Tuesday, April 20, 2010

5 simple ways "Program" Your Body to Heal, Stay Young and Thrive!

Stress ages us. It comes in numerous forms. From overworking or staying in jobs we don't like. Stress in the form of toxins we inhale, ingest and absorb from the environment and foods we eat. Stress due to dysfunctional relationships, family issues and loss. Or the stress of financial burdens or never feeling we have enough.

The body feels it ALL. Everyday we have a choice to accept our experiences or not. We can manage stress or let it manage us. How do you fare in this department?

Stress profoundly impacts your mind, body and deeper higher self. Everytime you tell yourself something negative with self reproaches or put downs, you are informing EVERY CELL in your body how unworthy and awful they are.

Think about that! Every cell, every atom every molecule of your being is keenly aware of its energetic environment. Which is EVERYTHING. If energy is everything, and everywhere, and everyone then your thoughts, feelings, actions, WORDS and beliefs are PURE ENERGY as well.

How do you speak to yourself? What kind of language are you using on a regular basis with yourself and others? Start to pay attention to this! You are programming every cell of your body each time you think a thought, feel a feeling, say a word, or repress it all.

I often give the example of how we speak to children and infants. When not screaming at them for being naughty, we would never intentionally hurt them or abuse them in any way, shape or form.

So why do we do that to OURSELVES?

Have you said any of the following to yourself?:
  • Your are so dumb, you can't get anything right
  • Your fat and ugly. Or " I have such a fat butt, my abs are gross, or I look like a cow!"
  • I can't do anything because of my pain, ailment, disease. Life is so unfair!
  • My parents, my spouse, my friends are to blame for my crap.

Where does the power lie in all of that negative talk? It's not within you when you place it on the external.

5 ways to "Program" Your Body to Heal

The following are all mind body spirit tools to enable Core Connection Healing.

  1. Visual Guided Meditation
Make time to sit or lie down in stillness and quiet. Find a space you feel safe and not distracted. Close your eyes and just get creative! Visualize your whole body flooded with healing light. Or if you are struggling with an illness or disease, VISUALIZE the cells of your organs or place of pain healing, getting stronger and more vibrant. Send the energy of the universe to whatever area needs your love and attention. The more often you go inwards and see yourself healing from within the stronger your immunity gets and overall vibration.

Book suggestion:

I highly recommend reading the book SPIRIT, BODY, HEALING by Michael Samuels- A doctor and modern day living Shaman. The whole book teaches the power of visualization to heal and overcome disease states. He gives detailed accounts of patients with debilitating and terminal illnesses and how so many found healing and new found realities with visualization practice.

2. The Art of Pausing

Stop yourself. I mean literally stop your actions, body and thought processes, especially in those moments when you get so riled up you think the world will collapse on you. Just stop, close your eyes and go inwards. Begin to intercept the anxiety, frustration, sense of panic or loss of control. This helps the body begin to interrupt habitual patterns. I've seen this work so well with people struggling with drug, alcohol or food addictions. We need to get out of AUTOMATIC PILOT mode and into PRESENCE.

So pause more throughout your day. Pause before you get out of the shower, pause before you leave your car, just pause and be still. It only requires a mere 30 seconds at a time. It will help you SLOW down

3. Positive Self Talk

STOP the self abuse and self loathing! It reinforces false beliefs and tells all the cells and energetic vibrations in your body they are not worthy of health, love and happiness. Give your body, mind and soul a fertile ground of positive thoughts and affirmations on a DAILY basis. Just like you brush your teeth everyday, talk to your whole being with respect, love and admiration everyday.

4. Feeling the Body

Without getting too kinky, I suggest you feel yourself physically. Get your mind out of the gutter and stay with me here ;) Place your hands on the various Chakra meridians on your body and feel the energy there. For example, in a lying down position with eyes closed, bring both hands to the heart center or chest area and feel the energy there. Its almost instantaneous! The very moment your hands comes into contact with your chest you connect to a power center of sorts.

We really lose a connection with our physical bodies, so that getting right into the body requires pure physical touch as one means to core connect. Another way would be to receive Reiki or other bodywork therapies such as massage or cranial sacral therapy. The touch of another human being is one of the most powerful ways to connect to our innate healing abilities. I'll expand on that in future posts!

5. Pranayama or The Practice of Mindful Breathing:

The Breath is involved in any mindfulness practice you engage in. I probably will never blog any posts that doesn't at least mention it once. It's that vital. The breath is your connection to your core. It is your direct connection to achieving presence and in that state of awareness you are able to tap in, tune into your inner teacher. The breath also gets you out of SURVIVAL mode, by calming the CNS (central nervous system) and lowering cortisol levels naturally. Get breathing!

To learn more about breathing techniques and Pranayama, please send your questions and comments here!

Be well and always travel on your path with a light touch and a deep soul!



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