.

What will the Artist Way course do for you ?

  • Allow you to unblock the immense power of your creative inner Self
  • Teach you powerful and effective TOOLS that are proven to help you create from your deeper essence
  • Gives you SPIRITUAL FOOD for your creative artist and it's desires
  • A way to work through your "stuff" so that your "stuff" isn't in YOUR Artist's Way ;)
  • MASSIVE inspiration and GUIDANCE to nurture your FAITH in yourself and your amazing TALENTS
  • Help you deeply honour, trust and respect YOUR process, and create an authentic LIFE

And much much more!

I already can attest to the benefits and its only week 3 for me! I feel clearer, more productive, and a greater sense of creative flow threading into all areas of my life.

I'm attracting new people, business connections, opportunities in my career life and more confidence in my writing. I know there is much more to work through and by the end of the 12 weeks, my goal is to have the first chapter of my book written.

Have you tried the Artist way? Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear about your experience!!

If you haven't heard of this book, check this out

Please message me!

Love and Light,



Take these 2 words out of your vocabulary, and watch SUCCESS explode in your life!

There are 2 words or more precisely a "phrase" we need to cut, and not copy or paste anywhere any longer.


You CAN stop saying that. Once you do, you change your whole perception on things, which means you change your thought process, your mood, your outlook, your words and then BAM your actions come into a greater alignment with YOU.

Stop saying I can't.

It is one of the most disempowering statements we can make. "I can't make enough money, I can't find a great partner, I can't do x, because I have y disease. I can't quit my job because I have bills to pay, kids to raise and too many commitments. I can't lose weight, it's in my genes. I can't feel better when I was treated so badly. I can't, I can't, I can't.

Well you can. You can do more than you can even imagine. Start with your words! That begins a powerful momentum in a new direction, where you can create new ideas and thoughts that lead to empowering ACTIONS.

3 Steps to Changing Your Words!

1) Idenify: First identify the negative mental tape that keeps going in your head, which are YOUR THOUGHTS!

2) Mindfulness: Then become aware how you speak. What do you say to your friends, spouse, parents, children, co workers? ect. What language do you use on a daily basis? Are you complaining about everything? Do you end up ranting about something in a discussion? Just be aware.

3) Refocus and rephrase: Then start to REPHRASE your habitual parlance. Use different words, and phrases. This is best accomplished when you shift your FOCUS and look at things differently. Change your thoughts about whatever presents itself, and you change the direction of the outcome. YOU have the CHOICE!

Words are powerful.

How can we deny that?

The president takes the podium and every word has an affect. Your mom criticized your irresponsible behaviour and that touched a sore spot. Your proff said your paper was pathetic, and you receded into rejection. Your lover told you how proud they were of you when you accepted the new position, and every part of you rejoiced with a sense of pride.

WORDS like THOUGHTS become things. So watch what you say, how you say them and with which intention you are uttering those sentiments. Your words create your circumstances and if you are desiring better circumstances, it stands right that you really begin to speak with more awareness.

Wishing you powerful words and even more powerful thoughts :)



I cleaned out my closet, and then I grew wings.

I grew wings. I am experiencing an enormous shift in my life on so many levels. After a time of deep retreat this winter, I have emerged with a new focus and direction in my life. Many have complimented on the changes they see in me and so it's all the more confirmation it isn't just in my head. But I started within.

It isn't easy to be objective when it comes to one's own stuff. It truly can be one of the greatest challenges for us to admit our weaknesses, faults and "stuff". Our ego wants to be right and blame the other.

The Ego is the part of our psyche that needs to identify with form, such as "status" or a title. It needs confirmation from the external/material world to simply survive. That is why a spiritual therapist will say "go inwards" and find the voice within.

The answers do not lie outside ourselves.

They will not be found in your external world or circumstances. If you operate from the external than you have lost all your power. Do you get that? Saying things like "people can't be counted on, or it's my parent's fault I can't relate to them. Really? Maybe you have something to do with it? Think about it. Own your power to choose and create your life.

This is crucial to understand.

WE CREATE our lives, circumstances and experiences. Some of you may already have jumped to your negative critic voice and want to stop reading. But we CREATE IT ALL. You may not want to own that.

Because it would require you to take FULL responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions. It's easier to blame your Dad, then to forgive. It's easier to blame your boss or co worker instead of having the courage to find better work or actually follow your real passion.

It's easier to blame governments and the big "money hungry" capitalists instead of taking action and DOING something in your life.

It's time we all grow wings.



Don't go looking for happiness in another person or relationship. Don't go looking for happiness in money. Don't go looking for happiness OUTSIDE yourself. Start just where you are, and begin to practice gratitude.

Gratitude - One of the most POWERFUL life changing practices around!

My personal rebirth began this past February when I truly took stock of my life. I began to practice gratitude. Only this time with my full intention and with every cell and atom of my being.

I began to see how truly blessed I AM. I used to have this "not enough" perception. I didn't have enough talent, knowledge, friends, money, possessions, and on and on. I felt a great sense of lack. It wasn't until I literally went through an unassuming clean out of my closets, drawers, and space that I realized how much I really do have.

Then the gratitude got DEEPER!

From that material realization, I then moved on and used the same process on other areas of my life.

So I started writing all kinds of lists.

I wrote lists of amazing people that have come into my life and still are in my life.

I wrote out a very LONG list of all the amazing teachers and learning opportunities I've been given.

I kept writing and listed all the blessings of health I've been given and enjoy. I wrote lists and lists that filled notebooks and kept me up late at night in awe realizing HOW MUCH I ALREADY HAVE!

If you haven't done this, I highly recommend this exercise.

Just write lists of everything you love in your life.

List all the people that have given you love and guidance, all the blessings of health and wealth. Do this over and over and over again and you will grow wings too.

You will fly knowing you are powerful, guided and so ABUNDANT. We all can SOAR when we know how truly amazing we are.

I'm soaring to new heights and I'm finding a new flock to fly with. Come with me!

Would love to hear your stories of gratitude.

Love and Light,



Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Find Your Strength Within the Pain of Loss.

Can there be joy within the pain of loss?


There can be massive joy in the deepest of our sorrows. It is buried beneath our unwillingness to let go of the expectations, the certainty or the knowing of HOW things must be, turn out or develop.

It is buried within the feeling that we may be left alone, without and a huge sense of unfairness.

Does this mean, that if we suffer a loss we shouldn't feel deep sadness or grief? No.

It is a natural thing to feel love and connection to people that we adore and who mean a lot in our lives. But it is the degree to which we hang on to that suffering, and the length that is more significant.

In death there is always rebirth. Please remember that. Rebirth for all. As intense as it may be to lose someone we deeply love, there is an opportunity to truly understand that statement. With time, and with our full willingness we can come to a place of our own internal compassion and feel how VAST that love is within us.

When we grieve, we are in a sense feeling a personal pain around loss. It is a selfish act. Not in a negative sense, but more a very logical ego sense. We mourn not only the person who has gone, but our void and fear of not knowing how we will get through in one piece.

How will we face another day without sleep? How will we get through the feelings of confusion, injustice and the anger that accompany all that? How can we face the reality we won't have that person by our side, perhaps defending us when no one else will and their love to share which always makes us smile?

Loss isn't the easiest. I've been there.

But it is part of our dharma in life - or purpose. It teaches us how tender our hearts can be. How much compassion we have within the depths of our being.

When you touch this place, when you actually ALLOW yourself to feel the rawness of this pain without judgement, fear or feeling injustice, you come to realize that this too is a part of your compassionate essence.

Also, the pain is not permanent. It will not destroy you. If you allow it, it will allow you a space to feel your vulnerability. That is one of the best gifts loss delivers. If you allow yourself to surrender to it, you experience the very strength that is ALWAYS within you.

You come to realize your Core Connection. That nothing will leave you alone. That nothing is big enough to extinguish that innate potential to heal and keep healing. Feeling that vulnerability grants you this immense opportunity. You come out KNOWING, not theorizing, that you are powerful, always loved and supported.

Nothing can be greater than awakening and truly experiencing the immensity of our compassionate heart.


It brings you beyond the level of feeling your humanity. It is a connection that allows you to travel with full awareness of the magnificence of WHO YOU ARE.

Death will happen in your life. This is inevitable. The pain will surface, and re surface for some time. It is in itself a journey. One where you can find the strength you never thought you ever could have mustered for yourself.

Imagine that!!!

You finding YOUR own strength by YOUR very own effort.

You have the opportunity to become so immensely aware of how STRONG and capable you are of living this thing we call life.

Once you learn that, and once you heal from the sorrow, you resurrect a new you. Just as your loved one resurrected into a better form and place! You will realize your strength to carry on, and keep loving. You will realize that nothing is more important than love and loving.

The best part is, you will appreciate LOVE and your new found relationship with the act of LOVING in such a deep, and immensely fulfilling way. You will appreciate more in life, and gain a deeper perspective on WHAT TRULY MATTERS here on this planet.

What may feel like destruction is actually a formidable way to reach a new level of loving.

Nothing can be more valuable than that.

Without loving what do we have here?

Love and light,



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to use COLOUR to enhance your ENERGY and Wellness!

Add a dash of colour to anything and watch it come alive. Add even more and your world gets a heck of lot more fun!

Whether it's in a film like Avatar, on a bare wall with a Van Gough, Dorothy's red shoes down the yellow brick road, a spicy tumeric curry making your rice pilaf a golden delight, or the multitude of coloured dyes thrown in showers of rainbows during the Indian Holi Festival, colour definitely impacts our mood, and enhances well being.

Colour studies have been done for decades. Especially for the marketplace. In restaurants it's done to a science as to which colour enhances appetite more and will make you spend more out of your pocket.

We can use colour in numerous and profound ways in our daily life. What we wear does say and signal alot about our character and our personality. Do you know what your clothing says about you? your energy and message?

You have probably heard the expression "Oh she can pull that colour or pattern off so well!". And when she does wear that colour, it not only affects her own state, but also who and what she attracts into her life. Colour may allow us to connect to better circumstances and synchronicities.

Everything is energy, remember? You, me, the wall, the chair your sitting on, your car, the rocks in your backyard and EVERYTHING else. And that is a proven fact now!

To some degree we may be unconscious of what we are emitting outwardly and what we are taking in from the colours that surround us. So becoming conscious will help us project better intentions. And that goes for every aspect of our lives. So why leave COLOUR out? ;)

Colour truly has IMPACT!

You may walk into a room with red walls, and develop a very uptight feeling or sense of uneasiness. The longer you stay in there, the more intense the feeling and it may turn into outright anger.

Red can have this affect, as Feng shui suggests it may arouse passion and anger. So you often won't see red walls in homes or medical offices, or spas. A spa wants to invoke a sense of calm, tranquility and place to find some serenity. So often shades of light green are used as these create a healing vibe.

So pay attention to what you wear. The colours you choose will affect your own energy, and the energy of those you ATTRACT. Here is a small sample guide as to what each colour can offer you:

Red: Conveys ACTION, confidence and courage. It often will express a strong extroverted personality, sure of herself and holding a powerful demeanor. It will definitely send out a strong signal of strength and power.

When to put red in your life: You want to feel more confident, express authority or assertiveness. When you want to present yourself as bold and dynamic, and in females red may elicit a sexual signal and trigger arousal in men.

* Caution with this one on walls as it may create aggression or trigger anger. Red also denotes a sense of authority or prestige, like the Red Carpet at the Oscars or a red throne for a Queen. So for that first interview you may not want to pull out the red shirt for the VP sitting across from you. Intimidation just may not be the best tactic.

Black: Isn't really a true colour, but more a shade. Black absorbs light, and therefore is referred to as being the shade that absorbs energies of people, places or things. So wearing all black isn't reccomended on a consistent basis. Where lighter shades uplift and bring more inviting energies to you.

Black conveys a sense of secrecy or a desire to conceal oneself. Females tend to say that "black hides everything", meaning their perceived body imperfections and often is used in our wardrobe to appear slimmer. So in fact we use black to hide ourselves.

When to wear black: Try to break up your out fit by adding some colour to basic black pants or shirts. That way you aren't a magnet for every energy that passes your way. If you want to appear mysterious, and are going to a party or social event where you may not feel like revealing yourself, and need that protection black may be appropriate. For example it may be a day that you want to remain conspicous and not draw attention and need less from others, so black will help.

Caution: Wearing all black, or too often as in daily, becomes very restrictive to our energies and personal Prana or Life Force. The Life force is pure light and the opposite to this colour. Keep that in mind, when you are trying to elevate your vitality and vibrancy in energy. Black can literally deaden you long term.

White: White is also not a true colour, it actually is ALL colours coming together. It is the complete energy of light and conveys completeness and wholeness. White will express integration of energies and offer a sense of elevation to the one who wears it.

Often in the healing energy arts world, those who practice wear white. In , religious/spiritual ceremonies, priests, ministers, deacons, monks, and yogis will wear it to symbolize the union of spirit and oneness of the life force energy that permeates everything and everyone.

When to wear white: When you want to clear your energy blocks, when you feel stuck, or uncertain, or unclear about the direction of your life. White is like the Light of our essence and will bring clarity to confusion, uncertainty and will dissolve fear like no other. It truly works!

Personal Note:

I used to wear black all the time and found it was the most "complimentary". I stopped doing that. I've got a butt and I'm now content with it. Done with the nonsense of disliking apparent "flaws". It really weighed me down and I often felt so tired as compared to when I began wearing more colour. So I still wear some black, much less and I always wear a bright scarf, or piece of jewellery or shoes to balance the energy.

I found that black really deadened the inner child and artist in me. The moment I started wearing more colour I felt more alive, and the flow of my creativity greatly improved!

Green: symbolizes growth, increase, expansion and abundance. It is also the colour which enhances healing and restoration. With green you also can support periods of change and transformation which rely upon growing and processing new things.

When to wear or use green: When embarking on a new path, starting a new project, desiring CHANGE in your life and needing the support to transform from the old self to the new Self. Green will balance any doubt or fear and invoke a very stable sense of energy to yourself, and your environment.

Green is also good for times when you are HEALING and desire to have less of a healing crisis. It helps us to transition from a less than optimal state, to the desired new state we deserve.

Violet/Purple: is a combination of red and blue and is my FAVOURITE colour!

These contrasting colours bring a balanced dynamic between the active red energy and the more cooling and passive essence of blue. It reminds me of the ying/yang symbol, because it embodies the energetic quality of dynamic contrast and similarity all in one!

This is the colour of the crown chakra, which connects us to the universal consciousness. Violet thus will invoke imagination, creativity, and very heightened sense of INSPIRATION. You will find your spiritual connection to Source enhanced in a way that allows you to communicate more openly and with greater clarity.

When to wear or use Violet: Violet clothing, gems and crystals are highly indicated when you want to improve your imagination, your ability to channel higher energies and healing. Or when you want to remove obstacles, and calm overactivity or elevate a depressed state. In essence it can re balance your connection to source and thus improve psychic or our sixth sense of intuition.

Yellow: represent intellectual and creative energies. Yellow symbolizes wisdom, and knowing. It also conveys joy and happiness on the emotional/feeling scale. It "brightens" up our day, our mood and state. It encourages the intellect and left sided part of our brain to function more acutely and efficiently.

When to wear or use yellow: When you want to look like a banana! Kidding. :) Yellow really works when you need to make important decisions like signing contracts, accepting new positions at work, deciding on a new business venture or partner.

It will also sharpen concentration and memory skills. So periods where performance is key, like analytical work, taking exams and tests for school or work would be greatly enhanced. Also when a risk of burn out from intellectual work is eminent, yellow will help support and fuel the adrenals and help ease these intense periods.

Blue: has calming properties and often will be used in nuseries or in the babies room in the home. It brings a sense of tranquility and soothes nervous tension. Artists use blue to create distance such as in deep blue skies.

When to wear or use blue: Blue opposes red , and often can balance an angered state or a period of intense agression. When you want to gain greater perspective on an issue, and need to distance yourself from an immediate situation.

Blue will encourage you to pause, take a breath, and not react instantly to a not so favoured situation. It will help you gain some calm whereby you can get centred again and then decide on how you want to proceed.

So if you know you will be going to an event such as a family gathering that may be stressful, you may want to wear blue or carry turquoise with you. A blue scarf and a big smile regardless of who or what is before you will ensure a smoother experience.

Colour rocks!

May your world be coloured and brightly painted every shade of the rainbow.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Go Against the Grain: 5 Ancient Grains for Energy, Health and Vitality!

It's time we go against the grain!

Wheat isn't the only grain around folks. Aren't you bored of the same old same old? Let's shake things up and play with the bounty of our fields. We often get stuck on eating the same things, going to the same places and listening to the same tunes. Step off that paved path, try a different avenue, and fill your tummy with nutritional gold instead.

Wheat not only is overdone, but it is also a very highly genetically modified food (GMO) crop. The health risks of frankenstein foods like GMOs, is now a very hot topic in the nutrition and health world. Common sense alone would tell you that artificial and human altered food is detrimental to your health. Food always serves us best in its natural state.

Surprisingly, my big fat Italian family isn't so pasta crazy. We still eat with gusto and way more than we need to, but we're not the typical pasta addicted crew. However regular pasta isn't the only evil. WHEAT is in MANY packaged foods, sauces, canned foods, and baked goods. If you are going to eat packaged foods, READ the label and try to avoid products with wheat. Try gluten free or no wheat products for awhile. See what happens.

I didn't think I really had a wheat issue. I'm not allergic to it. But I don't feel my best when I eat it. Long term if I were to continue to eat it and ignore the symptoms I may develop a sensitivity and a more severe intolerance. That is how allergies/intolerances develop.

Overdo any food and you can develop an intolerance to it. Rotating foods becomes really important when you are planning your meals and diet.


5 YUMMY Grain Alternatives to Wheat

You can sprout these grains if you are on a raw diet. Cooked they replace wheat pastas, bread and other baked goods. These grains have more flavour, often described as nuttier in taste and will make wheat a bland taste of the past.

1) Quinoa- The king of the ancient grains for its high protein content and immense cornucopia of vitamins and minerals. Quinoa is delicious as a Pilaf or a great alternative to brown rice. It is gluten free, high in B vitamins, and Calcium.

One cup of cooked quinoa contains 30 milligrams of calcium. Quinoa also contains impressive quantities of potassium, magnesium and zinc, minerals that are crucial for heart, nerve and muscle function. It also has more fiber and is low on the glycemic, 2 things that will help you manage your insulin levels and ultimately your weight!

2) Millet- isn't just for the birds! Millet is gluten free and way more yummy than wheat. It is rich in B vitamins, slow burning carbs, and much more easy to digest than wheat. A whole cooked cup has only 207 calories. Its best feature is its HEART healthy attributes. It is a powerhouse for its magnesium content and that makes your heart and blood pressure happy campers. Magnesium is vital for lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the risk of a heart attack.

3) Spelt- This ancient grain does have gluten, but it differs from wheat because of its water solubility. Therefore, cooking it in water makes it not only easily digestible, but also its nutrient value is more easily assimilated. So you'll get those super B vitamins for energy and manganese for numerous body functions such as hormone production, immune support and liver enzyme production.

Just like Quinoa it boasts a unique flavour that goes beyond what white wheat could ever give you. Its digestibility also makes it noteworthy for its anti inflammatory properties. It won't stick or stay in the gut as long as wheat. Therefore it won't irritate the mucous lining of your intestines.

4) Kamut- This is the anti aging King of grains! It is high in antioxidants, namely Selenium and one serving provides about 120% of your daily needs. It is also super friendly for the male population because of its high Zinc content. Zinc is a mineral needed for sperm production and helps improve fertility. It does so by supporting the hormonal glands and their functional needs.

5) Amaranth- This is the other corn of Mexico. Mexicans are known for their el Maiz or corn, but they also love their amaranth. They make desserts, and really tasty amaranth cocoa snacks that makes any candy bar a shameful excuse for a chocolate treat. Amaranth is gluten free, has 3 times more fiber and 5 times more iron than wheat. Also compared to wheat, it beats it in Vitamins A and C, Calcium, and phosphorous content. You just can't go wrong with this one!

So let go of the wheat, and meet the other side. You will give your palette a new taste adventure, your heart something to beat proudly about and your tummy a digestive delight. The Ancients left us gifts from the earth. It's time we receive them :)



Thursday, April 5, 2012

One way to save huge BUCKS!

One of my goals this year is to really understand how money works and how I can work it to my best advantage.

So I started with the bucks I spend on a regular basis. Mainly my Starbucks. I had a great love affair with Mr. Bucks. We met as often as 3 times or more a week. He really seduced me with comfy couches, free wifi and oh soo many yummy drinks. I then caught on to his charming wit and WOKE UP and really smelled the cappuccino for what it was!

A hole in my pocket!

I was in denial about my latte factor habit. Actually I order soy cappucinos but I use the term because it was one I learned from Automatic Millionarie by David Bach. The latte factor isn't just about the bucks we spend at Starbucks, but the bucks we spend regularly on little things that go on to make significant dents in our wallets.

This is not about penny pinching to become rich. To become wealthy and abundant is whole other set of posts for another time. This rather, is learning and becoming AWARE of our connection to our habits and realizing we could spend those pennies in better more fulfilling ways.

So I sat down and recorded every single thing I spent for 7 days. I then made two lists from the big list. One side listed essential expenses, or the bigger things i.e phone, transportation, groceries, ect ect. The other list was the "small" things like cappuccinos, bottled water, gum, magazines, impulse buying, ect ect.


My Starbucks factor stood out the most! So I crunched the java beans and this is what I got:

3 Soy cappucinos /week = $4.50 x 3 = $13.50 ( some people buy these everyday!)

$13.50 x 4= $54 starbucks a month

$54 x 12= $648 Starbucks a year!

Now I don't order food there or anything else there. So all of you that have even one food item in addition to your coffee, is an added $2-3 bucks.

I wondered why I didn't really listen to Bach years ago when I read his book. I thought it was a cheapskate way to see money. Now it makes more sense. Pun intended.

So Starbucks I'm sorry but we need some time apart. The time has come where I choose to let go of the momentary pleasure for a bigger experience. I could go on so many places with this, but I will respect my young audience.

Anyyyyyyways, I also considered another aspect of this Starbucks habit. I had to realize my coffee habit isn't all too kind to my body anyhow. Kicking this addiction has been a struggle for many years. I'm not a huge coffee drinker like I used to be, but I still don't like the fact that I think I need to have it. However this year I'm really WILLING to CHANGE! That is difference.


Immense WILLING TO CHANGE + Consistent Effort (repeating the good thoughts and actions) + Massive Desire (my PURPOSE in life) = SUCCESS

So I have to give up some things in order to achieve success. My coffee habit was the first to go. I'm working on the rest of the list :)

I've really been on a learning binge about neuroscience and the mind lately, so it all ties in. The habit was reenforced because firstly I was unaware of the extent of my habit, I then needed to fess up to it, and then begin to implement other thoughts, good feeling ones to replace the old programming.

Then rinse, repeat, rinse repeat, rinse repeat. Until the old habit loses its neural strength and the new one becomes ME.

Money as everything else, is energy. It can be encouraged to grow in your life or it can be denied and limited. Our thoughts are HUGE when it comes to our financial situation in life. How we think about money will influence how we interact with it, how we use and how we attract or repel it.

I made it one of my huge objectives this year to learn all I can about managing it and using it in ways that would bring more joy in my life.

The extra $650 bucks I'll have by the end of 2012 is going to be put into my Peru trip fund. Donations are always welcome. ;)

I wish you much prosperity and many bucks in your pocket :)



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to "Clean Up the VIRUS" and Lose Weight!

I've been working in the wellness and health industry for over a decade. During my undergrad I lived in gyms more than my house. I worked there, I worked out there, I ate there and I worked some more. Throughout it all I've seen and read all the new studies, fads come and go and realized it was mostly BS and marketing ploys. I love to read and learn. So in anything I get into, I immerse my self entirely!

So I read everything about weight loss, weight gain, exercise principles, "new" programs for weight training, all the cardio blunders and theories and endless amounts of hype.

The one thing I did really believe in and maintain a strong belief was that 80% of your success is diet. If you have a pretty decent personal trainer, he/she probably mentioned this to you. It was my core belief right from the beginning of my start in all of this.

However, now I will take it a step even further. Yes diet is HUGE. Your body runs on food for fuel. So food will affect you chemically and that translates into HORMONAL reactions. That alone is what kept me entirely focused on keeping the diet "clean", yet another label used to market books, diets, and weight loss programs.

But there is something even deeper than your diet that is MANDATORY to address in the battle of the bulge.


99% of your success in ANYTHING you do begins in the mind! I don't care what "program" you try or how strict you eat. Because anyone can cut food groups out and lose weight. The question is can they keep it off if their MIND is still FAT?

If you aren't conscious as to why you eat in the first place how can you address this issue?

If you aren't conscious of your BELIEF system towards yourself , food and feeling GREAT than how can you address this issue?

If you maintain limiting beliefs, insecurities, DOUBT, and fear (and this goes for ANYTHING in your life) than how can you change your body or anything else for that matter, long term?

It's a 99% MIND game. Get this point and you win.

Can we agree our brains are like computers?

Your mind has been programmed since the time you were in the womb. By the time you are 7 your personality and character is already formed. Most of it comes from your immediate environment: Parents! T.V , schooling and the other kids you interacted with.

You go on to learn from your parents, higher educational institutions, the media. peers, work, colleagues, all the places you hang out in, and all the people you surround yourself with. That's quite a bit of programming. Some of it is good and some not.

The not so good is like a VIRUS! That VIRUS is playing in the background 24/7. So no wonder you can't "understand why you can't lose weight, you can't get ahead, you can't make more money, you can't, you can't, you can't!".

WE NEED TO CLEAN THE VIRUS before we "clean the diet".

How to play the game right:

1) Acknowledging the VIRUS- Take out paper and pen, sit your butt down and make the time to do this crucial review. Get real with yourself. Write down everything negative you tell yourself, and you have heard yourself say to others. "I can'ts" are a great start.

2) Admitting Limiting Beliefs - to yourself and higher Self. Now read that list, and say them to your higher power, this can be God, Universe, Ganesh, Gaia or whatever you call it. Tell your Higher Power you want their guidance and connection to release these thoughts and limitations.

3) Surrender your Limitations- Give up those things that aren't SERVING YOU. Completely let go of these thoughts, and completely feel you are offering them up and that it will be taken care of without your needing to fix it all by yourself.

4) FEELing and replacing with what you desire. Now you can begin to formulate better feeling thoughts. I'm not taking about "positive affirmations".

Instead, state what you do want, what you really desire. Go further. FEEL what it is you want. Come on you can use that imagination! Run wild with it. Imagine what it would be like to attain the weight loss or whatever you want in life. FEELING is energy and it is tremendously POWERFUL to get the mind on track!

Clean up the virus of your mind. The rest will work itself out.

Tell me your story. I'm always up for offering guidance any way I can.

Love and Light



Monday, April 2, 2012

How to Use the Power of Your Smile! -Life is Beautiful!

When you smile you engage 17 muscles in your face, and when you frown it takes 43. Why aren't you smiling more?

Watching urbanites in the downtown core, I often get a sense people have forgotten they can smile. So many times I've seen frowns, and wonder if it is a permanent irreversible phenomenon. However I tested this hypothesis and discovered that most often if you GIVE a smile first, you will 8 out of 10 times receive one back.

Begin with the goal to smile more often, even if you think you have nothing to smile about.

When you smile you engage not only muscles and nerve cells, but you also set off a POWERFUL cascade of chemical reactions in your body. EVEN if you don't think you have anything to smile about! It is almost like you are tricking the body, and it then changes chemically and boom you feel better almost INSTANTANEOUSLY!

I can hear the skeptics and naysayers out there. I'm not saying to fake a smile, or your happiness. I am saying CHANGE your perception of any disagreeable or less favourable situation that presents itself and smile with gratitude. We always have something we can muster a SMILE about. Always! It is your choice.

Some of my work brings me to engage with very low income individuals who are dealing with serious illness. I can't tell you how many of them smile for no reason, smile because they receive benefits and help, and truly are gracious for what they indeed already have, as little as it may appear to be.

Most don't come in frowning and with the attitude that everything is due to them. Many come in beaming, ready to learn and BE the joy they really are. It is truly the most inspiring and heart moving work I do. I can't help but SMILE when I see that genuine energy, and it is most humbling on so many levels.


Smiling is part of body language. You can travel to any place in the world, and find that smiling is your common thread. We don't need to know every language. We already are connected beyond words.

Here is how smiling will help you in work and play:

  • When you smile you give the signal that you are approachable. This is important in social interaction, relationships, business deals, interviews, and sales! It helps to offer an energy of positivity so that the ice so to speak is broken.

  • When you smile, you send off an energy that will encourage the other to mirror your action. This is NLP. So most often you will receive one back! Smiling becomes contagious, just like laughter can be.

  • When you smile you actually calm your nervous system down, thereby relaxing the stress response of your adrenals. Stress puts you in survival mode, and this can lead to adrenal burn out, chronic fatigue, and disease.

Smiling tells your body "I'm ok, it's safe and I am in a good place". Click! The body will get this! This is vital communication. Let me explain.

When your body receives that message it will respond by FEELING ok. Because your telling it things are good. Seems obvious, but we often don't do this because we think we CAN'T feel good.

Now your body gives your mind a return message saying "I feel good, everything is ok over here, and you don't have to THINK otherwise". This is how our mind and body work. As an inseperable team. I'm really simplifying the science behind this. Essentially there is constant communication and feedback of messages. So your BODY also HAS A MIND! This is so crucial to realize. Your body acts just like a mind. So your every thought, feeling and action (smiling) will AFFECT IT!

Isn't that so cool?!!!

This point alone should encourage you to smile from the moment you open your eyes till you lay back down to bed. The fact that you can change your own point of attraction, state or energy is HUGE. This means you are in POWER of your own feelings, and you get to choose what you desire to experience. The external circumstances can't take that smile away from you!

Do you get this?

Remember the movie La Vita e' Bella with the goofy yet loveable Roberto Benigni? That movie exemplifies my point entirely. He choose to smile, and give his son a different experience of the tragedy before their eyes. He could have frowned, cried, and settle into a victim state and died much earlier. Instead he choose to believe in his own power to create his OWN REALITY. And dismissed the external tortuous one.

His smile, made his son smile and this gave him reason to live. He didn't know if he would die or when. But he made the most of whatever was right before him. He became present and allowed his son to see the power of perception.

Start smiling. Trust me you look better that way too. :)



Sunday, April 1, 2012

6 Ways to be Forever Young.

Is the belt strap a little tighter this year? Do you see dark circles beginning to take permanent residence under your eyes? Are there a few more greys on the noggin? Did you hear your knees crack when you strained to bend over to pick up the groceries?

Your body is telling you something.

And for many it's SCREAMING for their attention. There are 2 specifics we need to address when we are looking to slow down the aging process. Aging can take its toll when you allow your mind to tell you that your "getting old", and when you don't take care of your physical self by neglecting its needs. So both your mental/emotional state and your physical state are involved here. Just as it is for everything in general.

Get off the couch.

Get off your vino, beer, fried food, creamy this and that, and late night binges on crap. Stop watching endless hours of TV or movies, to zone out and not deal.

Stop abusing your temple.

And PLEASE start glorifying it with awesome vibrant food that nourishes not only every cell in your body, but your higher Self, because you are gracious for it and so thankful you can nourish your body to do what it needs to do day in and day out. And your whole BEING does quite a lot every single day. Why would you compromise that?

5 Ways to slow down the aging Process:

We are told that the obvious signs of aging are inevitable. Your skin will sag, your belly will get mushy, your hair will grey and you just can't feel like you did when you were 20.


My 80 year old retired doctor still runs every single day, and will complete another half marathon this year.

EXCUSES will get you simply where you already are.

1) LOSE WEIGHT: Belly or midsection fat increases your risk for the number one killer- heart disease. As little as 10 pounds over your ideal weight, also ups your chances for diabetes, cancer, lung disease, and arthritis.

If your BMI (body mass index) is over the healthy range, and your waist to hip circumference is too high, DECIDE today to change that. Check out this link to measure your BMI now:

Genetics are not at fault. So stop blaming your mom or dad. Get moving to get oxygen in your body, clean up that atrocious diet, and make time for relaxation and meditation. That is the only formula. Diets are for dummies, and you are smarter than that.

2) SUNSCREEN- natural that is. Avoid commercial chemical based sunscreens as they may actually cause disease. Instead go for a brand that makes a natural based product. This link lists the safe and natural ones to buy:

Actually all you need is 15 minutes a day to get enough Vitamin D to meet your needs. Just make sure you do that between 7-10am. Anytime after that, cover, cover and cover yourself. Frying under the sun will just make you look like a baked potato sooner than you think. My 85 year old grandmother had hardly a line on her face. Sure there is a genetic component, but she always said she avoided the sun even as a young girl under the Sicilian sole mio.

3) Antioxidant rich foods: Pile up on organic blueberries, black berries, and strawberries. Also superfoods like maca, raw cacao, spirulina, marine phytoplakton, Goji berries, moringo fruit, sea buckthorn berries (supplement form) are some of the many that will address aging skin, arteries, and the whole body.

The phytochemicals and anti oxidant properties slow down and clear out free radical damage which is the inevitable by-product of oxidation in your body. The body needs more, because if it is in less optimal condition it will take longer to regenerate, assimilate and eliminate.

4) Meditation and stress management: You must incorporate some type of stress management program in your daily life. Meditation in the form of prayer, mindful sitting practice, visually guided practice and chanting are some of the many you can choose from. You need to get still, quiet and turn the outer world off. Meditation is proven to enhance brain function, balance blood pressure, improve sleep and relieve emotional and psychological upset. Just look at those Buddhist monks and you'll see such a clarity to their whole being.

5) Sleep: You need to get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted snooze time. Our brains depend on sound sleep in order to restore, regenerate and function at peak levels. The body actually only needs maybe 3 or 4 hours. So make it a habit to get to bed before 11 and shut off the TV, MP3, and DVD action at least half hour before bedtime.

6) EXERCISE: This can't be stressed enough and its pretty self explanatory by now. You gotta move it or you lose it. Energy creates energy. So if you keep saying "I'm so tired, I can't exercise, I just don't feel like it". Than sooner than you think, you won't be able to move from that couch to even the kitchen.

Exercise engages both the cardio vascular system and muscular skeletal system. Keep those moving and you keep your whole self moving. Exercise will also help you lose or maintain weight and you will truly FEEL younger. You'll be able to do things, and function at higher states. You'll also keep that bod sexy and improve the libido, and who can say no to that?

Your body is your temple!

We treat our cars better than we treat ourselves. We treat out pets with Burberry raincoats, and then we fail to support our own essential needs. We treat the new leather couch as if it were gold and then fail to recognize that every heart beat brings life to each and every one of our cells.

When will the excuses stop? If they don't, they will eventually stop you without warning. I'm not out to scare you. You ultimately have the choice. It all comes down to whether you will love yourself enough to change and treat yourself right.

To your longevity and youthfulness. Be forever young, bold, and HAPPY!