Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to use COLOUR to enhance your ENERGY and Wellness!

Add a dash of colour to anything and watch it come alive. Add even more and your world gets a heck of lot more fun!

Whether it's in a film like Avatar, on a bare wall with a Van Gough, Dorothy's red shoes down the yellow brick road, a spicy tumeric curry making your rice pilaf a golden delight, or the multitude of coloured dyes thrown in showers of rainbows during the Indian Holi Festival, colour definitely impacts our mood, and enhances well being.

Colour studies have been done for decades. Especially for the marketplace. In restaurants it's done to a science as to which colour enhances appetite more and will make you spend more out of your pocket.

We can use colour in numerous and profound ways in our daily life. What we wear does say and signal alot about our character and our personality. Do you know what your clothing says about you? your energy and message?

You have probably heard the expression "Oh she can pull that colour or pattern off so well!". And when she does wear that colour, it not only affects her own state, but also who and what she attracts into her life. Colour may allow us to connect to better circumstances and synchronicities.

Everything is energy, remember? You, me, the wall, the chair your sitting on, your car, the rocks in your backyard and EVERYTHING else. And that is a proven fact now!

To some degree we may be unconscious of what we are emitting outwardly and what we are taking in from the colours that surround us. So becoming conscious will help us project better intentions. And that goes for every aspect of our lives. So why leave COLOUR out? ;)

Colour truly has IMPACT!

You may walk into a room with red walls, and develop a very uptight feeling or sense of uneasiness. The longer you stay in there, the more intense the feeling and it may turn into outright anger.

Red can have this affect, as Feng shui suggests it may arouse passion and anger. So you often won't see red walls in homes or medical offices, or spas. A spa wants to invoke a sense of calm, tranquility and place to find some serenity. So often shades of light green are used as these create a healing vibe.

So pay attention to what you wear. The colours you choose will affect your own energy, and the energy of those you ATTRACT. Here is a small sample guide as to what each colour can offer you:

Red: Conveys ACTION, confidence and courage. It often will express a strong extroverted personality, sure of herself and holding a powerful demeanor. It will definitely send out a strong signal of strength and power.

When to put red in your life: You want to feel more confident, express authority or assertiveness. When you want to present yourself as bold and dynamic, and in females red may elicit a sexual signal and trigger arousal in men.

* Caution with this one on walls as it may create aggression or trigger anger. Red also denotes a sense of authority or prestige, like the Red Carpet at the Oscars or a red throne for a Queen. So for that first interview you may not want to pull out the red shirt for the VP sitting across from you. Intimidation just may not be the best tactic.

Black: Isn't really a true colour, but more a shade. Black absorbs light, and therefore is referred to as being the shade that absorbs energies of people, places or things. So wearing all black isn't reccomended on a consistent basis. Where lighter shades uplift and bring more inviting energies to you.

Black conveys a sense of secrecy or a desire to conceal oneself. Females tend to say that "black hides everything", meaning their perceived body imperfections and often is used in our wardrobe to appear slimmer. So in fact we use black to hide ourselves.

When to wear black: Try to break up your out fit by adding some colour to basic black pants or shirts. That way you aren't a magnet for every energy that passes your way. If you want to appear mysterious, and are going to a party or social event where you may not feel like revealing yourself, and need that protection black may be appropriate. For example it may be a day that you want to remain conspicous and not draw attention and need less from others, so black will help.

Caution: Wearing all black, or too often as in daily, becomes very restrictive to our energies and personal Prana or Life Force. The Life force is pure light and the opposite to this colour. Keep that in mind, when you are trying to elevate your vitality and vibrancy in energy. Black can literally deaden you long term.

White: White is also not a true colour, it actually is ALL colours coming together. It is the complete energy of light and conveys completeness and wholeness. White will express integration of energies and offer a sense of elevation to the one who wears it.

Often in the healing energy arts world, those who practice wear white. In , religious/spiritual ceremonies, priests, ministers, deacons, monks, and yogis will wear it to symbolize the union of spirit and oneness of the life force energy that permeates everything and everyone.

When to wear white: When you want to clear your energy blocks, when you feel stuck, or uncertain, or unclear about the direction of your life. White is like the Light of our essence and will bring clarity to confusion, uncertainty and will dissolve fear like no other. It truly works!

Personal Note:

I used to wear black all the time and found it was the most "complimentary". I stopped doing that. I've got a butt and I'm now content with it. Done with the nonsense of disliking apparent "flaws". It really weighed me down and I often felt so tired as compared to when I began wearing more colour. So I still wear some black, much less and I always wear a bright scarf, or piece of jewellery or shoes to balance the energy.

I found that black really deadened the inner child and artist in me. The moment I started wearing more colour I felt more alive, and the flow of my creativity greatly improved!

Green: symbolizes growth, increase, expansion and abundance. It is also the colour which enhances healing and restoration. With green you also can support periods of change and transformation which rely upon growing and processing new things.

When to wear or use green: When embarking on a new path, starting a new project, desiring CHANGE in your life and needing the support to transform from the old self to the new Self. Green will balance any doubt or fear and invoke a very stable sense of energy to yourself, and your environment.

Green is also good for times when you are HEALING and desire to have less of a healing crisis. It helps us to transition from a less than optimal state, to the desired new state we deserve.

Violet/Purple: is a combination of red and blue and is my FAVOURITE colour!

These contrasting colours bring a balanced dynamic between the active red energy and the more cooling and passive essence of blue. It reminds me of the ying/yang symbol, because it embodies the energetic quality of dynamic contrast and similarity all in one!

This is the colour of the crown chakra, which connects us to the universal consciousness. Violet thus will invoke imagination, creativity, and very heightened sense of INSPIRATION. You will find your spiritual connection to Source enhanced in a way that allows you to communicate more openly and with greater clarity.

When to wear or use Violet: Violet clothing, gems and crystals are highly indicated when you want to improve your imagination, your ability to channel higher energies and healing. Or when you want to remove obstacles, and calm overactivity or elevate a depressed state. In essence it can re balance your connection to source and thus improve psychic or our sixth sense of intuition.

Yellow: represent intellectual and creative energies. Yellow symbolizes wisdom, and knowing. It also conveys joy and happiness on the emotional/feeling scale. It "brightens" up our day, our mood and state. It encourages the intellect and left sided part of our brain to function more acutely and efficiently.

When to wear or use yellow: When you want to look like a banana! Kidding. :) Yellow really works when you need to make important decisions like signing contracts, accepting new positions at work, deciding on a new business venture or partner.

It will also sharpen concentration and memory skills. So periods where performance is key, like analytical work, taking exams and tests for school or work would be greatly enhanced. Also when a risk of burn out from intellectual work is eminent, yellow will help support and fuel the adrenals and help ease these intense periods.

Blue: has calming properties and often will be used in nuseries or in the babies room in the home. It brings a sense of tranquility and soothes nervous tension. Artists use blue to create distance such as in deep blue skies.

When to wear or use blue: Blue opposes red , and often can balance an angered state or a period of intense agression. When you want to gain greater perspective on an issue, and need to distance yourself from an immediate situation.

Blue will encourage you to pause, take a breath, and not react instantly to a not so favoured situation. It will help you gain some calm whereby you can get centred again and then decide on how you want to proceed.

So if you know you will be going to an event such as a family gathering that may be stressful, you may want to wear blue or carry turquoise with you. A blue scarf and a big smile regardless of who or what is before you will ensure a smoother experience.

Colour rocks!

May your world be coloured and brightly painted every shade of the rainbow.


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