Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is Reiki and can it help you heal?

In a world where tactile gratification ranks high and "seeing is believing" motto rules, the concept of energy healing becomes quite controversial.

You and I can't see energy. So how can someone heal with energy or be a channel of the transference of healing energy? Well look to the sages, the shamans, the Zen monks, the Mother Teresa's and John of Gods in the world and it is not so hard to believe.

I and millions of others have experienced such healing. The experience of having energy bodywork is truly not only a healing, but a gateway to connecting to your own innate, most powerful and amazing internal mechanism to heal.

And that is what Reiki is all about. In all energy healing, it is not really the hands of the practitioner healing you, it's more how you are enabled to connect to your own healing capability.

That capability is truly in everyone. We just aren't taught that. We aren't told that. And we definitely aren't learning that from the conventional medical community. They would call it airy fairy woo woo quackery.

Is Reiki quackery?

Not from my experience working with the hundreds of patients and clients both in my practice and hospice work. Even Dr. OZ now endorses his wife's practice of Reiki as being a very viable form of healing therapy.

Have all my clients been "cured". No.

Have they felt better, regained some insight about their dis-ease, lifestyle and emotions? Has the internal spirit been ignited to begin the process of healing? Do they begin to question what needs to be changed in their life, and let go of what isn't ADDING to their life? Do they leave the session feeling more safe in their process, more empowered and touched?

Does all of this lead to:

  • a stronger immunity
  • higher energy levels
  • less colds and flus
  • more vigor
  • more enthusiasm and passion in their life
  • weight loss, lessening of chronic disease symptoms, less bouts of depression, more confidence in their work, relationships, and personal progress in life?


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands on therapeutic type of energetic body work. The practitioner lays their hands on various positions on the body and helps to clear the energetic meridians and chakras of stagnation, stress and holding on patterns. It originated in Japan, by a Doctor called Usui Reiki. He was a deeply aware and holistic practicing doctor. He knew the power of touch, and how the universe offers its healing energy through us.

After many years of personal work and meditation he developed "Reiki" and it has been brought forth through a very long lineage, carried on much like the oral traditions would pass on stories. He taught students, and then students practiced and became proficient and taught other students.

Reiki being a very tactile form of energy therapy presents to the western world a more believable form of energy bodywork, rather than say Pranic or psychic distance healing where the hands are not even placed on the body at all.

Touch is healing!

I do believe that there is also the human touch factor that makes Reiki all that more powerful for healing and balancing our stress and immune response. When a baby is born, if it is not held, touched and essentially shown loving affection it may fail to thrive, and even die. This is a proven fact.

So the power of touch cannot be undervalued. A Reiki session becomes a very sacred interaction between practitioner and client. The practitioner must leave their ego, their mind stuff at the door so to speak, and be completely focused on the patient before them. The patient must be open and accepting of the shift that needs to take place.

It is an interaction that must be built on mutual trust, acceptance and a willingness to heal on the part of the recipient. You must be ready to let go of what is not serving you in life to ultimately heal your dis-ease. You must be willing to change.

May you make Reiki a part of your healing process and find relief and happiness on your healing journey.



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  1. Very informative and interesting! It sounds like something my mother used to do for me and I now do for my family, but yet, I didn't know what it was or if it was even real... Maybe we were just quacky. Thank you Piera!