Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weight loss Series- Tip # 2 Make water your new best friend

Water makes up nearly 2/3 of your body weight. Depending on age, gender and body composition that number may fluctuate a bit, but the point is water is one of the most vital things we need to be aware of.

It isn't a nutrient per say, but can be considered even more significant than the other essential nutrients we need to survive. Water allows for thousands of bodily processes to occur, of which assimilation, digestion, and regeneration are to be noted as the big contenders.

Without drinking enough water you slow down these bodily processes. This translates in an acceleration in the aging process, stress on the organs to work harder, and eventually a contributing factor to the "epidemic" of fatigue and low energy levels so many people experience in this modern age.

The fact that we are a society that is constantly struggling with fatigue and achieving vibrant energy, reflects a massive correlation to a very poor and nutrient deficient diet. However beyond the cliche' that we are what we eat, we also are what we drink, what we say, what we think of most often, and what we do in life.

So let's tackle the what we drink part of that equation for now.

If you live on :

  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Diet or regular soft drinks
  • Juices sweetened with sugar and glucose syrups
  • Energy drinks which can also be called liquid poisons (that's my personal opinion)
  • Regular milk ( non organic)
  • Tap water

you are risking your body the essential hydration it needs.

For weight loss, water is the most fundamental thing you need to consistently incorporate daily.

It will help with the detoxification process that naturally comes with weight loss. Every time you burn fat from your cells, the cells release the toxins held there. Your fat cells are the ones that store most of the toxicity that resides in your body. The liver is thought to be the main one. But the liver helps the the body transport toxins out of the bloodstream and be stored somewhere a little safer, mainly your fat cells.

How much to drink?

If your goal is to lose weight, I would aim for 2 L of water a day minimum. That is in addition to all other liquids you ingest for the day. If you drink coffee or black tea, (both contain caffeine) you are looking at 2.5-3L daily. The more caffeine containing drinks you take in, the more water your body loses. The aim is to keep intra cellular (within cells) levels of H2O high. This keeps the cell well hydrated, able to do its job and ultimately more ENERGY for you :)

More Benefits of Water:

  • Keeps CRAVINGS in check : Often what we think is hunger is really THIRST. To avoid overeating or unnecessary snacking, drinking water first may be what you really need.
  • Helps Natural Elimination: So your digestive system functions with ease, and you develop natural regularity. Most people carry excessive pounds in their colons. A colon cleanse will help rid the body of that, and help you absorb nutrients more effectively. When you absorb more nutrients, you will CRAVE less and eat less because your body is getting and using what it needs. This is HUGE for people looking to lose weight!
  • Helps Flush Out Toxins: During weight loss you want to assist the body as much as possible in getting the toxins out. Water is the best way to do so. Using herbs and fiber are also important things you should consider as well.
  • Helps Satiation: Its been proven that drinking 1-2 glasses of water 15 min before a meal will help you feel fuller on less food. This may help you decrease calories without feeling you are.
  • Natural Skin Rejuvenator: Water is one of the best ways to healthier skin. It helps keep it hydrated, less prone to the effects of aging, and by keeping toxins out, your skin will reflect that almost within a few weeks of optimal hydration.

Give it a try see what happens ;)



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