Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to "Clean Up the VIRUS" and Lose Weight!

I've been working in the wellness and health industry for over a decade. During my undergrad I lived in gyms more than my house. I worked there, I worked out there, I ate there and I worked some more. Throughout it all I've seen and read all the new studies, fads come and go and realized it was mostly BS and marketing ploys. I love to read and learn. So in anything I get into, I immerse my self entirely!

So I read everything about weight loss, weight gain, exercise principles, "new" programs for weight training, all the cardio blunders and theories and endless amounts of hype.

The one thing I did really believe in and maintain a strong belief was that 80% of your success is diet. If you have a pretty decent personal trainer, he/she probably mentioned this to you. It was my core belief right from the beginning of my start in all of this.

However, now I will take it a step even further. Yes diet is HUGE. Your body runs on food for fuel. So food will affect you chemically and that translates into HORMONAL reactions. That alone is what kept me entirely focused on keeping the diet "clean", yet another label used to market books, diets, and weight loss programs.

But there is something even deeper than your diet that is MANDATORY to address in the battle of the bulge.


99% of your success in ANYTHING you do begins in the mind! I don't care what "program" you try or how strict you eat. Because anyone can cut food groups out and lose weight. The question is can they keep it off if their MIND is still FAT?

If you aren't conscious as to why you eat in the first place how can you address this issue?

If you aren't conscious of your BELIEF system towards yourself , food and feeling GREAT than how can you address this issue?

If you maintain limiting beliefs, insecurities, DOUBT, and fear (and this goes for ANYTHING in your life) than how can you change your body or anything else for that matter, long term?

It's a 99% MIND game. Get this point and you win.

Can we agree our brains are like computers?

Your mind has been programmed since the time you were in the womb. By the time you are 7 your personality and character is already formed. Most of it comes from your immediate environment: Parents! T.V , schooling and the other kids you interacted with.

You go on to learn from your parents, higher educational institutions, the media. peers, work, colleagues, all the places you hang out in, and all the people you surround yourself with. That's quite a bit of programming. Some of it is good and some not.

The not so good is like a VIRUS! That VIRUS is playing in the background 24/7. So no wonder you can't "understand why you can't lose weight, you can't get ahead, you can't make more money, you can't, you can't, you can't!".

WE NEED TO CLEAN THE VIRUS before we "clean the diet".

How to play the game right:

1) Acknowledging the VIRUS- Take out paper and pen, sit your butt down and make the time to do this crucial review. Get real with yourself. Write down everything negative you tell yourself, and you have heard yourself say to others. "I can'ts" are a great start.

2) Admitting Limiting Beliefs - to yourself and higher Self. Now read that list, and say them to your higher power, this can be God, Universe, Ganesh, Gaia or whatever you call it. Tell your Higher Power you want their guidance and connection to release these thoughts and limitations.

3) Surrender your Limitations- Give up those things that aren't SERVING YOU. Completely let go of these thoughts, and completely feel you are offering them up and that it will be taken care of without your needing to fix it all by yourself.

4) FEELing and replacing with what you desire. Now you can begin to formulate better feeling thoughts. I'm not taking about "positive affirmations".

Instead, state what you do want, what you really desire. Go further. FEEL what it is you want. Come on you can use that imagination! Run wild with it. Imagine what it would be like to attain the weight loss or whatever you want in life. FEELING is energy and it is tremendously POWERFUL to get the mind on track!

Clean up the virus of your mind. The rest will work itself out.

Tell me your story. I'm always up for offering guidance any way I can.

Love and Light



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