Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Core Connection - You are Part of Something Beautiful

Con.nect: To join, link, unite or bind. To bridge a gap or to establish communication between two things.


Its time to Core Connect! What does that mean?

To unify with the universal life force with passion, enthusiasm and complete integrity. It's time to come back to source energy and realize our greatest potential. It has never left our existence. We have just not awakened to it.

There has never been a time so dynamic as the present. There is a new age of thought and awareness upon us, and it brings such amazing changes of progression and growth. Will you let this pass you by?

Core Connection healing has become my life work and passion. Core Connection is unifying with that internal presence that never fails you. It sustains your vitality, well being and passions for an exceptional and joyous life.

I came to learn the power of connecting to my Higher Self with time, persistence and dedication to find the most effective ways to tap into that non fallible knowing we all possess within our inner most beings.

When you Core Connect you come to a greater awareness of your whole existence. You come to a place of pure egoless presence. And it is here that you find and cultivate healing. Disease, pain, suffering and mental/emotional distress are not our natural states. At the inner most core of our being, lies the seat of our potential for joy, happiness and pure infinite love.

I invite you to follow my blog, learn, interact and ask questions and begin your own process of Core Connecting. I have created The Safe Methodtm as a means to directly use the body, mind and spirit to access that inner most innate healing capacity you already have within you now. I have worked extensively with people with a vast array of chronic, acute and even terminally ill disease states. The Safe Method encompasses sound holistic practices based on energetically healing the body, mind and soul. It has proven to bring alleviation of pain, suffering and mental/emotional stress time and time again.

Let's Core Connect! Let's live in joy and well being. Let's live our passions and best possibilities. Let's grow, evolve and manifest greater and greater states of wellness. Let's live in unity with the Core and realize how living by our truth is the direct path to infinite happiness and thriving vitality.

I offer The Safe Method and all its invaluable attributes. I offer my guidance, attention and support. As you heal with Core Connection skills and tools, you heal not only your disease but more importantly the pain of your soul. Essentially the root and cause of your suffering.

Empowering or what?!

As Alexi Murdoch states so eloquently in the lyrics of his song: "You are part of something beautiful". You really are! Awaken to your greatest potential through Core Connection Healing. Are you ready for the ride of your life?

I am.

And always here to help :)


Piera Bonventre

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  1. Vitality in the colors and image selection, and overall tone. Looking forward to this.