Thursday, April 5, 2012

One way to save huge BUCKS!

One of my goals this year is to really understand how money works and how I can work it to my best advantage.

So I started with the bucks I spend on a regular basis. Mainly my Starbucks. I had a great love affair with Mr. Bucks. We met as often as 3 times or more a week. He really seduced me with comfy couches, free wifi and oh soo many yummy drinks. I then caught on to his charming wit and WOKE UP and really smelled the cappuccino for what it was!

A hole in my pocket!

I was in denial about my latte factor habit. Actually I order soy cappucinos but I use the term because it was one I learned from Automatic Millionarie by David Bach. The latte factor isn't just about the bucks we spend at Starbucks, but the bucks we spend regularly on little things that go on to make significant dents in our wallets.

This is not about penny pinching to become rich. To become wealthy and abundant is whole other set of posts for another time. This rather, is learning and becoming AWARE of our connection to our habits and realizing we could spend those pennies in better more fulfilling ways.

So I sat down and recorded every single thing I spent for 7 days. I then made two lists from the big list. One side listed essential expenses, or the bigger things i.e phone, transportation, groceries, ect ect. The other list was the "small" things like cappuccinos, bottled water, gum, magazines, impulse buying, ect ect.


My Starbucks factor stood out the most! So I crunched the java beans and this is what I got:

3 Soy cappucinos /week = $4.50 x 3 = $13.50 ( some people buy these everyday!)

$13.50 x 4= $54 starbucks a month

$54 x 12= $648 Starbucks a year!

Now I don't order food there or anything else there. So all of you that have even one food item in addition to your coffee, is an added $2-3 bucks.

I wondered why I didn't really listen to Bach years ago when I read his book. I thought it was a cheapskate way to see money. Now it makes more sense. Pun intended.

So Starbucks I'm sorry but we need some time apart. The time has come where I choose to let go of the momentary pleasure for a bigger experience. I could go on so many places with this, but I will respect my young audience.

Anyyyyyyways, I also considered another aspect of this Starbucks habit. I had to realize my coffee habit isn't all too kind to my body anyhow. Kicking this addiction has been a struggle for many years. I'm not a huge coffee drinker like I used to be, but I still don't like the fact that I think I need to have it. However this year I'm really WILLING to CHANGE! That is difference.


Immense WILLING TO CHANGE + Consistent Effort (repeating the good thoughts and actions) + Massive Desire (my PURPOSE in life) = SUCCESS

So I have to give up some things in order to achieve success. My coffee habit was the first to go. I'm working on the rest of the list :)

I've really been on a learning binge about neuroscience and the mind lately, so it all ties in. The habit was reenforced because firstly I was unaware of the extent of my habit, I then needed to fess up to it, and then begin to implement other thoughts, good feeling ones to replace the old programming.

Then rinse, repeat, rinse repeat, rinse repeat. Until the old habit loses its neural strength and the new one becomes ME.

Money as everything else, is energy. It can be encouraged to grow in your life or it can be denied and limited. Our thoughts are HUGE when it comes to our financial situation in life. How we think about money will influence how we interact with it, how we use and how we attract or repel it.

I made it one of my huge objectives this year to learn all I can about managing it and using it in ways that would bring more joy in my life.

The extra $650 bucks I'll have by the end of 2012 is going to be put into my Peru trip fund. Donations are always welcome. ;)

I wish you much prosperity and many bucks in your pocket :)



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