Sunday, April 25, 2010

My little Pink Book -Write to make Right

I bought my first diary at the age of 10. I remember how special it was to me. I saved up enough allowance money and decided I would get a really snazzy one at the fancy card store.

I remember like it was yesterday. It was pink, and had a little girl on the front cover, and shiny metalic patterns all over it. I fell in love with it and bought it right on the spot. The lady behind the counter excitedly demonstrated how to use the little lock on the side so that all my 'private' messages would only been seen by my eyes. "WOW!!!" I thought. I can actually just be ME and NO ONE can stop me!

I fell in love with writing and haven't stopped journaling ever since.

In my childhood that little book meant more to me than any barbie doll, candy bar, video game, or pretty dress around. It gave me my own personal space to say, be and do whatever I pleased. Growing up I often felt very stifled and controlled being raised by a traditional Italian family. They had the best intentions and did the best they could. I admire them in so many ways. But struggles for establishing boundaries always was an ongoing issue.

That little pink book, gave me the ability to VOICE my feelings in a very safe way, especially when things didn't always feel so safe. I filled pages and pages of feelings, thoughts, emotions and ideas I had about what I saw around me and how I felt in my world. I could say whatever I wanted and no one was going to CORRECT me, or judge my ideas. or lay on any guilt trips for the words I had inside.

My little Pink book was my salvation when I wanted to talk and no one was there to listen.
When I wanted to share when no one was there to accept my gifts. When I just wanted to be silly, and create imaginative out of my world stories that no one really was interested in listening to.

I'm not sure I would have made it through as well as I did if it weren't for my little Pink book. Even today I find writing to be such a therapeutic tool. I can't leave it for too long without getting the itch to let it out on paper.

Begin a journal today. If you already have, bravo! If you haven't then really consider starting one and you will magnify your efforts of achieving greater self awareness and healing.

Journaling will give you the opportunity to let go of the past, will present you with what you are right now, and will enable you to begin the healing process in a very safe and insightful way. Through the process of putting words down on paper, you will allow that INNER voice to express itself. You will be able to effectively do self inquiry whereby you illuminate the dark areas of your life. You can come to terms with them, embrace them and ACCEPT them for what they are. Your darkness gains light and you integrate the learning you need to grow more aware, and present to your higher Self.

Here are some ideas of journal styles you can use to begin writing consistently:

1) Abundance Journal:

Begin every morning or last thing before bed with a journal entry of what you are APPRECIATIVE of in your life. I call this an Abundance Journal. Just free flow write everything you feel so gracious for. This is powerful in soo many ways. You are reminded of just how much you have in life everyday. This encourages you to stay on top of your goals, and keeps the fire beneath your desires stoked like mad!

2) Accomplishment and Goals Journal:
Everyday or night you write what you have accomplished or any goals you have reached or want to set. Its purely a tool to stay CONNECTED with your desires to manifest all the things you want in life. You can explore goals more closely and fine tune your approach in areas that need more attention. You will realize any patterns that may be limiting you or actually allowing you to forge forward. Its amazing how writing down your goals on a consistent basis can solidify your accountability to everything you want to achieve in life. Its like your own personal contract. Harder to let yourself down when its stares right back at you on paper!

3) Feelings/ Emotions Journal:

This type of journal is very useful for emotional eaters, people with addictions and patterns of self abuse, emotional trauma, mood disorders such as anxiety or depression, and much more.
Emotions like I have said in other posts, are the MOVEMENTS of your feelings in the body. They are transient. Not like scars that don't ever go away.

Writing down your feelings and emotions allows you to pour out your heart, so that you aren't HOLDING all that in. It frees you up, lightens your load, and allows you to just vent without being subject to anyone's intervention. You get to just say it like you feel it in a safe and healthy way. It's a great middle step to take before you confront others. For some confronting others is the hardest thing possible. So getting it out on paper helps begin the process of not stuffing down feelings, and denying they exist in the first place.

Write to make right!

Would love your feedback! How do you journal? How does it help you deal and heal?

Love and Light!



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