Monday, April 16, 2012

I cleaned out my closet, and then I grew wings.

I grew wings. I am experiencing an enormous shift in my life on so many levels. After a time of deep retreat this winter, I have emerged with a new focus and direction in my life. Many have complimented on the changes they see in me and so it's all the more confirmation it isn't just in my head. But I started within.

It isn't easy to be objective when it comes to one's own stuff. It truly can be one of the greatest challenges for us to admit our weaknesses, faults and "stuff". Our ego wants to be right and blame the other.

The Ego is the part of our psyche that needs to identify with form, such as "status" or a title. It needs confirmation from the external/material world to simply survive. That is why a spiritual therapist will say "go inwards" and find the voice within.

The answers do not lie outside ourselves.

They will not be found in your external world or circumstances. If you operate from the external than you have lost all your power. Do you get that? Saying things like "people can't be counted on, or it's my parent's fault I can't relate to them. Really? Maybe you have something to do with it? Think about it. Own your power to choose and create your life.

This is crucial to understand.

WE CREATE our lives, circumstances and experiences. Some of you may already have jumped to your negative critic voice and want to stop reading. But we CREATE IT ALL. You may not want to own that.

Because it would require you to take FULL responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions. It's easier to blame your Dad, then to forgive. It's easier to blame your boss or co worker instead of having the courage to find better work or actually follow your real passion.

It's easier to blame governments and the big "money hungry" capitalists instead of taking action and DOING something in your life.

It's time we all grow wings.



Don't go looking for happiness in another person or relationship. Don't go looking for happiness in money. Don't go looking for happiness OUTSIDE yourself. Start just where you are, and begin to practice gratitude.

Gratitude - One of the most POWERFUL life changing practices around!

My personal rebirth began this past February when I truly took stock of my life. I began to practice gratitude. Only this time with my full intention and with every cell and atom of my being.

I began to see how truly blessed I AM. I used to have this "not enough" perception. I didn't have enough talent, knowledge, friends, money, possessions, and on and on. I felt a great sense of lack. It wasn't until I literally went through an unassuming clean out of my closets, drawers, and space that I realized how much I really do have.

Then the gratitude got DEEPER!

From that material realization, I then moved on and used the same process on other areas of my life.

So I started writing all kinds of lists.

I wrote lists of amazing people that have come into my life and still are in my life.

I wrote out a very LONG list of all the amazing teachers and learning opportunities I've been given.

I kept writing and listed all the blessings of health I've been given and enjoy. I wrote lists and lists that filled notebooks and kept me up late at night in awe realizing HOW MUCH I ALREADY HAVE!

If you haven't done this, I highly recommend this exercise.

Just write lists of everything you love in your life.

List all the people that have given you love and guidance, all the blessings of health and wealth. Do this over and over and over again and you will grow wings too.

You will fly knowing you are powerful, guided and so ABUNDANT. We all can SOAR when we know how truly amazing we are.

I'm soaring to new heights and I'm finding a new flock to fly with. Come with me!

Would love to hear your stories of gratitude.

Love and Light,




  1. Great blog post as always. May you continue to fly to new heights - I'm with you all the way of the journey :)


    1. Thank you Jay! It is really awesome to receive support and encouraging words. My plan is to make many of my wishes come true! All the best to you too!