Monday, April 19, 2010

The Secret To Effective Visualization To Break Through Fear, Obtacles and Your Pain

Use Your Mind's Eye To Heal and Core Connect

It felt so refreshing to feel the rain just begin to sprinkle down from the clouds above. The coolness as it hit my warm skin made me shiver ever so slightly and I could see the bumps form on my arms and legs. Raising my eyes to the sky again brought me to see the darkness now move in on what had been a very calm bright sunny day. The clouds were thick, heavy and settling into what was to be quite a chaotic storm of sorts. Raging into one another caused the first sounds of deafening thunder, and I could almost feel the earth shake beneath my feet. The pressure grew heavier and heavier over my head and every bone in my body felt the tremors of my fear. Darker and darker was its presence, until a flash of lightening beamed over my head causing me to lose my balance and stumble right to the ground. My face felt the full impact of my fall. Then a cold numbness came over my entire body. Frozen from a paralyzing pain I drifted off to another place.

How do you feel after reading that? Did your body react? Could you see the darkness of the clouds? Could you hear the sounds of it all?

We visualize without even knowing it on a daily basis. But often its negative pictures that we conjure up for ourselves. This only reinforces false beliefs and negative thinking. What if we actually painted a more bright, colourful, enlivened portrait for ourselves. Seeing ourselves healing. Feeling the vitality we seek. Hearing the voice of love speak to us with comforting words of support and encouragement.

Visualizing on a daily basis is profoundly powerful for our psyches, our bodies and souls. For the mind, visualizing positive images triggers states of being that are therapeutically healing. For our bodies, visualizations connect us to our bodies' cells, organs, parts and whole physiological being. For our soul, visualization is nurturing and satisfies it's hunger for wholeness.

Visualization heals you. Your mind does not know what is real or imagined. So every time you visualize you are programming your whole self with data. Which data are you downloading onto your psyche, body and soul? Visualize as if you already are what you desire most. Visualize being in the scenarios that will bring you happiness, fulfillment and true bliss.

3 ways to Make Visualization the Most Powerful Manifestation Tool You Can Ever Use!

1) Don't just see it FEEL IT!

Most people who visualize in meditation are not accessing the greatest possible potential of the practice. When you do a visual guided meditation or just your own personal visualization of what you desire, imbue FEELING into the session. Feel the emotions you desire in that ideal state. Feel the expansiveness of love, joy or fulfillment. Feel with your heart center how intensely happy you are in that particular scenario. If you want to sky rocket your career, FEEL the emotions that would accompany that job promotion or huge profit gain. If you want to get in better shape, feel the sense of satisfaction you will have when you fit in your skinny jeans again. Really get specific and put all of yourself into it. Feel, see, hear and imagine the taste of it all. Engaging all the senses BOOSTS the power of your visualization practice multiple times over.

2) The Breath

In any type of meditation guided or not, the breath must come into play. The breath is the cornerstone of Core Connection Healing. Before workshops, events or talks I give, we always begin with few moments of stillness whereby we get in tune with our breathing. We listen to the breath, we feel the breath, and we use different techniques to access our intuitive genius within. Without breath work you are relying on the mind and Ego to do the work. That is not working from your Higher Self, and your truth.

3) The Light

The symbolism of the light has its roots in very ancient practices and most world religions. The Light of the earth. The Light in our Hearts. The Light of our Soul. When visualizing use the Light to magnify the healing you experience. Inhale the light, and feel it touching every atom of your being. Imagine pure white light as an ELIXIR to whatever ails you. You may imagine the light surrounding your whole being, and protecting you everywhere you go. You envision the light in your liver, stomach, head or back and see it flowing there healing the disturbance. It's not airy fairy stuff. Its proven that visualizing your body healing is a huge part of recovery and may improve your chances of a full cure.

So if it's that 6 pack set of abs you want, SEE it and feel the strength of what having a solid core would offer you. Or if you want to manifest a loving intimate partnership with someone envision the whole experience of what that means to you. The way that person makes you feel in their presence. The wholeness of true love that is shared between two souls.

The more specific and vivid you get with this the more magnified the results!

Visualize to Core Connect with that deepest part of you. The inner healer and teacher is eternally at your disposal.

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Walk lightly in love and Light,




  1. Great post Piera. Yes, visualiation is so important. And again, the breath plays such a key role.

  2. Excellent post... you know, you could include a sound file with that first paragraph, it would be such a trip. I bet you are a great facilitator of group visualizations (I don't know the technical term, use to do them in retreats and in theatre classes).