Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ask powerful questions and you receive powerful answers!

What kind of questions do you ask?  And what do you ask of yourself? 

I mean precisely, what flavour are your questions?

Do they sound like this?  :

Why does this always happen to me?

    Why do people do this to me all the time?
         Why can't I make more money, be more successful and have a great loving partner?

These questions are weak, and will not INSPIRE any action, let alone MASSIVE action.

Why?  Because they leave you a VICTIM.  

They also leave you in the problem, not the Soulution (that is a deliberate typo ;)

Any answer to those above questions defines only the problem and your current state. 

AND those questions WON'T GET YOU TO SHIFT!

When I teach the S.A.F.E Method™, the ASK process is probably my most favourite.  Because it truly empowers people to THINK powerfully, and ASK POWERFUL questions.  Questions that lead you to SOLVING and shifting to the RESOLUTION and get you to shift out of the limiting negative state you are in. 

You want challenges.  They aren't "bad" for you.  The problem is STAYING in the challenge or conflict longer than necessary drains our energy and doesn't propel us forward.

So to rephrase the above to more powerful questions try these:

How can I feel better or even a little better right now?

     What action can I take that will allow me to make more money, have a better                   relationship etc, etc?

             How can I attract better people, relationships in my life? 

Key point here:   

You are defining what you VALUE, what you truly believe you deserve and you are using your INTERNAL guidance system - your feelings to get you to a more authentic and powerful state.

These questions stimulate the brain to get you creative and provide Soulutions.  And if you go deep enough they access the internal KNOWER and spirit within you.

To learn more about the S.A.F.E Method™ and the "Fabulous 5" - The 5 most powerful questions you can ask to access your personal best then please contact me at:  or  647- 351-7282.  

My new website is coming soon!! So stay tuned my Core Connectors!  Thank you always for connecting with me :)



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