Monday, May 30, 2011

THYROID 101- Its time to take ACTION!

I am going to dedicate the next few posts on THYROID health. And more specifically HYPOTHYROID or low functioning thyroid. This has been something I've been dealing with on a personal level.

It can be an immensely frustrating health issue to contend with, especially if you limit yourself to conventional medicine and M.Ds. I have met with 4 different medical doctors and none have even come close to helping me.

Small aside...

The last M.D I saw didn't even look at me when he took the 3 minutes he had to discuss a full panel blood analysis. It is that sad. And when I voiced my concern about a possible Thyroid issue, he suggested I "stop listening to my friends, and Oprah". I was enraged, and really I don't even have the time to watch Oprah. I got up and walked out the door.

However I am not here to bash the system, and God knows how much restraint I need for it. My purpose here is to provide you the opportunity to consider alternatives.

Having blood work is important, and I don't throw everything conventionally based out the window. I do however advocate TAKING RESPONSIBILITY and BEING PRO ACTIVE towards your HEALTH.

Do not allow any one practitioner or doctor to control your desire to heal. GET INFORMED and work with health professionals WHO CARE and make you feel CARED FOR.

Moving on...

My story is one that I believe many women can relate to. I've felt very real symptoms for some time and felt like no one was listening, except when I began searching for other approaches to healing. The first time I met my own naturopath I cannot describe what joy, relief, and sense of hope I started feeling.

Finally someone believed what I was saying and didn't just tell me "I was fine, and to just live with it". I did not feel right, and I knew that chronic fatigue is not my natural state nor was I going to settle with just accepting being tired all the time.

Hypothyroidism is real

Even if your lab results don't show it, you can still have the condition! AND there is help and solutions that will allow you to regain your vitality, body and LIFE back. Having hypothyroid is like a plant that gets watered once a month.

You feel deprived, drained, lethargic and like the walking dead. Most days, it took every ounce of my will and effort to get through a day.

I couldn't think with clarity, felt dizzy all the time, would go for a work out at the gym and need 5 days to recover from it, constipated all the time, felt chilled wearing even 5 layers of clothing, gaining weight even though I maintained a clean stellar diet, felt tired when I had to get up in the morning and wired at night when I needed to sleep, and emotionally down most of the time. I pretended to feel well and of course life responsibilities still had to be met. It really is not a fun place to be.

Actually it really sucked.

And I know that's not the most eloquent word, but it best describes how I felt. I was tired of feeling sick and tired, not being the active joyful me I was, and gaining weight eating BIRD FOOD. But it doesn't have to be this way. And I will show you how to take charge of your own hypothyroidism.

The moment I get excited about a topic, my passion has no limits. So in the upcoming days and weeks ahead you will get cutting edge information and real actions steps you can take to get a hold of this pervasive condition.

Are you one of the 40%?

Dr. Broda Barnes, (good name to google) is the pioneer developer of the "basal body temperature test", and stated that over 40% of women have undiagnosed sub clinical hypothyroidism. That is, their laboratory test results may be normal, yet they have true low functioning thyroids.

Most medical doctors will only base their diagnosis on your lab results if they show a discrepancy in TSH or T3 numbers. Often times these numbers can be "normal" and yet you still present with hypothyroid symptoms which are real and valid.

IT'S NOT IN YOUR HEAD. You still may have a compromised thyroid that needs ATTENTION.

STRESS is a huge cause of HYPOTHYROIDISM!

Even a single episode of hypoglycaemia can depress your thyroid for 18 hours! And we all know how stressed we can become with the daily grind and our westernized lifestyles.


You need to address how well you are taking care of yourself or not. What you eat, how much and quality of sleep you get, how much consistent exercise you get, managing mental, physical and EMOTIONAL stress, are all important considerations!

Thyroid Basics- Your 411 Primer


  • It produces thyroid hormones called T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4.
  • The thyroid hormone regulates just about every cell in the body, including those in the central nervous system, heart, liver, kidneys, skin, bone, and muscles.
  • Among its most important functions is the control of the rate of metabolism, thermogenesis, and oxygen consumption.
  • The predominant thyroid hormone produced by the thyroid gland is the relatively inactive T4. The active form of the hormone, T3 is converted from T4 by peripheral tissues (mostly the liver) as needed. Those with HYPOTHYROID may have a faulty conversion rate and suffer with hypothyroid sometimes without even knowing it. This is where standard testing will not be able to determine the most accurate condition of your thyroid!
  • The secretion of these hormones is regulated by another hormone called thyrotropin-stimulating hormone (or TSH).
  • TSH is secreted by the pituitary gland in a pulsatile or circadian rhythm. This stimulating hormone activates the release of thyroid hormones from the thyroid gland. As thyroid hormones become high (or adequate), TSH secretion from the pituitary gland decreases in what is called a negative feedback mechanism.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism:
  • Low body temperature, causing you to feel constantly CHILLY even in warm temperatures
  • Hair Loss, eyebrow thinning
  • FATIGUE- constant sluggishness, or exhaustion from little effort, particularly in the morning.
  • Insomnia or SLEEP DISTURBANCES : The "hard to wake up in the morning and hard to fall asleep at night" syndrome so many stressed people experience. You literally feel you have to drag your butt out of bed and it takes at least an hour to get going in the morning. Then at night when you need to get some rest, you are completely wired and have difficulty sleeping.
  • POOR CONCENTRATION- brain fog, inability to focus, and poor memory when once you were sharp as a knife
  • Dry, coarse skin
  • WEIGHT GAIN and developing an intolerance to intense exercise, when once you had no issues with physical exertion
  • Inability to lose weight even when drastically cutting calories or maintaining a sensible diet
  • DEPRESSION and mood swings, feeling apathetic, unmotivated and just plain blah
  • Constipation, and difficult digestion with pain, and bloating
  • Adrenal fatigue or exhaustion

  • Full thyroid panel is a good baseline and can indicate if the thyroid is high or low fucntioning. TSH, T3, T4
  • Basal Body temperature testing: If your average body temperature is consistently lower than 98.6 degrees, it may be a strong indicator for hypothyroid condition.
  • Adrenal testing should also be considered with a saliva test done by your natropath/homeopathic practitioner. Most often the adrenals are also affected and should be treated alongside the thyroid.

Most at Risk:

  • Women, 40+ especially those peri menopausal.
  • People who are chronically emotionally, mentally or physically stressed.
  • Those with a family history of thyroid disease or other endocrine conditions.
  • Those suffering from another chronic pathology and/or are on prescription meds for it, such as bowel or digestive diseases, cancer, cardiovascular /heart disease, liver conditions, kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, ect, ect.
  • Those exposed to radiation.
  • Women right after pregnancy.
  • Already have another autoimmune disease : i.e. Lupus, MS, arthritis, colitis, allergies
  • Injury or traumatic accident
  • Those with HIV/AIDS
  • Over 60
Next post: Learn which FOODS TO AVOID and harm your hypothyroid.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5 Ailments you can treat naturally and without resorting to harmful medications.

Popping pills has become a disturbing habit among people looking to find relief from many common maladies. It is always wise to have a full physical, including a full blood panel analysis annually. This way you can rule out any serious conditions or pathologies. Ideally we want to prevent disease from taking place in the first place. Knowing the vital blood markers for health will help you identify any possible areas of concern.

If you suffer from occasional minor headaches, colds, cuts or bruises, coughs, or indigestion there are natural alternatives you can implement instead of reaching for the over the counter chemical based medications.

Remember each time you take a suppressing pharmaceutical drug, you are numbing and not healing the ailment you are experiencing. What you resist PERSISTS!


Remedy: WATER

Consider how well hydrated you are. How much water are you drinking daily? Also how many caffeinated beverages are you consuming? Caffeine based drinks rob your body of vital fluid, and the caffeine often can lead to tension based headaches. Often times headaches are a symptom of a poor diet and a low level of hydration. So cut out artificially sweetened foods and drinks (ie. aspartame based drinks like diet pop), processed foods such as white bread, baked goods, fried foods and anything that comes out of a fast food restaurant. ANYTHING processed has ADDITIVES and chemicals that may be TRIGGERING your headaches. Also you may have a food intolerance or allergy. Most offending allergens are: Wheat, corn, sugar, dairy, eggs, peanuts, soy and gluten.

Indigestion, Nausea, Upset Stomach:


Indigestion can be caused by overeating, a food allergy, a virus, ulcers or other digestive diseases and STRESS. So for minor and occasional discomfort you can reach for ginger. Ginger is one of the best anti nausea and tummy settling herbs around. It can help with morning sickness for those expecting, motion sickness from traveling, and nausea brought on by flus or bacterial infections.

My motto with diets and health always is to get your nutrition from whole foods given by mother earth. Supplements have a place, however they should not be relied upon to achieve a sound diet. Probiotics is one supplement that I would say is required by everyone living in a modern industrialized nation. We are far too stressed, rushed, and eat poorly for the most part, to sustain a healthy digestive tract.

Probiotics is the best digestive and immune insurance you can invest in.

It is proven to increase overall immunity, prevent and treat digestive disease such as ULCERS, COLITIS and IBS and symptoms that lead to pathology such as constipation or diarrhea. Probiotics are healthy gut bacteria that will keep a healthy balance of flora in your system.

Sore Throat and Ulcers

Remedy: Licorice Root (tea or tincture formula)

Licorice is an herb with demulcent (soothing, coating agents) and expectorant (rids phlegm and mucous from the respiratory tract) properties. As such it is highly beneficial for minor upper respiratory tract ailments such as coughs, sore throats, and sinus infections. It is also HIGHLY beneficial to those with ulcers, and any inflammation in the digestive tract. Licorice helps to decrease the burning pain that ulcers are known for.

Inflammation is a symptom that should not be left ignored. Your body is telling you something is not balanced, and left supressed with pharmaceutical pills only will eventually cause more serious problems later on. Address the issue underlying the problem by really looking at your lifestyle and what needs to be CHANGED. You alone are responsible for what you eat and how you choose to live your days.

Bruises, Cuts, or Scrapes:

Remedy: Homeopathic Arnica, Olive Oil

Every single household should have Arnica in homeopathic form and topical cream in their medicine chest. This is one of the "miracle" first aid remedies for injuries and 1st stage trauma to tissues. I have seen arnica heal bruises, speed up the healing of bone injuries, muscles and tendons tears and ligament injuries. Nothing works like Arnica.

My own mother suffered a bad fall and nearly broke her nose. I gave her 3 doses of arnica minutes after the fall. She experienced no pain, no blood loss and bruising diminished within a few days!

A patient of mine who suffered minor injuries in a car accident reported that just 2 doses of Arnica (which he had in his car at the time of injury, smart dude!) right after the accident reduced bruising, and pain "miraculously". What should have been major bruising and pain from the impact on his shoulder and face, was minor and healed within 2 days of the accident! Go buy some now if you don't have any, it's really that good!

Olive oil is another healing agent you should consider for cuts and scrapes. The ancient egyptians not only drank this elixir for health, but they slathered it on their bodies to heal the skin. Olive oil has anti bacterial properties and will help heal cuts thereby reducing any chances of SCARRING. Its more than just a tasty salad dressing ;)

To your health always,



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The VOICE in your head may destroy your best efforts!

Art work by Glenn Mcleary

There it is again. Do you hear it? "You aren't doing this right! You really are screwing up again. Why are you so stupid? Why can't you get it right? Hurry up, you don't have time to waste! Your hair looks like crap, and its a another fat day." And on and on and on and on it goes.

Does this voice sound familiar?

It's all in your head, and yet the frustration seems so real. The words go on lingering. Your whole body takes on a different state. You become the neurosis, you breath the chaotic voices, your whole being seems to take on the identity of the voice inside your head.

THIS is where it becomes problematic.

It's not that the voice is a problem, or the real culprit here. It's your thinking thoughts about the voices. Its your judgements on what the the thoughts may mean. The moment you begin to judge, criticize, interpret or define that voice, then you have fallen into what I call the EGO TRAP, and that is one icky, sticky, and painful trap to get caught in.

We all have the voice. We all have rambling thoughts that seem to go on and on and on. It's what you do with them that makes or breaks your present moment. If you allow the thoughts to define you, or if you begin to judge the feelings you feel as "bad" or even worse that YOU are bad, stupid, not good enough, not smart enough, not working hard enough or whatever than you will forever be a slave to the suffering and pain you feel.

So here is a suggestion.

Just be.

Sounds too simple? Maybe. But why does everything in life need to be complicated, hard or "not easy" in order to be valid? Why must we have to suffer, slave, live in a continous state of stuggle and challenge in order to feel we have earned a badge in life? A badge which at the end of the day, means ZERO and only pain and suffering to YOU.

Just sit with your pain, suffering, anxiety, neurosis, depression, grief, heartache over a break up, betrayal, anger, sadness or whatever you want to label as your stress or feeling. Without resisting it, and just feel it. You won't crumble, vanish or die. You go inwards, and feel what it is to be human. Then you learn, by purely observing what happens.

Here are 3 steps to break free from that INNER HEAD GAME:

1) Sit and STOP yourselfBold:

Stop for 2 minutes, 3 times a day. That's a huge grand total of 6 minutes of your day. 6 minutes to reset your whole nervous system, and charge your internal connection to source energy. 6 minutes that will give you far more leverage than any cup of coffee, pill or food will ever deliver. Those 6 minutes will increase your productivity like nothing else. Try it, before you blow it off. Then let me know what happens ;)

2) FEEL :

After you physically stop, just feel whatever it is that you are feeling, but here is the kicker : WITHOUT commentary, judgement, or interpretation. This is what we in the mind/ body field call "Be the observer" or the witness to whatever it is that is going on right now in your body, mind and whole being.


I just don't get tired of suggesting this one, because time and time and time AGAIN it has brought me to experience peace and internal calm. I can't rave about this enough. Your breath is directly linked to your state of being. As soon as you are STRESSED, anxious, or hurting your breath changes right along with it. YOU NEED TO BREATH with conscious awareness EVERY SINGLE DAY. This means tuning in, and actually feeling your breath move in and out of your body. It has an almost INSTANTANEOUS calming affect! Trust me this is a SAVIOUR to your whole well being.

In health always,



Monday, May 16, 2011

What the heck is Homeopathy? How Homeopathy heals disease and the proof to show it!

Similia Simibus Curantur = Like Cures Like

Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine that is founded on the principle that "like cures like". Homeopathic remedies are made from substances found in nature such as plants, minerals and animals. These remedies are made from substances that in pure or crude form cause the same symptoms in healthy people. Hence the "like cures like principle".

So for example, when you cut raw onions, you most likely will begin to tear, your eyes get red, and itchy. This is "similar" to that of a histamine reaction in someone who has an allergy. So giving the homeopathic remedy allium cepa (onion), often can help alleviate allergic type symptoms. This is a very basic example to explain the premise here. There are other remedies specifically indicated for the particular reaction you experience. Hence the highly individualized nature of prescribing remedies and treatment.

Homeopaths practice in a manner that offers a very personalized prescription. Patients are given a very thorough session where a record of all their symptoms are recorded. The chief complaint you come in with is often only highlighted for a brief period during the intake. There is an emphasis on understanding ALL the emotional, mental and physical symptoms and their interrelationship . A symptom picture emerges based on the WHOLE individual and not just the allergy or headache. A remedy is then chosen which matches this very specific personalized intake.

Homeopathy also relies on the principle of "minimal dose and dilution". So homeopathic remedies are prepared in a very precise way using highly diluted solutions. The belief is that the higher the dilution, the stronger the potency of the medicine. This goes against the laws of conventional chemistry. However, as we have made and continue to make discoveries in quantum physics and nano biotechnology, we have VOLUMES of documentation to prove how minute substances are far more powerful than once thought.

Scientists such as Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and Jacques Benveniste (google these guys when you have a chance, they will blow your socks off!) just to name a few, have astounding research to prove how the quantum world is truly our gateway to medical breakthroughs, and puts the current conventional system in the dinosaur category.

There has been recent heat and debate over the validity and efficacy of homeopathic medicine. It often is a result from conventional medicine attempting to undermine any effort that is not pharmaceutical based healthcare. Big Pharma wants to sell sell sell. The bottom line is their business model. This often comes at the risk of YOUR health. Their ethics are highly questionable. If you don't believe me check this article out and read how studies on medications were faked to pass regulations and get on market shelves:

So here are 3 prime examples of how well homeopathy has treated illness.

The following are scientifically documented studies and cases that provide proof for those still skeptical.

1) Cuban Leptospirosis Study:

The largest homeopathic study took place in Cuba, and involved 2.3 million Cuban patients. They were all given 2 doses of homeopathic remedy as a preventative treatment for a hurricane-triggered disease called leptospirosis. With this treatment the infection rate for this bug dropped down to nearly ZERO! Check this site for more info

2) Bristol Homeopathic Hospital

From 1997-2003 we have documentation of one of the most comprehensive patient outcome surveys that analysed over 23,000 outpatient consultations at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital in the U.K. The follow up records show that more than 70% showed clinical improvement following homeopathic treatment. Impressive were the following results for these specific disease ailments:

  • Asthma improved in 89%
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome improved in 72%
  • Crohn's/Ulcerative Colitis improved in 76%
  • Depression improved in 71%
  • Eczema improved in 82%
  • Chronic headaches and migraines improved in 74%
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome improved in 71%
  • PMS and Menopausal symptoms improved in 77%
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis improved in 70%
Need more proof? Then please check out :

3) The Lancet Allergy Study:

The Lancet has been hot and cold towards homeopathy, however this particular 8 week trial was published with a huge amount of supportive attention. The trial examined 28 patients who were divided into a double blind study for 4 weeks. One group received a homeopathic remedy of their allergen in a 30CH potency. and the other received a placebo. Participants were tested by using the conventional prick test for allergies. After the first week 9 of the 11 experienced improvement compared to the 5 of 13 in the placebo group. The homeopathic group experienced a median 53% increase in histamine resistance compared to only 7% in the placebo group.

Homeopathy is an incredibly effective, deep acting yet gentle treatment for disease and illness. It promises a less invasive way to address disease symptoms. It often can help prevent further progression of disease and in many cases cure pathologies. This is however dependant on a number of factors.

It is said that when the student is ready the teacher appears. Well with healing, I believe that when the patient is ready, the healing and cure appear to support the patient's own healing capacity. You must have the intention to want to heal, and let go of what is in the way of that.

Sometimes that is our own selves. Our thoughts, actions and words all play a part in what results in our lives. Let's aim at being our own best friend, instead of our own worst enemy :)

In health always,



Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It's really quite simple to manifest better and better outcomes in your life. It does require effort and daily practice of a certain type of mindset, attitude and perspective on life. 100 people could be given the same circumstances and depending on their attitude and belief system, the outcomes result in a myriad of ways.

How do you face each day? What do you bring to the table of your life situations? If you choose to believe in constraints, negatives, and limitations than that is your result. If you navigate this wondrous life we have with a sense of gratitude, appreciation and openness of mind than guess what, that is what you ultimately manifest over and over and over again.

Your life experiences are a direct reflection of the THOUGHTS, INTENTIONS, and BELIEFS you harbour on a consistent basis. Zig ziglar describes the negative, pessimistic outlook quite nicely by calling it "Stinkin' Thinkin' ". As one of this world's most renowned motivational speakers, Ziglar is a prime example of what can be done when you make the effort to surround yourself with positive PLACES, PEOPLE, and THINGS. He was a self made man, and proved that whatever your heart desires is possible if you can harness the power of your thoughts and beliefs. You are what you eat, say, do, think and believe. You just cannot escape that fact!

So EVERY single day you must do a check up from the neck up. This means you need to feed your mind, body and soul with POSITIVE energy, thoughts, beliefs, and INTENTIONS.
It truly is the only way to live a more successful, prosperous, satisfying and blessed life.


1) Surround yourself with positive, successful, vibrant people

Just today I was fortunate enough to spend some time with a friend who exudes from every pore positive infectious energy. He helped me turn some of my limited thought patterns right around and see the scenario in a more prosperous light. You must check out his site and see what this guy offers to the world : www. and

2) Rev up the Engine RIGHT when you first WAKE UP:

The first 5 minutes after you wake up are the most critical of your day. You can either gear yourself to approach the day with a head full of abundant awesomeness or you can settle in to your gloomy and limited mindset. Which sounds more fun? You have the choice EVERYDAY! Don't pass the buck and make excuses it's out of your control to get more out of your life. Excuses eventually causes regrets, which eventually cause you to resent and live in more pain and suffering. What do you really want in this life? Begin each morning seeing it, visualize it with every fabric of your being, make is so real that you can't help but be excited to live the passions and dreams in your life.

3) THOUGHTS+ BELIEFS+ WORDS= Actions & Outcomes

Every thought you have creates an outcome. Every BELIEF you harbour creates an outcome. Every WORD you utter creates an outcome. Do you see a pattern here? Change your thoughts, beliefs and words, and watch your world change. Don't take this lightly. THOUGHTS and WORDS become things. Talk crap, and you get crap. Think crap and guess what you get crap. So what do you really want in life?

4) Your BODY is your Temple:

I've touched on this in past blog posts. Some people take better care of their cars then their bodies. It blows my mind. You have to live in your body 24/7. Your energy level, your health and how you feel on a daily basis is a direct result of how you choose to take care of your body or not. Treat it with respect, give it healthy food, move it daily, and ultimately LOVE it and you won't feel like crap. If you can't get through a full day feeling strong, vibrant and motivated than you aren't taking care of your body. It is NOT NORMAL to feel tired, and lethargic for most of the time. Change your lifestyle habits and start to really care about the body you live in. You will be amazed at how much your life will improve on every level once you get this!


I saved my favourite ones till last. The quality of of your life is in direct proportion to how much gratitude you feel towards all you have. Even for the bad, dark and ugly stuff. Yes LOVE IT ALL. Truly it all has a purpose and can drive you to achieve things you never would think were possible. The ugly messy things in life are there to point you to the direction of where you would rather be. They are there to teach you lessons about yourself and who you can be.

Reverence is so sacred and powerful in our lives. What do you really respect? What do you honour with all your heart and soul? What is your truth? What are the things you VALUE and would never ever settle for less? Give these things attention, love and care and watch how your external world changes in amazingly gratifying ways.

You need to ask yourself these questions. They are vital if your want to get CLEAR on what is IMPORTANT in your life. If you don't know what is SACRED and NON NEGOTIABLE in your life, than what is the meaning and value of your existence here? Too often we are lenient in this department. The "oh whatever" attitude is an empty, and very weak attitude to have. It will not allow you to live with passion, purpose and vitality.

I always welcome your feedback :)



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Emotional eating began when you were in your diapers!

If you are dieting, have dieted or struggling with your weight you must realize the core problem is not food. Food merely in and of itself is a fuel source available to us to maintain our nutritional needs.

We attach emotions to food from learned behaviour growing up with our caretakers and superiors. Often a sense of gratification is sought after when we eat food in response to our emotional anguish or pain. This is not because you are WEAK or deficient in willpower. That is the most archaic ideology around this subject to exist. You were TAUGHT that food can be a reward, a punishment, filling when you feel empty, "good" or "bad" and many more things your parents, grandparents, teachers and others who were around you led you to believe.

When I see parents rewarding their toddlers with candy or treats because they used the toilet properly, or got an A on their math test I just cringe. Our children are not our pets that we need to praise or scold with food. Emotional eating begins from when we were in our diapers.
Children instinctually know what, how much and when to eat. But because parents are on their own schedules with work, home and daily duties they neglect to give them that much credit. So they feel the need to decide based on what they think is best and their own time constraints.

This truly is not nurturing their children's intuitive ability to eat for their needs. Hence the adult problem many of us face with emotional eating and bingeing.

Thoughts and Actions Hold a Charge

Every thought or action you make is infused with an INTENTION. I will go even further to say that the intention holds a particular energetic vibration or charge. This then produces an outcome or effect. So every time you eat there is a particular energy you are investing into your actions towards the food, yourself and even to others.

When you eat because you are sad, lonely or depressed and filling a void, there is a subconscious thought pattern or learned conditioning that is being perpetuated. When you eat because you are angry, frustrated or anxiety stricken you are reacting to an underlying feeling of fear. Fear is behind every negative emotion out there. We either operate from fear or from the opposite and only healing mechanism available and that is LOVE.

So begin to bring an awareness to every meal and action of eating you have in your day. This is the only way to end the dieting and the insanity that has resulted.

Here are some ways to start being mindful with food :

1. SIT when you eat and preferably not in front of the TV, theatre screen, hockey arena and so on. Stop eating when you are driving or standing. Learn from the italians that do not partake in the drive through or take out mentality. Sit, enjoy and actually know you are eating food.

2. SLOW down. Chew your food with every bite. Put down your fork in between bites. Take a breath every once in awhile. You get the picture. Sounds pretty basic, yet most of us don't even take at least 20 minutes to eat a meal. Shoving food down encourages digestive problems, poor assimilation, and only perpetuates the frenzy and chaotic pace your mind has taken on.

3. Get SENSUAL. I don't have the context here to describe the kinky stuff here, so you can research that for yourself ;) What I do suggest is that you truly begin to SMELL, SEE, FEEL and TASTE your food. We have become so DISCONNECTED to our food, and where it comes from and how we prepare it, that we just seem to go through the motions. Food has an origin. Its grown, cultivated, harvested, transported, sold and eventually arrives in your fridge. Don't forget this. Look at your food. Take the time to prepare meals with a positive intention and not one of "whatever". Taste it by really taking the time to savour what you prepared, what farmers enabled us to have and what you are essentially graced with. Intention, intention, intention!

4. Stop and CHECK IN! This is what every EMOTIONAL EATER must do. You need to stop or pause before you eat. Just make it as habitual as brushing your teeth every morning and night. You must begin to interrupt negative patterns and automatic pilot responses. This is the CORE foundation of my Safe Method program for natural weight loss. You must get in touch with what is happening INSIDE before you reach OUTSIDE. Are you eating because you really are hungry or do you feel pissed off, depressed or bored? Take 2 minutes and close your eyes, 3 deep breaths and assess. With practice, and COMPASSION you will learn how to RESPOND to emotions instead of REACT to them without mindfulness.

I invite you to message me with your stories, comments and experiences around this subject.

In health always,



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

6 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence Now!

Many of us have at some point or another felt self conscious and down on ourselves. We feel we could be smarter, slimmer, wealthier, funnier, more popular, better mother father or sibling and the list goes on.

How do confident people remain with their chin raised up high and just let things roll off their back? It comes from their connection to their internal Self and from a strong sense of self compassion.

It takes practice, and the process of learning to just be with yourself is the actual goal. We often aim to "get somewhere", to achieve the end result, to "gain the prize" and yes it's phenomenal to have goals and desires. However, if you lose all the lessons, experiences and ultimately yourself in the process you have lost the most priceless thing. Your connection to your higher Self which is the only place we attain ultimate freedom and joy.

Have you ever been engrossed in something you love so passionately that you lost all concept of time, space and fully remained present to the very moment of the experience? That is true freedom from suffering and pain. You are completely experiencing the moment, and you are connected with your heart and soul, and that is pure love in motion. I believe that is what the Buddhists call "Nirvana".

Being confident is related and comes from this inner space of love. You must respect and love yourself in order to project that outwardly to others, your work and your life path. It is from within that we create our external realities. Not the other way around.

6 ways to BOOST your Self Confidence:

1. Take CARE of yourself!

We invest our money with great care, we keep our new home clean and maintained, we cherish the blackberries, ipads, macs, and ipods as if they were our kids, we maintain cars better than our own bodies. It's really quite amazing how much we neglect our own selves in an effort to increase our status and hopefully gain other's approval. Eat a clean and healthy diet free of sugars, excess fats, processed junk and fast food poisons. Go to the gym, or climb, ride, run and hike. Just move and feel the power and strength in your body. Get to sleep at a decent hour, and get at least 7 hours a night. Pray, meditate and give of yourself to those in need. What you put into yourself is what you will be able to offer back to others.

2. Be aware of your body language:

Do you slump when you sit or stand? Do you give half dead handshakes? Do you hold your head up, shoulders straight and look others in the eyes when you are conversing? All these things affect your confidence. Bad posture is not only bad for your spine, but it also does not allow you to share your positive vibrant energy with others. In yoga practice we are repeatedly asked to open the shoulders, and heart centre in every pose. We are thus "allowing" and not closed off to the world or our interaction with another or ourselves.

3. Surround yourself with ADDITIONS:

For some of you that know me personally, you've heard me say this way too many times than you think is necessary. One more time won't hurt. Who you surround yourself with will either add to your life or be a subtraction. Surround yourself with people who value the same core values you hold. Surround yourself with people who are passionate in their own lives about their loves. Surround yourself with people who aren't afraid of being themselves and don't need to fake it to gain acceptance. Surround yourself with people who strive to better themselves, give from their hearts, and really give a dam about others. You don't need drama queens, victims, pessimistic and constantly negative people around you. They become your ENERGY vampires.

4. Focus on Solutions:

We often get caught up in the negative circumstance at hand. That gets us no where. Focus on what you can do to change, or improve something. If you feel out of shape and body conscious start to develop a real plan to overhaul your daily habits. You have to really want to change in order to see things improve in your life. Too many times we give up on our ourselves because we allow our minds to convince us we're not good enough. Tell it take a hike, and then take ACTION , with baby steps to achieve want you want in life. You are worth it, and if you don't believe that with every ounce of your being, you will forever struggle to achieve anything you desire in life.

5. Increase Competence and Knowledge:

There is always room to learn something new, or expand on your current skill set. The caveat here is to do this with the intention of improving something you love, and are passionate about. Not to acquire another badge or trophy so you can impress mom. Learn from reading books, interacting with people in your career field or network, collaborating with your community or taking a course. If you are a writer and want to gain more competence in this arena , simply keep the seat of your pants on the seat of your chair. Practice whatever it is you want to improve in your life.

6. Gratitude and use that killer smile as often as you can:

Gratitude is by far one of the most healing, and positive generating emotions we can have. We can easily lose sight of all the phenomenal abundance already present in our lives. We can take for granted that we can walk, see, talk, and eat without assistance. We can forget how much freedom we have living in a 1st world country that honours free speech and all human rights and freedoms. When we keep complaining about what it is "wrong" in our lives we fail to see all that is "right" beautiful and truly amazing in our lives. Shift your focus, and you instantly shift your personal vibration. Try this out. Just smile more. It's simple really. Smile for no reason at all. Then smile for all the numerous things that are awesome in your life. We all have them. Its just our choice to see them.

Head up, shoulders strong and strut like you own the world ;) The only person you need to convince is yourself. Eventually you'll believe how great you already are ;)