Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dis-ease: Why do we get sick? Learn how to prevent and heal disease!

Within the past few months, several of my family members and a few friends have been diagnosed with certain illnesses and pathologies. Even though I work with chronically ill and terminal patients, I never am immune to feeling compassion and a sense of confusion. When it hits home, it is all the more distressing. It seems to bring to the surface a sense of feeling things are just so unjust, and "don't make sense".

But they do. It is what is presently needing ATTENTION.

Disease often and unfortunately, awakens people to what needs attention, care and ultimately LOVE. So I will go as far as to state, that disease results when we have lost AWARENESS in our lives. The awareness of our body, our mind, and most importantly our spirit.

And when we have not consciously connected to our higher Self.

I nor alternative medicine can explain the exact cause or reason as to why we get sick or develop terminal disease. There is no one explanation because every human being is as diverse as the snowflakes that fall from the sky.

However we all embody a "Vital Force", which is a term I learned in Homeopathic College. This "force" is not a woo woo new age term. It is what animates you. It is what differentiates you, a living being from a dead body.

Historically it was thought that the heart is what was responsible for keeping us alive. Yes, it is a vital organ that is central to our health and wellness. However, what is it that keeps that heart ticking? What allows your heart to emit electrical impulses. pump your blood and oxygen throughout your body?

Hard to define when you can't see the vital force, measure it or put it in a test tube. But it lies at the very core of your being, and is responsible for keeping you in homeostasis or balance so that you heal and even prevent disease.

So why then do people get cancer? Get a heart attack and suffer chronic pain and degeneration?

I believe that disease is a result or manifestation of a long standing disharmony within. Yes there are cases where children fall ill and genetic disorders cause physiological derangements which lead to illness.

But let's put those cases aside and look at the majority of chronic illness and disease.

Disease is a result of an accumulation of not being Core Connected. What causes us to be disconnected to our higher Self?

  • Repression: When we don't honour our emotions, by releasing them in healthy ways we develop disease.

  • When we live in isolation, or with feelings of hopelessness and being unsupported we may develop disease.

  • When we reject our Truth and our Soul's calling to live our life purpose because we allow others or even our own resistance to get in the way, we develop disease.

  • When we live with resentment or anger towards others or ourselves we develop disease.

  • When we act out of greed, dishonesty, and unloving intentions towards others, we may develop disease.

  • When we feed our bodies dead food, void of nutrition and unconscious about where or how the food came to our plate, we may develop disease.

  • When we don't move our bodies, and feel the vitality within on a consistent basis in healthy ways, we may develop disease.

  • When we turn to alcohol, drugs, and other addictions negating our true need for love, we may develop disease.

  • When we can't offer our partner intimacy based on mutual respect, honesty and love, we may develop disease.

  • And ultimately at the core is the level of Love in our lives. When we first and foremost don't love ourselves, berate, degrade and sell ourselves out for others we may develop disease. When we can't love others without conditions and from a genuine place of giving we may develop disease.

Strengthening the Vital Force with Intention

Cultivating AWARENESS is the key.

Be conscious of what you are saying to yourself everyday.

Be conscious of your emotions and the sensations that come with them.

Be conscious of your words, actions and thoughts. For they all impact every cell, atom and part of your being. Every time you disown a part of yourself, by not being true to you, you are giving your immune system a harmful hit.

Give it words of praise, compassion and love and watch how your whole state and being changes. You say yes to Life. You enforce your most awesome Self.

Love and continued Light



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