Monday, April 16, 2012

Take these 2 words out of your vocabulary, and watch SUCCESS explode in your life!

There are 2 words or more precisely a "phrase" we need to cut, and not copy or paste anywhere any longer.


You CAN stop saying that. Once you do, you change your whole perception on things, which means you change your thought process, your mood, your outlook, your words and then BAM your actions come into a greater alignment with YOU.

Stop saying I can't.

It is one of the most disempowering statements we can make. "I can't make enough money, I can't find a great partner, I can't do x, because I have y disease. I can't quit my job because I have bills to pay, kids to raise and too many commitments. I can't lose weight, it's in my genes. I can't feel better when I was treated so badly. I can't, I can't, I can't.

Well you can. You can do more than you can even imagine. Start with your words! That begins a powerful momentum in a new direction, where you can create new ideas and thoughts that lead to empowering ACTIONS.

3 Steps to Changing Your Words!

1) Idenify: First identify the negative mental tape that keeps going in your head, which are YOUR THOUGHTS!

2) Mindfulness: Then become aware how you speak. What do you say to your friends, spouse, parents, children, co workers? ect. What language do you use on a daily basis? Are you complaining about everything? Do you end up ranting about something in a discussion? Just be aware.

3) Refocus and rephrase: Then start to REPHRASE your habitual parlance. Use different words, and phrases. This is best accomplished when you shift your FOCUS and look at things differently. Change your thoughts about whatever presents itself, and you change the direction of the outcome. YOU have the CHOICE!

Words are powerful.

How can we deny that?

The president takes the podium and every word has an affect. Your mom criticized your irresponsible behaviour and that touched a sore spot. Your proff said your paper was pathetic, and you receded into rejection. Your lover told you how proud they were of you when you accepted the new position, and every part of you rejoiced with a sense of pride.

WORDS like THOUGHTS become things. So watch what you say, how you say them and with which intention you are uttering those sentiments. Your words create your circumstances and if you are desiring better circumstances, it stands right that you really begin to speak with more awareness.

Wishing you powerful words and even more powerful thoughts :)




  1. Some other words to remove from your vocabulary:

    - Try
    - But
    - Hope
    - If

    1. Thanks Jay! Yes definitely those words have little impact on our desires and actually inhibit them.