Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Be the butterfly! Transform your life and LIVE your purpose.

I spent an evening with a beautiful butterfly. She's not from the insect world exactly, but she definitely knows the forest life. I'm talking about Julia Butterfly Hill. A remarkable woman and amazing soul. She graced our presence on stage Tuesday night, during an evening of immense heart energy, that I will never forget. An evening of "Leading Lives of Purpose, Passion and Power...Turning Inspiration into Action!

She told her story of transformation and truly proved she is the butterfly that changed her world and now ours. From a period of self destructive behaviour she went on to discover and LIVE her purpose. She grew wings too.

Julia Butterfly lived in a 200 foot Redwood tree in a threatened forrest in California. She stood by the trees, her truth and for all the future generations to come. Trees are precious and we can often forget how much we take them for granted.

Let's STOP using paper cups!

Every time we waste paper, we are taking for granted the sacredness of trees and our own existence. Trees enable us to breath and when you disrespect that fact you in essence are disrespecting your own life and ALL Life.

I'm at fault for this too. I OWN that. I've used paper cups on the go, wasted napkins at lunch, and thrown out paper without a slight hesitation. I'm CHANGING that.

From sacrifice there comes a rebirth of new awareness.

Julia sacrificed her life and weathered the storms of the most brutal winter that hit Luna, the name she gave her tree. She encountered trigger happy hunters who tried shooting her and then with compassion and generosity offered her food. Imagine that!

She proved that there is a power beyond what we are encouraged to see in the media, our governments and all oppressive powers. A power that can break open our hearts and allow for CHANGE to take place in a world of desensitized complacency.

The power is LOVE.

Tears ran down my face and I too broke open.

I broke open from doubt, all the naysayings of our tribe, and my own personal limiting beliefs. I realized even though I Am one, I still affect the whole.

Even though I Am one, my every thought, word and action affect the whole. Even though I Am one, my truth tells me I must take responsibility and offer my best to make this planet better than when I first got here.

I Am one in the grand ONE of our whole existence. And so are you.

We are not small and insignificant. We can save trees, forests, people, lives, hurts, wounds, suffering and the planet, if we engage the strongest power we have as humans.

Our capacity to LOVE.

It is the highest of all vibrations. It has enabled human rights, created masterpieces, and HEALED people.

The work begins within. It must. For if we are at odds and separated within, we can only see the same without. We must go within, settle the war that we feel there and emerge victorious that we found our infinite ability to LOVE and BE LOVE.

Go inwards. Core Connect with your inner essence and realize how powerful you are to create change.

For when you reach that sacred place with your full, and complete attention and intention, there is no room for anything but Love. Devote your energy to that space instead of the rest.

Thank you Julia, our Butterfly for living your truth and helping us to discover ours.

Julia Butterfly Hill can be found at :

Love and Light



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