Monday, April 16, 2012

How the Artist Way is creating MAGIC in my life!

I'm sparking like never before! I really feel like I'm giving off ELECTRICITY! I love that word! I'm using it now in my life like never before.

I'm sparking new creative ideas and concepts in all areas of my life.

I attribute part of this transformation to a number of things that have come into my life lately. I didn't quite take the law of attraction as seriously as I could have. Now, all that has changed. I changed my thoughts, and now my life has taken a whole new colour of awesomeness.

I'm sparking!

I went for a walk a few months back, in an area outside my own neighbourhood. I was helping a friend with pet/house sitting and I came across a sign that read "Artist Way group starting soon". I grabbed the invitation. The Universe was talking LOUDLY and directly at me.

Years ago I had bought the well known book, "The Artist Way" by the phenomenal author and artist Julia Cameron, but I never completed it. I tried a few times, and would get to week 3 and then put it aside.

I decided to change.

I choose to make the effort and commit to this. Knowing how much I love working with people and in a team, completing this course with a group is such a BLESSING! It's only week 2 and it already is exceeding my expectations!

I'm ecstatic with this group and for making the effort to do this. It's a great group of 9 creative souls coming together to learn, grow and inspire each other to believe we can surpass any limitation.

3 women in the group have done the course numerous times, and are PROOF it works and that they KNOW how to WORK it! So I've met some great mentors! The big goal is to overcome our inner CRITIC or the negative MIND. The rest just works out.

This time I know I'm not only COMPLETING it, I'll be doing it again and again.

What will the Artist Way course do for you ?

  • Allow you to unblock the immense power of your creative inner Self
  • Teach you powerful and effective TOOLS that are proven to help you create from your deeper essence
  • Gives you SPIRITUAL FOOD for your creative artist and it's desires
  • A way to work through your "stuff" so that your "stuff" isn't in YOUR Artist's Way ;)
  • MASSIVE inspiration and GUIDANCE to nurture your FAITH in yourself and your amazing TALENTS
  • Help you deeply honour, trust and respect YOUR process, and create an authentic LIFE

And much much more!

I already can attest to the benefits and its only week 3 for me! I feel clearer, more productive, and a greater sense of creative flow threading into all areas of my life.

I'm attracting new people, business connections, opportunities in my career life and more confidence in my writing. I know there is much more to work through and by the end of the 12 weeks, my goal is to have the first chapter of my book written.

Have you tried the Artist way? Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear about your experience!!

If you haven't heard of this book, check this out

Please message me!

Love and Light,



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