Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to RISE from a FALL! 3 KEY Ways to get back on your feet

We stumble, we trip, and we can fall. SO WHAT?!

That didn't stop Edison on his 999 time attempting to create the light bulb.

That didn't stop Sylvestor Stallone after 200 auditions, and big fat NOs in his face.

That didn't stop YOU when you were learning to walk, and got up and tried a few more steps again and again and again.

The perception that a "mistake" or achieving a goal is failure is just that- a perception.

Shift it.

We need to look at things from a different angle. There are an infinite number of possibilities in this universe. Why do we get stuck on that one thing that didn't pan out exactly like we thought would be best.

Maybe it wasn't the best possible outcome. MAYBE just maybe, there is something BETTER!

That is a tremendous REALIZATION in my own life. Something doesn't work, or a mistake is made and it can feel like nothing else is possible. CHALLENGE that feeling and thinking. Because it is FACT that potentials in this universe are LIMITLESS.

We can't see every possibility because the vastness of the living matrix is hard for us to comprehend entirely. So this is where it gets tricky. BUT so SIGNIFICANT. We must call upon a dear and most misunderstood friend we have...


You need to believe beyond what you see with your eyes, feel with your hands and hear with your ears. That is the meaning of FAITH.

FAITH requires a great sense of self trust. That is not a theoretircal lesson. It is learned and practiced till we EXPERIENCE the power of FAITH and BELIEF.

And that my friends, requires doing the INNER work. For nothing in your outer existence can manifest without something happening FIRST within you! Do you get that?

We need to stop trying to comb the image we see in the mirror. Take the comb and fix your own image, in order to see a new and desired one reflecting back at you. We keep trying to "fix" and change our outer circumstances and then miss the mark entirely.

Change YOUR own state by changing YOUR thoughts and then your OUTER world changes to reflect that. Its an INSIDE out job. Not the other way around!

3 Steps to bounce back from a stumble:

1) STOP: to SHIFT and take note of what isn' working. So in essence you check in and take stock of what you are sitting in. You need to see how far deep your stuck in your "mud". Then you can plan the way out. ALSO what is key is taking a moment to stop and BREATH. The breath is your life force. Give up on the breath, and life gives up on you!

2) Take ACTION quickly- Once you shift your thoughts, your feelings will automatically follow and change too. Now you take ACTION.

The Key to ACTION:

Take positive action(s) that leave you feeling better than before is the KEY!! It may actually mean doing something completely UNRELATED and that TAKES CARE OF YOU.

So you may just leave the challenge and go for a walk on the boardwalk. Or if you love art you might take the afternoon and go to an art gallery and get lost in the beauty of what you see there. Once you move your energy in a better feeling way, then you can build UPON that by taking other actions to then address the challenge. You then can build momentum again, and try it with a different perspective.

You cannot create a better direction from a "bad" place in ANYTHING you do.

3) Ask for guidance/mentor- We have such a hard time asking for help. Get over that. Ask people you know and trust for their view. Another may offer you a more objective standpoint and you may be surprised to realize something can be seen in a whole new Light.

Then ask MORE people. Ask people you bank with, friends of friends, your realtor, your librarian, and business owners you deal with. The list is really endless. ASK ASK ASK. For then you are given :)

AND ask your Higher Power. That is the most powerful guide you have 24/7. Never forget that.

Seeing you on your feet again and again and again,



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