Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Find Your Strength Within the Pain of Loss.

Can there be joy within the pain of loss?


There can be massive joy in the deepest of our sorrows. It is buried beneath our unwillingness to let go of the expectations, the certainty or the knowing of HOW things must be, turn out or develop.

It is buried within the feeling that we may be left alone, without and a huge sense of unfairness.

Does this mean, that if we suffer a loss we shouldn't feel deep sadness or grief? No.

It is a natural thing to feel love and connection to people that we adore and who mean a lot in our lives. But it is the degree to which we hang on to that suffering, and the length that is more significant.

In death there is always rebirth. Please remember that. Rebirth for all. As intense as it may be to lose someone we deeply love, there is an opportunity to truly understand that statement. With time, and with our full willingness we can come to a place of our own internal compassion and feel how VAST that love is within us.

When we grieve, we are in a sense feeling a personal pain around loss. It is a selfish act. Not in a negative sense, but more a very logical ego sense. We mourn not only the person who has gone, but our void and fear of not knowing how we will get through in one piece.

How will we face another day without sleep? How will we get through the feelings of confusion, injustice and the anger that accompany all that? How can we face the reality we won't have that person by our side, perhaps defending us when no one else will and their love to share which always makes us smile?

Loss isn't the easiest. I've been there.

But it is part of our dharma in life - or purpose. It teaches us how tender our hearts can be. How much compassion we have within the depths of our being.

When you touch this place, when you actually ALLOW yourself to feel the rawness of this pain without judgement, fear or feeling injustice, you come to realize that this too is a part of your compassionate essence.

Also, the pain is not permanent. It will not destroy you. If you allow it, it will allow you a space to feel your vulnerability. That is one of the best gifts loss delivers. If you allow yourself to surrender to it, you experience the very strength that is ALWAYS within you.

You come to realize your Core Connection. That nothing will leave you alone. That nothing is big enough to extinguish that innate potential to heal and keep healing. Feeling that vulnerability grants you this immense opportunity. You come out KNOWING, not theorizing, that you are powerful, always loved and supported.

Nothing can be greater than awakening and truly experiencing the immensity of our compassionate heart.


It brings you beyond the level of feeling your humanity. It is a connection that allows you to travel with full awareness of the magnificence of WHO YOU ARE.

Death will happen in your life. This is inevitable. The pain will surface, and re surface for some time. It is in itself a journey. One where you can find the strength you never thought you ever could have mustered for yourself.

Imagine that!!!

You finding YOUR own strength by YOUR very own effort.

You have the opportunity to become so immensely aware of how STRONG and capable you are of living this thing we call life.

Once you learn that, and once you heal from the sorrow, you resurrect a new you. Just as your loved one resurrected into a better form and place! You will realize your strength to carry on, and keep loving. You will realize that nothing is more important than love and loving.

The best part is, you will appreciate LOVE and your new found relationship with the act of LOVING in such a deep, and immensely fulfilling way. You will appreciate more in life, and gain a deeper perspective on WHAT TRULY MATTERS here on this planet.

What may feel like destruction is actually a formidable way to reach a new level of loving.

Nothing can be more valuable than that.

Without loving what do we have here?

Love and light,



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