Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Heart of the Matter- 5 POWERFUL Ways to Dissolve Emotional Blocks

Have you ever thought of what your heart does for you?

Physically it is a vital organ and as such our health depends on its function and ability to sustain the whole cardiovascular system. However, our hearts are much more than just a pump that allows the blood to flow throughout our bodies.

According to Gregg Braden's research in quantum physics and biology, our hearts magnetically affect not only our own organism, but also our external realities. Being such a power center, what we feel emotionally becomes an expression of its magnetic output.

The heart in Yogic texts and philosophy has been described as the "seat of compassion". The area capable of feeling appreciation, intense joy, love and empathy for the other. So when you feel the emotion of love for another, your dog or a social cause you project that vibration through the heart. Magnetically you construct the circumstances of that expression via the attraction or pull of the vibrations created through it.

So when you create the feeling of love within yourself, it supports the circumstances of love around you. It draws more of that same "vibe". The heart does not so much feel sadness or pain when you get emotionally hurt. The sadness is more a reaction by the heart to the block created around it.

This block is usually initiated by the MIND. So the sadness really is the inability to SHINE and GIVE LOVE out as a vibration.

Make sense?

The heart on an emotional level simply wants to love. Without conditions. The pain and suffering we feel is a manifestation created most often imposed by our MINDS. The mind will create fear out of it's need to feel secure. It's false evidence appearing real.

The mind is like a dog, it needs constant training and conditioning. The right kind! Limiting beliefs, grasping to the the external and black or white thinking are things we need to let go of. Assisting the mind with positive vibes, reassurance with praise and optimism are a winning combination for keeping you on the track of your desires and dreams.

The heart is then FREE to express its innate ability to feel joy, happiness and intense love. You naturally are VIBRANT, JOYFUL and IMMENSELY happy! When you feel out of sorts, depressed, angry, hostile, unsatisfied it is truly a sign that your heart is not being given the opportunity to EXPRESS its most natural state.

ASK for clarification. What is the block surrounding your heart? Or more precisely, which limiting thoughts and beliefs are barricading your heart's potential? The answer will come, if you become quiet enough and dwell in the stillness of the moment. Come on, give it a try!

Heart Chakra

5 POWERFUL ways to DISSOLVE Heart Chakra Blocks:

  1. Energy Body Work: Yoga, Reiki therapy, Energy Touch Healing, Sacred geometry
2. Prayer and/or Meditation: daily practice opens our heart center, and encourages compassion to be nurtured and projected

3.FORGIVENESS The act of forgiving others, and OURSELVES is an intensely powerful way to dismantle heart Chakra blockage

4. Appreciation/Gratitude: Everyday make it a priority to just immerse yourself in the vibration of appreciation. Think of the fact you can breath without assistance, or you can walk, see , hear, have food on your table, the ability to wear what you please, etc etc etc. Abundance is everywhere, you simply have to acknowledge. The more you do this, the more you attract it in your life!

5. ART: Creating poetry, visual arts, and music are powerful expressions of the heart and soul. Art is therapeutic and often an easier vehicle for some to express their innermost feelings. Pouring your heart felt joy and compassion through art can dissolve the barriers that you may feel surrounding your life.

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  1. Wonderful points on dissolving blocks. Very practical and well-rounded. I totally agree with the need for art.

  2. Hi Jackie!

    Thanks so much for visiting and reading my blog! Art infused with intention from our core truly heals and sustains us! all the best :)