Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to Face Your Fear and be FREE


F E A R !

The word alone may conjure up feelings of uneasiness and dread. Fear usually is an experience of feeling a loss of control and sense of insecurity.

Fear is not knowing the certainty of a future outcome. It also may be based on a past memory of an event that may have left you feeling a lack of control.

So here we are fearing something that happened already, or hasn't even occurred! Essentially something that doesn't even exist RIGHT NOW.


What does fear do? It really is trying to protect you and keep you from danger. It's your EGO or the superficial self that is trying so desperately to hang on, so that it doesn't lose its identity.

How does fear feel?



Holding on




Growing Smaller

So what is the opposite of this state?


Love is the complete opposite of FEAR!

Love is expansive, open, available, allowing, growth, SAFE and infinitely available.

FEELING your FEAR will allow it to dissipate and crumble right before you.


Because the moment you STOP and just feel the emotion or feeling of fear, you come to the PRESENT.

Or the NOW, and this is PURE FEELING. This is feeling whatever is going on in your body, not through your mind, but just through the body and inner self.

Eventually if you hang in long enough the feeling seemingly dissipates like a MIRACLE. Stay with the feeling and whatever sensation you experience in your body. Being with it allows you to walk through and come to your CORE essence which is PURE safety, and Love. And once you connect, the fear vanishes. It has to, because your source energy is far greater than anything.

This takes persistence and courage. AND once you make this a routine part of your daily life, it gets easier and easier. AND you encounter less and less situations of pain or fear.


1) Stop and get right into your body and FEEL all the sensations present there. Feel your feet, legs, pelvis, torso, heart center, throat, arms, neck and head. Get right into places where you feel pain or constriction. What is happening?

2) LET GO of the story about the fear! Those are cellular memories that continue to paralyze you with fear. We have years and years of stored feelings and memories in our cells and whole being. Engaging in thoughts REINFORCES these cellular memories.

GET right into your body and feel it without your MIND and thought patterns. So whatever thought of past or future TRIGGERED the feeling of fear, become detached from it and OBSERVE it rather than let it be your IDENTITY.

3) BREATH- The only gateway to letting go of the MIND and coming to the PRESENT moment. The experience of PURE feeling will allow you to disengage from cellular memories and actually DISSOLVE them!

Face your fear and live the FREEDOM you deserve!

Love and Light always!



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 Superfoods You need to EAT RIGHT NOW for health, energy and longevity


seems to be the big buzz word dominating the holistic nutrition field. Superfoods are foods that ounce for ounce pack the most nutritional value for your daily needs for antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Most are plant based and therefore will also supply you with Phytochemicals, which are particular antioxidant rich substances exclusively found in plants.

Superfoods also provide pure source nutrition meaning that you are not getting segmented nutrients such as those found in multi vitamin and minerals substance. With Superfoods you get the vitamins and all the other components you need to absorb, assimilate and metabolize them.

My motto for nutrition is : Food First, Supplements Secondary

So eat whole foods, mainly fruits and vegetables at every meal. This provides the solid foundation for getting the fuel your body needs to stay energized, young and brimming with health.

Then only use supplements to fill in the gaps on days when you can't get all the foods you need. Or if you have a particular ailment or disease then supplementation becomes more critical. But again a clean diet is first and the foundation for any therapy or protocol you adopt.

10 Superfoods You Must Include in Your Diet:

1) Kale
By far one of the best green leafy vegetables you can consume. High in phytochemical power, antioxidants particularly beta carotene and Vitamin C. It is rich in fiber and contains sulforaphane (particularly when chopped or minced), a chemical believed to have potent anti-cancer properties.

2) Berries Contain some of the highest amounts of antioxidants of all foods. They are low in sugar, and high in fiber making them very carb friendly especially for those suffering with diabetes or insulin resistance.

3) Flax Oil and Flaxseeds:
Flax is brimming with a powerhouse of phytochemicals called lignans. Lignans are powerful antioxidants that have been proven to fight breast cancer in numerous medical studies. Flaxseed is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids which assist in the reduction of inflammation and also in the prevention of heart disease. Buy whole seeds and grind them just before you sprinkle them on salads, soups, oatmeal and rice.

4) Broccoli
A cruciferous vegetable and huge cancer fighter. It also contains sulforaphane and helps in the prevention of cancer and degenerative disease.

5) Garlic
A powerful antioxidant that contains a potent component called allicin. Has been proven to fight and treat colds providing the same action of antibiotics without all the nasty side effects :) Helps lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and increase overall immunity.

6) Cinnamon,Tumeric, Ginger, Basil
These are the powerhouse herbs you should be using daily when cooking your delicious and healthy meals. All are warming, full of antioxidants and pure cancer fighters! They also help clean the blood, and act as detoxifiers for the whole body. Ginger is particularly useful for digestion and will help relieve digestive upset. Cinnamon has been proven to regulate sugar and thus keeps insulin at balanced levels. Tumeric is the powerhouse of anti inflammatory action for the whole body. Tumeric also has been studied for its effects on the prevention of degenerative disease.


7) Quinoa
This is the new oatmeal. Its even better than those scottish oats you've been eating. It has NO GLUTEN, higher in PROTEIN, easily digestible, a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, and cooks in less time! Will provide lasting energy for workouts or just long hectic days.

8) Artichokes
Artichokes are one of the best foods for making your liver happy. They help with bile production and overall detoxification of the liver. They are also considered great blood cleansers. Artichokes contain bitter properties that help the body also digest, break down and assimilate the food you eat. They are high in fiber, iron, antioxidants and minerals.

9) Sweet potatoes
One of the best sources of clean unprocessed carbs you can include in your daily diet. They are a rich source of beta carotene which is one of the biggest powerhouse antioxidants out there. They are easily digested and provide fiber and thus are lower than white potatoes in terms of the glycemic index. Great for a post workout meal to refuel your glycogen needs.


10) Onions:
Onions contain as much as 150 phytochemicals. In particular quercetin a flavnoid, helps eliminate free radicals in the body, protects and regenerates Vitamin E, and helps reduce cholesterol. Onions help build up the blood and overall immunity function. Great for prevention of colds, flus, and overall detoxification.

Time to get cooking!

Love and Light


Thursday, May 20, 2010

5 Things You Can do to Improve your Digestion!


IBS, gas, bloating, constipation, colitis, diverticulitis, diarrhea, Crohn's, indigestion, heart burn, abdominal cramping, and the list goes on and on for digestive disorders and disease.

It's almost "normal" to encounter these chief complaints in the patients I see in my daily practice. I would say 8 out of every 10 people I see will report a digestive malady of some sort. Some are as minor as mild food intolerances to others being in the throws of a very progressed disease state such as diverticulitis or colon cancer.

The 3 main things to address when preventing and treating digestive disorders are the following:

  1. Diet/Lifestyle- What you eat, how you eat it ( do you continuously eat on the run?) , how much exercise and which type, habits like smoking, excessive drinking, drugs, not sleeping enough, and overworking all contribute to digestive health or lack there of.
  2. Stress- From work stress, to relationship conflicts, to environmental toxins , the body is constantly bombarded with increasing demands to regenerate, and detoxify and handle it all. Stress comes in the form of mental, emotional and physical. Left unchecked it is a primary contributor to digestive problems.
  3. Spiritual Connection- Loss of a connection to your Higher Self or power can leave you depleted and ungrounded. When you are not Core Connected you are acting out of the EGO and not your truth. The abdomen is the center of "will power" and personal truth and strength. Denying this denies you the security to feel in power of your reality. The gut is the center of courage and self confidence. Digestive disorders often are symptoms that you are not living your truth and instead are living in a fear or survival mode.


However there are SOULutions!!

1. CUT OUT ALL PROCESSED FOOD: clean up the diet and you help your body by giving it less crap to deal with (excuse the pun). This means no junk food, and no products in packages or cartons.

2. Eliminate DAIRY: at least for the initial period of cleansing and getting the body balanced. Dairy is very mucous forming and just clogs up the whole system. Switch to rice or almond milk as alternatives.

3. Lemon Water and ginger! : First thing upon rising begin your day with a warm glass of water with grated ginger and fresh lemon juice. This helps wake up the system and gets the metabolism in gear for the day's digestive demands. This is one of the best ways to encourage your liver to function optimally!

4. Exercise! Find something you enjoy. Thats really the bottom line. I could sit here and tell you how amazing kettle bells are or how much I love power yoga, but really doing what your body mind and soul enjoy is the key. Walking, hiking and anything outdoors though needs to be emphasized here. Whatever gets you in contact with the natural environment really is important for core connection. When you engage with the natural world, you come back to your natural self which came from the earth. Just sitting on grass and feeling the ground beneath you is therapeutic because we resonate so well with it.
5. MEDITATE or practice some form of mind/ body/soul practice DAILY : Ie tai chi, qui gong, prayer, mantra chanting, pranayama (breath work). Connecting to your inner core is essential to heal and relieve the body from the massive amount of thinking and mind activity we do. The mind will continually do its thing and if we don't become aware that we are more than that we will get sucked right into its illusive game. So meditate to go inwards and find the connection to the real, inner truth you hold. The real you :)

I wish you great blessings and health, and happy happy digestion :)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to "Clear" your Energy to feel physical strength, emotional stability and mental clarity now!

As of late I have been concentrating more and more my focus on shamanic healing. Shamanism is the centuries old practice of energy healing. Most of the energy medicine practiced today stems from this foundation.

A Shaman is the original wounded healer. To practice shamanism is to see the "Light" amongst the darkness. A Shaman feels, sees, hears, moves, tastes and intuitively knows how to use energy to heal and clear stuck karmic patterns of disease, or suffering.

Those called to this vision must endure their own cleansing and journey of healing and self growth. It often becomes a matter of healing through the practice of sharing their light and energy with others. Also the Shaman learns to awaken to her darkness as well as to her Light. Embracing and owning all of that liberates her to truly realize the healer within.

Much of what needs to be done to heal is to clear old patterns of negativity on the mental, emotional and physical planes.

is a very common term used in energy healing work. We work to clear the energy channels of the body, the deep rooted karmic patterns that are embedded in our psyche and body and the limitations of the Egoic mind.

Do you feel physical pain in your body?

Do you feel emotionally out of sorts and in need of more internal peace?

Do you feel Disconnected from your Core center or anchor to your inner truth?

Here is a Clearing Meditation you can use as a tool to release any pain, or suffering you may be experiencing:

1. Sit in a comfortable position, begin to tune into the breath. Feel it, hear, and sense it entirely without changing the quality.

2. Go deeper by deepening the breath, and elongating each inhalation and exhaltion until you can slow it down to a count of 7 in and 7 out. Every inhalation offers you the opportunity to fill and expand. Every exhalation offers the opportunity to release and let go all that is not serving you.

3. Begin to VISION light surrounding your whole being, and space. Ask to have the higher power support and assist you. Believe with every atom of your being you are being healed and cleansed.

4. Fully experience this visualization with every atom of your being. Envision the light clearing your body, mind and whole energetic existence. Envision the light permeating every atom of your being. Feel this and sense the energy here.

5. Thank the universe for this intervention and then place an intention out into this light. The intention is energized and fully supported by the higher power. Feel the expansion of this experience throughout your whole body.

6. Come back fully into body, by feeling your body on the ground. Hip bones, legs or feet fully grounded into the floor beneath you. Slowly come back to the room.

The more you do this type of visual meditation the more clear your energy becomes. The more you release negative emotions, energy and feelings. The clearer you become the more highly attuned your INTUITION becomes.

Keep walking LIGHTly


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let's heat it up! 5 Powerful Benefits of Hot Yoga

I'm making peace with Hot Yoga.

I used to refuse attending hot yoga classes. I felt it was not very "yogic" or traditionally based. I struggled with the heat, and getting so hot and sweaty. I swear I lose at least 5 pounds in sweat after a 90 minute class. I curse as the yoga teacher keeps moving instead of giving us more water breaks.

But isn't yoga about EXPANSION and releasing the limitations in our life?

Isn't yoga about breaking that shell that binds us to our "comfy" zones in life?

Isn't Yoga about stepping out of that comfort zone and accepting new spaces and experiences ?

YES to all of that. And that's what keeps me on my mat everyday. Through the thick and the thicker.

So I've made it my intention to broaden my practice and accept that Yoga is not just Ashtanga or a certain style on the mat. Yoga is the union with the greatest part of ourselves. The divine Self if you may. So as a soul traveller, I invite changes and new experiences on my path everyday. Hot yoga is one way that truly is getting me out of my "safe" space.

Ready to get hot?



Toned? and DETOXIFIED? Then stay with me here and read on!

Why Hot Yoga?

I believe incorporating hot yoga a few times a week, really can offer you an experience that may bring you benefits you may not receive through just regular gym workouts, or sauna therapies. It also can improve your RUNNING, WEIGHT TRAINING, and all SPORTS training.

The 5 Hot Benefits of Hot Yoga!

1) Encourages Detoxification!

The hot environment of a heated yoga class induces more sweating and you therefore can release more toxins from your body. Sweating is good for you. Just be aware of how much you do lose during a class. Bring a water bottle and add a good electrolyte supplement if you are one of those people that excessively sweat or have low blood pressure. Always go by how your body feels.

2) Helps Cardiovascular Fitness

Hotter temperatures increase your heart rate naturally. So during a Hot Yoga class you will feel your heart rate soar higher than a regular Hatha style class. Again proceed with caution if you have cardiovascular health issues. If you have hypertension or high blood pressure it is not advised to do hot yoga. For those that are healthy otherwise you will find your cardio system will get stronger and you will have more endurance in all other activities you perform. I personally found that my running has improved significantly since practicing hot yoga. I can run longer and with more stamina. Not to shabby!

3) Encourages Flexibility:

Like all types of yoga, Hot Yoga encourages muscular flexibility. The hot temperature helps get muscles warmed up and hot throughout the practice. I find this especially inviting in the winter months when I feel more stiff and cold internally.

There are caveats to this extra flexibility. Being in a warm room may place you at risk of OVER stretching. So as much as its so tempting to go beyond what you normally can do in a regular yoga class, DON'T! Trust me on this one. You don't want to pop a hamstring or knee joint because you feel more loose. Do what you normally are capable of doing.

Actually my advice here is DO LESS when you first begin hot yoga classes. This means PULL BACK a bit in your poses and don't go all out. Less is definitely more in YOGA. You still reap all the benefits, and it will give you more room to really focus on the breath!

4) Improves Metabolism and Digestion:

Many report that hot yoga helps boost the metabolism and also curbs over eating. Improved digestion also is big one with many hot yoga practitioners. I've noticed since incorporating more hot yoga classes, that my appetite has diminished significantly and is more stable. So I don't hit sugar lows or raging cravings as much! Very nice :)

Also, it appears that the increase in circulation and enhanced detoxification really help to improve the digestion, assimilation and elimination of food through the system. Yoga improves peristalsis action of the colon with poses such as twists, forward bends and inversions. The heat increases the heart rate and thus raises the metabolism more so than a gentle or regular yoga class. So if you are struggling with some extra pounds or digestive upset hot yoga may help improve your weight management goals too!

5) Improved Circulation and Raises Core Body Temperature

All yoga helps with circulation and stagnant energy. Hot Yoga provides an added element - HEAT that helps those with circulation problems get warm and stay warm all day. I've noticed personally a huge difference in my tolerance for cold weather. I normally am always feeling very cold. My hands and feet are often like ice! But with temperatures below freezing lately here in Toronto, I've actually been outside more! Now this is like headline news in my life. I usually hibernate indoors or the yoga studio all winter. I've been outside more, and exploring the winter delights. Thank you HOT YOGA ;)

I want to hear your HOT YOGA story! Get down and sweaty with this. Tell me what it does for you, how it has improved your life or just how much you struggle with it. Lets hear it all ;)

Keep the deodorant handy, lots of towels, and drink drink drink the H2O.....



Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heal Your Pain Without Pills- 3 Steps to Relief!

How does pain and suffering affect your life? How do you deal with pain?

Instead of going on auto pilot mode, please stop and feel the pain and put down the pain relief meds for a moment. Read the following instead......

Some pain is physical. Some pain comes from emotional blocks and unresolved issues. Some pain is inflicted upon us from seemingly unforeseen causes. Consciously you may not know why, but subconsciously you are holding a pattern that enables the pain to manifest again and again. Pain may come in different forms, but they all seem to have this common thread.

Pain is universal to human beings. We all feel pain during different times in our lives. How you deal with your pain is very significant and often determines how well you get through and heal it.

Pain warns you. Pain notifies you that things are not right and that you MUST take attention to your body, mind and soul. Pain is a difficult thing to comprehend sometimes, and we often feel victims when we don't know how to handle it.

Speaking from personal experience from dealing with intense pain, I now have come to a very great appreciation for pain. Pain is a teacher. Pain has been one of my greatest teachers.

What I have learned from pain:

  • Physical pain tells me I need to STOP, and step back and realize I am not present
  • Emotional pain tells me I am human, and encourages me to start ASKING questions about what is going on in my life
  • Emotional upsets and pain also alert me to taking a moment to realize I am not PRESENT, and that I need to feel the emotions and allow them to just be. Eventually they dissipate just as they came on.
  • Physical pain also alerts me to the reality that I need to take a BREATH and become still in order to HEAR the VOICE of my pain

Your pain and my pain has a VOICE. It is one way your mind, body and spirit COMMUNICATES with you.

Next time you find yourself in PAIN and are suffering do the following:

1) Just STOP: yes pause and completely stop yourself from moving. In stillness there comes clarity

2) BREATH: Once you have stilled the body, STILL the mind and everything else follows. Remember the BREATH is your direct link to connecting with your INNER GREATNESS. Breath into the pain, BREATH to release the stress, and breath to FEEL your whole body. The mind follows the breath. Slow the breath, and you slow the mind.

3) Ask and Assess: Now that you are core connected, still, and more clear, things are given a chance to shift. You have opened your channels to receive the answers you need to make better choices for yourself and alleviate the blocks that are causing you pain. Pain is blockage. More precisely pain is a blockage to energy channels due to repressed feelings, emotions and issues.

Implement the three steps above every time you find yourself in pain or anxious with emotional turbulence. Each step takes your through the pain, instead of SUPPRESSING the pain. Medication is a very disadvantageous way to deal with pain because it SUPPRESSES pain. Meds do not HEAL your pain. Please know that you can feel your pain and not be destroyed by it!

Yoga also is a great way to relieve stress and manage pain. It utilizes the breath and brings you to experience more PRESENCE in your life. Each time you step on your mat, you are given the opportunity to Stop, TUNE in, and breath through the resistance.

I'm always here to hold your hand ;) Reply with questions or your own thoughts :) Love it all!


Mad loves


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Heart of the Matter- 5 POWERFUL Ways to Dissolve Emotional Blocks

Have you ever thought of what your heart does for you?

Physically it is a vital organ and as such our health depends on its function and ability to sustain the whole cardiovascular system. However, our hearts are much more than just a pump that allows the blood to flow throughout our bodies.

According to Gregg Braden's research in quantum physics and biology, our hearts magnetically affect not only our own organism, but also our external realities. Being such a power center, what we feel emotionally becomes an expression of its magnetic output.

The heart in Yogic texts and philosophy has been described as the "seat of compassion". The area capable of feeling appreciation, intense joy, love and empathy for the other. So when you feel the emotion of love for another, your dog or a social cause you project that vibration through the heart. Magnetically you construct the circumstances of that expression via the attraction or pull of the vibrations created through it.

So when you create the feeling of love within yourself, it supports the circumstances of love around you. It draws more of that same "vibe". The heart does not so much feel sadness or pain when you get emotionally hurt. The sadness is more a reaction by the heart to the block created around it.

This block is usually initiated by the MIND. So the sadness really is the inability to SHINE and GIVE LOVE out as a vibration.

Make sense?

The heart on an emotional level simply wants to love. Without conditions. The pain and suffering we feel is a manifestation created most often imposed by our MINDS. The mind will create fear out of it's need to feel secure. It's false evidence appearing real.

The mind is like a dog, it needs constant training and conditioning. The right kind! Limiting beliefs, grasping to the the external and black or white thinking are things we need to let go of. Assisting the mind with positive vibes, reassurance with praise and optimism are a winning combination for keeping you on the track of your desires and dreams.

The heart is then FREE to express its innate ability to feel joy, happiness and intense love. You naturally are VIBRANT, JOYFUL and IMMENSELY happy! When you feel out of sorts, depressed, angry, hostile, unsatisfied it is truly a sign that your heart is not being given the opportunity to EXPRESS its most natural state.

ASK for clarification. What is the block surrounding your heart? Or more precisely, which limiting thoughts and beliefs are barricading your heart's potential? The answer will come, if you become quiet enough and dwell in the stillness of the moment. Come on, give it a try!

Heart Chakra

5 POWERFUL ways to DISSOLVE Heart Chakra Blocks:

  1. Energy Body Work: Yoga, Reiki therapy, Energy Touch Healing, Sacred geometry
2. Prayer and/or Meditation: daily practice opens our heart center, and encourages compassion to be nurtured and projected

3.FORGIVENESS The act of forgiving others, and OURSELVES is an intensely powerful way to dismantle heart Chakra blockage

4. Appreciation/Gratitude: Everyday make it a priority to just immerse yourself in the vibration of appreciation. Think of the fact you can breath without assistance, or you can walk, see , hear, have food on your table, the ability to wear what you please, etc etc etc. Abundance is everywhere, you simply have to acknowledge. The more you do this, the more you attract it in your life!

5. ART: Creating poetry, visual arts, and music are powerful expressions of the heart and soul. Art is therapeutic and often an easier vehicle for some to express their innermost feelings. Pouring your heart felt joy and compassion through art can dissolve the barriers that you may feel surrounding your life.

With Love and Light,



Monday, May 3, 2010

What You See is ALWAYS What You Get!

Everything has energy. Your every word and action has an energetic vibe to it. Every thought you have is imbued with energy. So what you see, think and believe create your external circumstances. Can you see that?

When we are small children we live in the miraculous world of fantasy. We lose ourselves in that playful , no restrictions or limits of fun and imagination. We SEE with the MIND'S EYE what we would like to be, have and do. We create vivid stories of our roles, aspirations and ideas. We really lose ourselves in the possibilities of the universe without thinking even for a slight chance that we might fail.

Why is that we lose that beautiful ability to SEE our deepest desires and instead resort to believing those negative voices in our head?

Its time to SEE the greatness of who we really are by SEEING it with your MIND's EYE.

Make it a PRIORITY to visualize, and see yourself the way you truly desire yourself to be. Picture what you want to be, have and do.

Write this down to solidify the intentions. Then make it a point to take 5-10 minutes everyday to SEE yourself in the scenarios you want to experience and fully engage in, in your life.

Like Jason Derulo says in his lyrics "In My Head" :

In my head, I see you all over me.
In my head, you fulfill my fantasy.
Youll be screaming no.
In my head, its going down.
In my head, its going down.
In my head. Yeah. In my head. Oh yeah.

He sees his desire with strong conviction and as if he ALREADY has the fantasy. In his head it already IS. Those thoughts project forth and create the reality. There is no debate about the law of attraction.

What you continually see, concentrate on, talk about to others and yourself, complain about, focus on, write about, and THINK about you create more of the same "stuff".

So if you complain about your mother, or how poor you are, or why everything is so 'hard' and difficult than the reality is, it really is hard and difficult for you. Nothing will change.

Play, create, and get back to that childhood state of wonder, joy and unlimited thinking.

In your head SEE the magic, the miracles and the ABUNDANCE you desire. See it with everything you have. Because it's really already here for you to enjoy.

Love and light!



Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just Push Pause

The alarm clocks buzzes you awake. You groan after seeing it's 6 am on the digital display. You stumble into the bathroom, and proceed to wash, brush, primp and prime yourself for the day ahead. You scurry to the closet, whip out the clothes for the day, throw them on and run down the stairs to get a cup of coffee. After almost slipping down the stairs you realize you forgot to put on your socks.

You continue to rush and get your papers and documents. You throw those into your brief case and nervously scramble to find your cell and keys before heading for the door. You jump into your car, and try to zoom on your way only to find traffic stalling for blocks and blocks.

Your thinking about the million things you need to do the minute you get through the doors of your office. Then your mind cycles through the events of the previous day. The darn argument with your wife, the complaint your boss had on your recent sales efforts and your daughter flunking her big exam. Then it shifts back to the deadlines you have coming up in 3 days and wonder how any of it will get done in time to shut the boss up.

Then you realize your in the wrong parking spot and curse the day your boss gave you the job in first place. Then you wonder if you shut the coffee pot off as you get on the elevator to get to your floor. You dash through the doors and within 3 seconds, 5 people are tagging along your heels begging for 5 minutes of your time.

After numerous phone calls, meetings, and 5 appointments you look at the clock and its 3pm.

Have you even taken a full breath yet?

Probably not.

Time to push pause!!

How often do you push the pause button during your day?

It's time to learn how to STOP and bring some mindfulness into your daily regime. Trust me it's possible. Doing so will INCREASE your productivity and recharge your batteries. Stopping begins to INTERCEPT the automatic or auto pilot patterns we have made for ourselves.

We get into these robotic states, where we don't even notice what we have been doing for the past hour. We go through the motions, yet we don't FEEL and experience the moment.

SLOWING down is one of the hardest things I see my clients struggle to implement in their lives. But it really does not have to be so complicated!

How to include moments of pause into your daily life:

  • STOP! Just stop yourself right in your tracks. For just a mere 10 seconds, stop whatever it is your doing or thinking. Observe the moment as if you were timeless and there was nothing to do, see or be. Nothing is so urgent that you can't just stop for 10 seconds.

  • Take conscious PAUSE breaks before doing regular habitual activites like eating, brushing your teeth, going to the grocery store, going to the bank, picking up the kids, or heading to the gym.

  • So just before you go to brush your teeth, pause for 5 seconds and feel the stillness. Before you run to the car to hit the gym, pause for 5 seconds before slipping the key into the ignition. Be in the moment, close your eyes, and feel your breath. Then proceed. You will find yourself proceeding from a different place or state of mind.

  • Keep a small digital alarm clock on your desk at work and at home. Program it so that it beeps every 2 hours, or more frequently is even better. It is a way to REMIND yourself you need to just take a breather. Literally! So sit with just the present moment. Listen to the breath, feel an entire cycle of breathing- the inhalation or the expansion, the pause and then the exhalation or contraction of the breath.

  • One of my main focuses in practice is to teach the skill of breathing or "Pranayama" as it is called in yoga terminology (Sanskrit). Prana means life force, the the pure energy that gives us life and the whole universe its existence. Yama means the control or regulation of the breath.

Through breath work we learn how to breath to increase ENERGY, vitality, relieve STRESS and PAIN.

Every time you return to the breath you return to your life source.

Keep breathing, and remember travel LIGHTly on your path :)



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How Lying Down will get you Standing Up Again

Last December I spent 10 days and 10 nights lying down on my hardwood floor. No it wasn't some nutty new esoteric practice I was trying out. My low back went out on me, and left me flat on my back. I literally was forced to spend the next 10 days and nights in the confines of my room and with myself. My back felt like a thousand daggers were stabbing every inch of my sacrum. Any movement brought me to tears within seconds, and electrical shocks down my whole lower body. I cried, I sobbed and begged for mercy. Nothing helped until I just let go and stopped resisting. The moment I felt my pain, allowed it to be and drew on my inner capacity to feel compassion for myself was the moment my body started to relax and heal.

The whole experience actually turned out to be a gift from the universe. As much as I cringed in pain and fear , I am so very fortunate to have that happen to me.

It was the spark that initiated this Core Connection Healing project and book. Lying on my back brought me to the ground in a very literal sense and also a deep metaphorical one. I was given the opportunity to STOP right in my crazy tracks of being in auto pilot mode, to truly experiencing PRESENCE and BEING in the now.

From grasping outwards to gain insight, and "guidance" from all kinds of teachers, yogis, gurus and the like, I began to do the real work and instead went INWARDS. Lying on my floor prompted me to face my pain directly as it was. No running away, no heading to the gym or yoga studio, no going out and socializing, no helping or healing others, and no throwing myself into my work or relationships.

Grounded and Grounding :

It was me, my pain and the floor. A trio that brought me to gain greater understanding of my own self and inner terrain. I realized how much my body communicates to me and how much I neglect to hear it. I realized that if I kept ignoring the signals and inner voice that was screaming for me to just stay still for once and listen, I would lose the very precious gift that life offers us each and every day. The gift of knowing we are already blessed and perfect just as we are.

Just as Osho states "you can go on changing the outer lives, and never be satisfied", I knew I came to a point of needing to just stop from having to feel the need to change all the external circumstances in order to feel ok and acceptable to everyone around me.

Where does it stop?

The reality is, it doesn't. We can continually go outwardly and change our bodies, our clothes, our homes, our cars, our bank accounts, our friends, our partners, our networks, our gadgets and never FEEL the only thing that truly gives us satisfaction - our Core Connection to source and that inner being.

They say you need to stumble and fall, in order to rise higher. For me this really did happen. Not in the sense of getting better or more ahead, that would be EGO talking. What I mean here with "rising Higher" is coming closer to that higher self, or THE inner TEACHER, that is infallible and speaks our TRUTH.

Tools you can use to get grounded!

Lie on the ground for a few minutes everyday. You can do this just before bed. Get down to the primal ground we came from. Feel what it's like to just be close to the solidity that is always under our feet. Even in those times when we feel the rug is being pulled from under us, or when our "world" feels like its crumbling apart before our eyes, the ground is still there! This will allow you to feel how solid your foundation remains regardless of what your mind tells you.


Sitting on the floor gets you connected with your base or 1st chakra. The base chakra is found between your genitals and anus. Breath into this area as you sit and envision red light illuminating it. This is your connection to security and the basic needs of life. When we feel FEAR and become scared that we are not going to have our basic needs met, this area shuts down. So physical ailments such as constipation or diarrhea, hemorrhoids, colitis, IBS, Crohn's, bladder and urinary ailments can arise when this chakra is blocked or out of balance. Just sit, breath and feel the body from within.

3. Standing with Awareness:

So after practicing the above, we can rise up and feel that grounded stability as we stand. Standing with a long spine, relax the neck shoulders , and back, and slightly tilt the hips forward. Feel the feet pressing into the ground beneath you, drawing up the energy to the rest of your body. Feel all 4 corners of your feet pressing down as if they had roots. Doing this just for a few minutes everyday will encourage your self awareness to become stronger and stronger. You awaken your whole being when you come into mindfulness and the practice of experiencing the NOW.

In health and happiness,

Namaste Piera

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My little Pink Book -Write to make Right

I bought my first diary at the age of 10. I remember how special it was to me. I saved up enough allowance money and decided I would get a really snazzy one at the fancy card store.

I remember like it was yesterday. It was pink, and had a little girl on the front cover, and shiny metalic patterns all over it. I fell in love with it and bought it right on the spot. The lady behind the counter excitedly demonstrated how to use the little lock on the side so that all my 'private' messages would only been seen by my eyes. "WOW!!!" I thought. I can actually just be ME and NO ONE can stop me!

I fell in love with writing and haven't stopped journaling ever since.

In my childhood that little book meant more to me than any barbie doll, candy bar, video game, or pretty dress around. It gave me my own personal space to say, be and do whatever I pleased. Growing up I often felt very stifled and controlled being raised by a traditional Italian family. They had the best intentions and did the best they could. I admire them in so many ways. But struggles for establishing boundaries always was an ongoing issue.

That little pink book, gave me the ability to VOICE my feelings in a very safe way, especially when things didn't always feel so safe. I filled pages and pages of feelings, thoughts, emotions and ideas I had about what I saw around me and how I felt in my world. I could say whatever I wanted and no one was going to CORRECT me, or judge my ideas. or lay on any guilt trips for the words I had inside.

My little Pink book was my salvation when I wanted to talk and no one was there to listen.
When I wanted to share when no one was there to accept my gifts. When I just wanted to be silly, and create imaginative out of my world stories that no one really was interested in listening to.

I'm not sure I would have made it through as well as I did if it weren't for my little Pink book. Even today I find writing to be such a therapeutic tool. I can't leave it for too long without getting the itch to let it out on paper.

Begin a journal today. If you already have, bravo! If you haven't then really consider starting one and you will magnify your efforts of achieving greater self awareness and healing.

Journaling will give you the opportunity to let go of the past, will present you with what you are right now, and will enable you to begin the healing process in a very safe and insightful way. Through the process of putting words down on paper, you will allow that INNER voice to express itself. You will be able to effectively do self inquiry whereby you illuminate the dark areas of your life. You can come to terms with them, embrace them and ACCEPT them for what they are. Your darkness gains light and you integrate the learning you need to grow more aware, and present to your higher Self.

Here are some ideas of journal styles you can use to begin writing consistently:

1) Abundance Journal:

Begin every morning or last thing before bed with a journal entry of what you are APPRECIATIVE of in your life. I call this an Abundance Journal. Just free flow write everything you feel so gracious for. This is powerful in soo many ways. You are reminded of just how much you have in life everyday. This encourages you to stay on top of your goals, and keeps the fire beneath your desires stoked like mad!

2) Accomplishment and Goals Journal:
Everyday or night you write what you have accomplished or any goals you have reached or want to set. Its purely a tool to stay CONNECTED with your desires to manifest all the things you want in life. You can explore goals more closely and fine tune your approach in areas that need more attention. You will realize any patterns that may be limiting you or actually allowing you to forge forward. Its amazing how writing down your goals on a consistent basis can solidify your accountability to everything you want to achieve in life. Its like your own personal contract. Harder to let yourself down when its stares right back at you on paper!

3) Feelings/ Emotions Journal:

This type of journal is very useful for emotional eaters, people with addictions and patterns of self abuse, emotional trauma, mood disorders such as anxiety or depression, and much more.
Emotions like I have said in other posts, are the MOVEMENTS of your feelings in the body. They are transient. Not like scars that don't ever go away.

Writing down your feelings and emotions allows you to pour out your heart, so that you aren't HOLDING all that in. It frees you up, lightens your load, and allows you to just vent without being subject to anyone's intervention. You get to just say it like you feel it in a safe and healthy way. It's a great middle step to take before you confront others. For some confronting others is the hardest thing possible. So getting it out on paper helps begin the process of not stuffing down feelings, and denying they exist in the first place.

Write to make right!

Would love your feedback! How do you journal? How does it help you deal and heal?

Love and Light!



Friday, April 23, 2010

How to Breath to Beat the Blues

Depression is the big D word lately. It appears that this ominous condition is reaching epidemic proportions in north American populations. In practice I would say that at least 50% of my clients have encountered some form of depression in their lives and have proceeded to take pharmaceutical medications to cope with their struggles. It also appears not to have any discretion for age or sex. I've treated young teenage girls and boys right to retired seniors.

Q: What is depression? Why is it seemingly so invasive in our western society today?
A: Loss of Core Connection Plain and simple.

Walk down the street in any downtown North American metropolis and just observe city folk. I do this often as I walk extensively everyday. There seems to be a void in many people's faces. An emptiness that is so pervasive you can't miss it and not think "Why do people look so absent, almost robotic ?". It seems people are very closed off emotionally, to the point that I have witnessed just this past month someone pass out on the sidewalk and no one even flinching in reaction to help.

We have lost our connection to our inner PRESENCE. Our source of all JOY. In essence our CORE CONNECTION has been blocked, suppressed, and neglected by our MIND'S and the conditions we have placed on ourselves. Conditions based on limitations and learned patterns of belief by our parents and society.

Your inner joy is ALWAYS present. Your CORE is the source of all your creation. All your circumstances, experiences and manifestations are dependent on your center. The circumference does not determine your HAPPINESS. The circumference does not determine how rich or poor you are, your career satisfaction, the quality of your friendships and intimate relationships, nor how much you weigh.

YOUR CORE determines all of that. When you live from the truth of your core, you manifest abundance from the core.

So yes depression is real. But primarily in the MIND and mainly from the mental constructions we build based on past conditions and limitations.

Feelings and emotions of sadness, apathy, greif, anixety, anguish and many others are also very real. But they are not PERMANENT. They are transient. To emote means to move, transition, or change. Your feelings are not YOU. You experience them, and you feel them, but they are not your CORE truth. It is when we IDENTIFY with our emotions that we suffer, feel threatened, less than, insecure and above all FEARFUL.
Eckhart Tolle is a living success story of how intense depression can be healed. He reached the point of contemplating his own life on numerous occasions. Until one day, he literally awakened to the insight that perhaps all of the depressive thoughts were not him. But were the fabrications of a mind riddled with egoic contentions, pain bodies and false beliefs based on external forms.

Your inner truth is not a tangible form. It is the living force that animates you. It gives you bliss, enlivens you, animates your whole being and never betrays you. Your mind on the other hand has another agenda. Your mind is the processor or CPU that will absorb anything you program it with. We are all prone to negative conditioning and so therefore keeping the mind free of these "viruses" is almost impossible. But if we can detach from the mind, and the conditioned thought processes then we can CONNECT to the living eternal truth within!

But how???? I can just hear you all scream.

Start with the BREATH! Your only choice really.

It is the direct link to the inner living truth and knowing we all possess. When you perform breath work you come to an awareness of your inner stillness. When we get still enough we are then able to hear the all knowing voice of our inner sage. We come to know that EVERYTHING is ok, and perfect just as it is. Because we feel the JOY of our eternal CORE being that can't be bought or substituted by anything else.

How to Breath to Beat the Blues:

  • Set aside at least 10 minutes to be in complete stillness and quiet. Just before you go to bed or 10 minutes before hopping out of bed is best.

  • Sit your butt down on that cushion and come to an awareness of your breath. Listen to the quality of your breath at first without changing anything. How do you breath? Where is the breath initiating? How does your upper, middle and lower abdomen move in relation to the inhalations and exhalations? Once you know how you breath, then you may explore and proceed to lengthen the breath and deepen it.

  • In the beginning I would suggest that you choose 2 words that you mentally say , one for the inhale and the second for the exhale. I.e: In/out, Ah/Om, or calm/release.

  • Pay attention to the pauses between each inhale and exhale.

  • Follow the breath every inch of the way. Meaning: be aware of the full inhale, pause, then feel the full exhalation and don't rush to begin the next breath. Feel it in its ENTIRETY.

These are basic tips to assist you with mediation and your breathing practice.

In future posts I will expand on more breathing exercises and share my knowledge of Pranayama- or the yoga of breath.

For now, I wish you stillness, bliss and love



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Livelier Liver Right Now! How to Cleanse One of the Most Important Organs In Your Body

It has been reported by gastroenterologists that more than 50% of people over the age of 50 suffer from "fatty liver" disease. This results when the liver has been overburdened for over extended periods of time with excessive habits of overeating, overusing alcohol, taking recreational or pharmaceutical drugs, food chemicals and additives, environmental pollutants, and contracting viral hepatitis disease.

Your liver is a significant filtration organ whereby anything you inhale, ingest, or receive via the blood, will ultimately pass right through it.

So just like you change a water filter after some time, we need to cle
an our own internal "filter". If we don't take care of this, we risk forming excessive gallstones which may eventually block the gallbladder and cause critical damage to its integrity. Every year, more than half a million people in the United States and more than 50,000 people in Canada undergo surgery to remove their gallbladders because of gallstones.

An overtaxed liver may also increase the chances of developing the following:

  • Food Allergies and Intolerances
  • Crohn's Disease
  • IBS
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Hepatitis
  • Pancreatitis
In general I recommend my clients perform a general full cleanse including the liver, two times a year. Preferably at the start of the season, i.e Beginning of Spring and Fall.

Here are 3 things you can do to immediately detox and alleviate toxic overburdening of the liver:

  1. CLEAN up your DIET!
  • Cut out all junk and processed foods. This includes anything in a box, plastic package, carton, container or can be bought at the drive through. Processed foods are full of sugar, additives, preservatives and chemicals. Whole foods should make up 90% of food choices.
  • Less animal products and more produce. So less meat, dairy, eggs, poultry and fish while on the cleanse. In general eating less meat is now proven to lower your chances of getting many chronic diseases and ailments. With meat, less is always more, and when you do eat meat ORGANIC is the only way to go.
  • Eliminate alcohol, sugary juices and drinks, coffee and black tea. Consume herbal teas and green teas to promote flushing of toxins and waste products.
  • Begin each day with a warm glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a very small tiny amount of cayenne. 1/2 later consume your breakfast. Drink 2 L of filtered water daily.

2) Herbs to Specifically Target and Cleanse the Liver:

Consume infusions or in capsule form the following herbs daily for 1-2 week cleanse:

  • Milk thistle
  • Dandelion
  • Artichoke Leaf
  • Burdock root
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric and Cumin (both high in anti oxidants and therefore aid in the lowering of inflammation that results from high amounts of circulating free radicals in the blood)
  • Holy Basil

3) Use Core Connection Healing Tools to Establish Emotional Balance:

Implementing the principles of our Core Connection Healing philosophy will aid in healing emotional and spiritual vitality. The liver is HUGELY affected by emotional stress and your feelings. Repression of emotions will hinder it's health. Also over reaction of emotions will affect its integrity as well.

  • Meditation, guided or not
  • The Safe Method tm
  • Mindfulness
  • Reiki and Energy Chakra Balancing
  • Self love, compassion and FORGIVENESS
  • Art: creative expression through song, dance, visual arts
  • Expressing and allowing the flow of emotions in healthy ways

The liver is often associated with the emotion of anger and resentment. Holding on to these emotions and not processing them in healthy ways will overburden the liver just as much and possibly more than food and environmental toxins it can receive.

The POWER of Forgiveness!

Making peace with our past is crucial. Making peace with people we have conflicts with is crucial. Forgiving people, especially YOURSELF for mistakes is not only beneficial to the liver but gives you back YOUR FREEDOM AND POWER. By continually blaming others, the past and external circumstances keeps you a slave to those conditions. Release your hold on past grievances and you open new doors of possibilities and opportunities in your life.

Your liver will love you for it :)

Keep shining that inner Light for all to see.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

5 simple ways "Program" Your Body to Heal, Stay Young and Thrive!

Stress ages us. It comes in numerous forms. From overworking or staying in jobs we don't like. Stress in the form of toxins we inhale, ingest and absorb from the environment and foods we eat. Stress due to dysfunctional relationships, family issues and loss. Or the stress of financial burdens or never feeling we have enough.

The body feels it ALL. Everyday we have a choice to accept our experiences or not. We can manage stress or let it manage us. How do you fare in this department?

Stress profoundly impacts your mind, body and deeper higher self. Everytime you tell yourself something negative with self reproaches or put downs, you are informing EVERY CELL in your body how unworthy and awful they are.

Think about that! Every cell, every atom every molecule of your being is keenly aware of its energetic environment. Which is EVERYTHING. If energy is everything, and everywhere, and everyone then your thoughts, feelings, actions, WORDS and beliefs are PURE ENERGY as well.

How do you speak to yourself? What kind of language are you using on a regular basis with yourself and others? Start to pay attention to this! You are programming every cell of your body each time you think a thought, feel a feeling, say a word, or repress it all.

I often give the example of how we speak to children and infants. When not screaming at them for being naughty, we would never intentionally hurt them or abuse them in any way, shape or form.

So why do we do that to OURSELVES?

Have you said any of the following to yourself?:
  • Your are so dumb, you can't get anything right
  • Your fat and ugly. Or " I have such a fat butt, my abs are gross, or I look like a cow!"
  • I can't do anything because of my pain, ailment, disease. Life is so unfair!
  • My parents, my spouse, my friends are to blame for my crap.

Where does the power lie in all of that negative talk? It's not within you when you place it on the external.

5 ways to "Program" Your Body to Heal

The following are all mind body spirit tools to enable Core Connection Healing.

  1. Visual Guided Meditation
Make time to sit or lie down in stillness and quiet. Find a space you feel safe and not distracted. Close your eyes and just get creative! Visualize your whole body flooded with healing light. Or if you are struggling with an illness or disease, VISUALIZE the cells of your organs or place of pain healing, getting stronger and more vibrant. Send the energy of the universe to whatever area needs your love and attention. The more often you go inwards and see yourself healing from within the stronger your immunity gets and overall vibration.

Book suggestion:

I highly recommend reading the book SPIRIT, BODY, HEALING by Michael Samuels- A doctor and modern day living Shaman. The whole book teaches the power of visualization to heal and overcome disease states. He gives detailed accounts of patients with debilitating and terminal illnesses and how so many found healing and new found realities with visualization practice.

2. The Art of Pausing

Stop yourself. I mean literally stop your actions, body and thought processes, especially in those moments when you get so riled up you think the world will collapse on you. Just stop, close your eyes and go inwards. Begin to intercept the anxiety, frustration, sense of panic or loss of control. This helps the body begin to interrupt habitual patterns. I've seen this work so well with people struggling with drug, alcohol or food addictions. We need to get out of AUTOMATIC PILOT mode and into PRESENCE.

So pause more throughout your day. Pause before you get out of the shower, pause before you leave your car, just pause and be still. It only requires a mere 30 seconds at a time. It will help you SLOW down

3. Positive Self Talk

STOP the self abuse and self loathing! It reinforces false beliefs and tells all the cells and energetic vibrations in your body they are not worthy of health, love and happiness. Give your body, mind and soul a fertile ground of positive thoughts and affirmations on a DAILY basis. Just like you brush your teeth everyday, talk to your whole being with respect, love and admiration everyday.

4. Feeling the Body

Without getting too kinky, I suggest you feel yourself physically. Get your mind out of the gutter and stay with me here ;) Place your hands on the various Chakra meridians on your body and feel the energy there. For example, in a lying down position with eyes closed, bring both hands to the heart center or chest area and feel the energy there. Its almost instantaneous! The very moment your hands comes into contact with your chest you connect to a power center of sorts.

We really lose a connection with our physical bodies, so that getting right into the body requires pure physical touch as one means to core connect. Another way would be to receive Reiki or other bodywork therapies such as massage or cranial sacral therapy. The touch of another human being is one of the most powerful ways to connect to our innate healing abilities. I'll expand on that in future posts!

5. Pranayama or The Practice of Mindful Breathing:

The Breath is involved in any mindfulness practice you engage in. I probably will never blog any posts that doesn't at least mention it once. It's that vital. The breath is your connection to your core. It is your direct connection to achieving presence and in that state of awareness you are able to tap in, tune into your inner teacher. The breath also gets you out of SURVIVAL mode, by calming the CNS (central nervous system) and lowering cortisol levels naturally. Get breathing!

To learn more about breathing techniques and Pranayama, please send your questions and comments here!

Be well and always travel on your path with a light touch and a deep soul!



Monday, April 19, 2010

The Secret To Effective Visualization To Break Through Fear, Obtacles and Your Pain

Use Your Mind's Eye To Heal and Core Connect

It felt so refreshing to feel the rain just begin to sprinkle down from the clouds above. The coolness as it hit my warm skin made me shiver ever so slightly and I could see the bumps form on my arms and legs. Raising my eyes to the sky again brought me to see the darkness now move in on what had been a very calm bright sunny day. The clouds were thick, heavy and settling into what was to be quite a chaotic storm of sorts. Raging into one another caused the first sounds of deafening thunder, and I could almost feel the earth shake beneath my feet. The pressure grew heavier and heavier over my head and every bone in my body felt the tremors of my fear. Darker and darker was its presence, until a flash of lightening beamed over my head causing me to lose my balance and stumble right to the ground. My face felt the full impact of my fall. Then a cold numbness came over my entire body. Frozen from a paralyzing pain I drifted off to another place.

How do you feel after reading that? Did your body react? Could you see the darkness of the clouds? Could you hear the sounds of it all?

We visualize without even knowing it on a daily basis. But often its negative pictures that we conjure up for ourselves. This only reinforces false beliefs and negative thinking. What if we actually painted a more bright, colourful, enlivened portrait for ourselves. Seeing ourselves healing. Feeling the vitality we seek. Hearing the voice of love speak to us with comforting words of support and encouragement.

Visualizing on a daily basis is profoundly powerful for our psyches, our bodies and souls. For the mind, visualizing positive images triggers states of being that are therapeutically healing. For our bodies, visualizations connect us to our bodies' cells, organs, parts and whole physiological being. For our soul, visualization is nurturing and satisfies it's hunger for wholeness.

Visualization heals you. Your mind does not know what is real or imagined. So every time you visualize you are programming your whole self with data. Which data are you downloading onto your psyche, body and soul? Visualize as if you already are what you desire most. Visualize being in the scenarios that will bring you happiness, fulfillment and true bliss.

3 ways to Make Visualization the Most Powerful Manifestation Tool You Can Ever Use!

1) Don't just see it FEEL IT!

Most people who visualize in meditation are not accessing the greatest possible potential of the practice. When you do a visual guided meditation or just your own personal visualization of what you desire, imbue FEELING into the session. Feel the emotions you desire in that ideal state. Feel the expansiveness of love, joy or fulfillment. Feel with your heart center how intensely happy you are in that particular scenario. If you want to sky rocket your career, FEEL the emotions that would accompany that job promotion or huge profit gain. If you want to get in better shape, feel the sense of satisfaction you will have when you fit in your skinny jeans again. Really get specific and put all of yourself into it. Feel, see, hear and imagine the taste of it all. Engaging all the senses BOOSTS the power of your visualization practice multiple times over.

2) The Breath

In any type of meditation guided or not, the breath must come into play. The breath is the cornerstone of Core Connection Healing. Before workshops, events or talks I give, we always begin with few moments of stillness whereby we get in tune with our breathing. We listen to the breath, we feel the breath, and we use different techniques to access our intuitive genius within. Without breath work you are relying on the mind and Ego to do the work. That is not working from your Higher Self, and your truth.

3) The Light

The symbolism of the light has its roots in very ancient practices and most world religions. The Light of the earth. The Light in our Hearts. The Light of our Soul. When visualizing use the Light to magnify the healing you experience. Inhale the light, and feel it touching every atom of your being. Imagine pure white light as an ELIXIR to whatever ails you. You may imagine the light surrounding your whole being, and protecting you everywhere you go. You envision the light in your liver, stomach, head or back and see it flowing there healing the disturbance. It's not airy fairy stuff. Its proven that visualizing your body healing is a huge part of recovery and may improve your chances of a full cure.

So if it's that 6 pack set of abs you want, SEE it and feel the strength of what having a solid core would offer you. Or if you want to manifest a loving intimate partnership with someone envision the whole experience of what that means to you. The way that person makes you feel in their presence. The wholeness of true love that is shared between two souls.

The more specific and vivid you get with this the more magnified the results!

Visualize to Core Connect with that deepest part of you. The inner healer and teacher is eternally at your disposal.

To connect with your pets more deeply, please visit my dear friend Vicki`s very powerful blog for transformation and healing for dogs

Walk lightly in love and Light,