Sunday, March 6, 2011

An issue of Trust

What does it mean to trust?

To trust another?

To trust the process and path taken?

To trust the Self?

In my practice and in my own life this sacred value returns to the forefront asking to be examined.

Trust seems to imply we give another our faith, and our whole hearted acceptance that what they appear to be conveying to us in their words and actions is true. We perceive through or our own lens what the other is and represents. It never is about them, it always is about what we see, feel and perceive our reality to be.

So in essence to trust another, we must trust our own Self first. We must claim our truth, know what we believe is right for us first, before we can trust and accept the other.

Often times what we believe has been a violation of our trust by another, was simply a violation of our own sense of self trust. We didn't accept our truth, and went looking to see it or get it from another. That is simply insanity, and the cause for the delusion we often experience when we hand over our need for acceptance to another, before we do it for ourselves.

To honour our own truth, and live the path from that place, creates the most valuable sense of trust you can have in YOURSELF. No one else can grant you happiness, satisfaction and love before you do it for yourself.

Your truth is your very own unique essence. The more you celebrate that, nurture, and cultivate it the greater you will trust yourself to proceed, prosper and achieve all that you desire.

Trust grows immensely when we water the seed of our Truth with self acceptance, self care and self love.

Next time you feel your trust has been violated ponder the following questions:

1) Was I really being truthful about my own feelings with the other?

2) Did I place full trust almost blindly in the other, without first trusting my own intuition about the situation?

3) Is it possible that I don't trust my own truth enough, and am looking for acceptance by others, or the external world where it is impossible to find my own personal truth?

4) Am I really being betrayed? Or could it be that the other is operating through their own deep seated insecurity and fear of being hurt?

Challenge your preconceived notions and beliefs about yourself and others. Like Don Miguel Ruiz says "Never assume anything about anyone, and never take anything personally".

What others do or say, NEVER IS ABOUT YOU! Its always their own to own.

Under all of that, lies your brillance and the essence of who you really are.



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