Tuesday, March 1, 2011

5 foods you can eat right now to begin CLEANSING your whole body

It seems that "detox" and doing a cleanse is the super hyped trend going on right now in the health/wellness industry. The message is "Jennifer Aniston is doing it so I better get on that too".

We do need to cleanse, and rid our bodies of the excess toxins we may be carrying in our tissues and cells. There are effective ways to cleanse and then there are the fad or trendy ways to do so. I promote the safe, balanced and mindful approach in all that I do with my clients.

A proper cleanse must start with your daily DIET. There really is no point in buying cleansing kits, doing water or juice fasts, and taking those prepared concoctions of products that promise you will lose 10 pounds of excess whatever in 3 days.

It is a waste of your money and may even be dangerous if you have never done a cleanse before, or if you have a not so healthy lifestyle that includes smoking, regular intake of alcohol, refined sugar, processed foods, and heavy portions of animal products to begin with. Diet is first to get "clean", and will make the process of eliminating the deeper junk much more gentler.

So here are 5 foods can you start to eat right now to get you on the right path.

Begin by cutting down and eliminating sugar, anything that comes in a package, box or carton, coffee, and wheat products. Then replace with the following:

1. Flaxseeds and Flax seed oil: Ground flax seeds are high in fiber which help elimination. They are also high in lignans which is a chemical component proven to help reduce inflammation, prevent cancer and help ward off plaque forming on arterial walls from fats, which are associated with cardiovascular disease. Flax is a super and simple food you can't ignore. Have some fun and grind them up and throw them in shakes, salads, soups, or rice pilaffs. They have a great nutty taste and add crunch to your meals.

2. Blueberries- Actually most berries are phenomenal for adding anti oxidant rich sources of nutrients to your diet. Raspberries, strawberries, and goji berries all have fiber, and help to heal inflammation and assist in elimination. Cranberries are particularly advised for those with chronic bladder or pelvic inflammatory symptoms. Juicing or adding them directly into shakes make a great way to start your day.

3. Kale- Oh this is my fav!! I'm a kale freak. Or anyone who gets as excited as I do about a green vegetable is simply just a freak I guess. But really this is one POWER HOUSE of a vegetable.

Kale is incredibly loaded with vitamins, anti oxidants (those great little guys that ward off potential disease causing free radicals) chlorophyll which is a SUPER internal blood and organ cleanser and fiber! Fiber is your best friend when you begin ANY cleanse. You need to clean out the colon before any real effective cleansing can happen. So go get green!

4. Lemons- Lemons can be utilized to initiate cleansing from the moment you wake up. Have a glass of warm purified water, add 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and drink half hour before your first meal of the day. Its incredible what this simple habit can do for your digestive system. It will help your liver get a jump start and help the movement of toxins out the body too.

5. Beets- This is another great yummy root vegetable that targets the liver and blood specifically. Beets are also high in phytochemicals which are plant compounds not found in any formulated commercial vitamin out there. Phytochemicals work to feed, regenerate, and bring the cells back to balance. And anything that brings balance, is congruent with my Core Connection philosophy.

Coming to balance is key. Connect with your body and give these foods a try. See what happens :)



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