Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Go for Gold....Passion from the heart drives everything!

Jayna Hefford, Me and Brian Price

Brian and I at Canfund's "Art of Being Excellent" Night Feb. 2011

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend a charity fund raiser in support of Canfund. Canfund is an organization that stands on heart driven values, love for physical excellence and pride in our national Canadian talent. Canfund financial supports our Olympic athletes to prepare them for every Olympic dream possible.

Our athletes don't have it as easy as we may think. I watched a video presentation on the female Ice hockey team in training, and it was a tremendous display of self grit, determination and passion driven goals. We hear about how much athletes train, but when you see it and come to know that they live on bare minimum, not making a salary for the 4 years they train you really realize the motives for achieving are coming from the core.

Athletes must core connect. If they don't, they don't get far.

Brain Price is an astounding athlete, warrior and human being. He battled leukaemia as a young boy, survived after 5 years of hospital visits and treatments, and went on to bring our rowing team to victory. Standing at 5'6, he explained how the chemo treatments he underwent as a boy, led to his growth being stunted.

Thought you had limitations? We all do. It's how we respond to life that matters!

Brian completely moved me that night. I could see his desire in his eyes, hear it in his passionate voice and it seemed to be pouring out of every pore in his body.

That is connection!

That is living from the core, the place of ultimate truth, and love and awesomeness. Knowing in your deepest Self that your purpose is concrete, clear and a joy to pursue.

I had the pleasure of meeting Brian and Jayna Hefford, and was honoured to have the opportunity to have some pictures taken.

When you live from the heart, you live from an infallible connection. And that is what wins every time, and not just a gold medal. You win the honour of living your Truth, and its that truth that gives you the ultimate freedom in this life, to live joyously, and abundant in every respect.


Connect to our Canadian athletes, and help support physical excellence, mental perseverance and national honour.


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