Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to "Clear" your Energy to feel physical strength, emotional stability and mental clarity now!

As of late I have been concentrating more and more my focus on shamanic healing. Shamanism is the centuries old practice of energy healing. Most of the energy medicine practiced today stems from this foundation.

A Shaman is the original wounded healer. To practice shamanism is to see the "Light" amongst the darkness. A Shaman feels, sees, hears, moves, tastes and intuitively knows how to use energy to heal and clear stuck karmic patterns of disease, or suffering.

Those called to this vision must endure their own cleansing and journey of healing and self growth. It often becomes a matter of healing through the practice of sharing their light and energy with others. Also the Shaman learns to awaken to her darkness as well as to her Light. Embracing and owning all of that liberates her to truly realize the healer within.

Much of what needs to be done to heal is to clear old patterns of negativity on the mental, emotional and physical planes.

is a very common term used in energy healing work. We work to clear the energy channels of the body, the deep rooted karmic patterns that are embedded in our psyche and body and the limitations of the Egoic mind.

Do you feel physical pain in your body?

Do you feel emotionally out of sorts and in need of more internal peace?

Do you feel Disconnected from your Core center or anchor to your inner truth?

Here is a Clearing Meditation you can use as a tool to release any pain, or suffering you may be experiencing:

1. Sit in a comfortable position, begin to tune into the breath. Feel it, hear, and sense it entirely without changing the quality.

2. Go deeper by deepening the breath, and elongating each inhalation and exhaltion until you can slow it down to a count of 7 in and 7 out. Every inhalation offers you the opportunity to fill and expand. Every exhalation offers the opportunity to release and let go all that is not serving you.

3. Begin to VISION light surrounding your whole being, and space. Ask to have the higher power support and assist you. Believe with every atom of your being you are being healed and cleansed.

4. Fully experience this visualization with every atom of your being. Envision the light clearing your body, mind and whole energetic existence. Envision the light permeating every atom of your being. Feel this and sense the energy here.

5. Thank the universe for this intervention and then place an intention out into this light. The intention is energized and fully supported by the higher power. Feel the expansion of this experience throughout your whole body.

6. Come back fully into body, by feeling your body on the ground. Hip bones, legs or feet fully grounded into the floor beneath you. Slowly come back to the room.

The more you do this type of visual meditation the more clear your energy becomes. The more you release negative emotions, energy and feelings. The clearer you become the more highly attuned your INTUITION becomes.

Keep walking LIGHTly


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