Friday, April 20, 2012

5 ways to UNBLOCK your inner creative and make magic in your life!

Ever feel like you are just going through the motions in life? Nothing seems in colour or 3D, and just plain flat and drab?

It could be a sign of a neglected inner creative wanting some attention and playtime. Your inner creative needs some TLC and so often we forget we even have one! We all have one. Never forget that.

I've heard friends, clients and loved ones say I'm not "artistic " or I am the left sided "type" who could never draw or play any kind of music, you just have to be "born that way". I'll leave the Lady Gaga jokes out for now, and disagree with that attitude. You are born "that way". You just need to let it feel safe and GOOD in order for it to come out and play.

Play is so important, and so undervalued in our society. We live to work and when we aren't working we think that just going out for drinks, or spending quality time with loved ones is play time. Uh think again. You need to spend time solo and have fun doing something you wouldn't normally do and gets you a little out of your comfort zone and still is FUN. Tricky? Not really.

You just may be blocked from imagining what that kind of fun could be. You just may not be spending enough "quality" time with yourself. And the biggest blocks are unresolved issues, emotional "stuff" and baggage.

So here are 5 "blocks" you need to address before your creative Self can create magic in your work, relationships and life:

1) Self Criticism/Judgement:

This is something we all have done and do to some degree, and the biggest block to artists all around. We sometimes can be our worst enemy. When we constantly engage in negative self talk, we truly are sending harmful messages to not only our body's cells, but to our mind and soul.

It is almost akin to abusing a small child. We can consider our inner creative as being our inner child. Would you hurt an innocent child who is just looking for some loving attention? No. So why can't we treat ourselves with as much compassion, and understanding? Once you do, the inner creative feels SAFE and then can come out to play without LIMITATIONS!

2) Unresolved disputes:

In other words, not forgiving self and others. Forgiveness is a huge healing action we can take to truly unblock our creative. Forgiveness dissolves past hurt, anger, and connects us on a deep level to our capacity to grant compassion to others. Especially to those we feel have wronged us. When we forgive, we let go of the baggage and free up the channels of creative energy. We then ALLOW for more space to be made for greater clarity and connection to our inner selves. Just let go, and let God.

3) Not Paying Attention:

The power of the present moment is unquestionably significant when it comes to creating anything in our lives. If we don't pay attention to our feelings, our words, and our interactions with others, we risk losing the precious connection to security and trust in our life.

When we pay attention we also can see more of the details and not take even what seems "subtle" for granted. When we place attention on the things that we desire, we in fact are also creating a connection to it. In this very act we can trigger amazing inspiration and great feeling vibes that help nurture and allow that inner creative a medium to express itself.

4) Guilt: is a huge BLOCK!

It denies your inner voice the ability to feel worthy of expression and hence will defeat any attempt at creating anything in your life.

Guilt has a very heavy energy that often leads to self deprecation and when you don't feel "good enough" you just can't create from a place of prosperity and true inspiration. Guilt creates a powerless state, much like blame outlined next. Our inner creative can't vibe with powerlessness and thus will retreat out of fear it will be rejected and criticized

5) Blame: is related to guilt and creates the victim mentality. We blame others when we can't own our "stuff". Blaming our parents, x-partner, or the government for what we think is wrong, can never create a safe ground for creativity. Our inner creative is a free spirit, one who wants to love without borders and boundaries and the blame game certainly get in its way to do this.

The reality is, the inner creative is truly the star of the show when it comes to living life to the grandest and fullest. How is it playing out in your life?

Leaving it backstage or worse, out of the whole production truly creates a depleted state and unfulfilled dreams. Give that inner creative the space to venture forward and feel it's authentic power. You must create that for it. No one else can do it for you.

I know you can ;)

Love and Light



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