Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Loss : A Gateway to Your Deepest Sense of Compassion

We have all experienced some form of loss. When it's someone you love it often can be the most difficult to process. It almost feels quite illusionary at first. Almost as if it were all a dream. This often is just a protective response our bodies and mind initially induce in order for us to cope and in a sense survive. Death and dying can make us feel quite alive, and this for many is the hardest part.

Once we realize the dream is actually our reality, our vulnerability surfaces. The rawness of the ordeal becomes alive in our minds and through our feelings. We begin to feel the fragility of our existence and how precious each moment we have truly is. It is in our raw wounds that we come to experience our humanity.

If we let go and surrender to this place of injury, we reach the most compassionate part of ourselves. We reach the part that can feel, sense and have empathy for our vulnerabilities. With continued exploration we can go on to reach even deeper and sense the vulnerabilities of others close to us, and going even further extending to all humanity. That level of compassion is indisputably the highest level of love possible we can ever manifest in our lives.

It is that level of compassion that heals not only our raw wounds around personal loss, but heals the pain of the planet. It is far extending because it originates from that internal original wound or pain we carry around with us day in and out.

Thus I believe with every fragment of my being, that once we calm the war within with self compassion and forgiveness, we have the opportunity to create massive change in our external lives. The wars we see on TV are simply a reflection of the war that each individual is ignoring within themselves.

Loss is traumatic. Death is inevitable. It just is part of life. Once we come to terms that life includes pain and we can face it without running in the opposite direction than we can grow and heal. So accepting that anything that is material in our life is only temporary, and that nothing is permanent makes accepting loss a little more easier. Above and beyond this, death and loss can be valuable lessons in our lives, teaching us to explore and open up to our greatest potential for loving.

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