Monday, March 28, 2011

One Sexy Herb You Need to Take for Awesome Vitality!

Ginseng is a power herb you just can't ignore. Ginseng is chinese for "man root", describing its human shaped form. The Asian panax variety proves to be an elixir that supports overall immunity, adrenal function, hormonal health, energy levels and the blood.

It is a well known adaptogen in the natural health world. Adaptogens help the body increase resistance to stress, injury, trauma, fatigue and anxiety. It is a tonic that supports the body and rejuvenates all vital systems. So taking it will restore your reserves and help you feel more energized and better rested from sleep.

There are many varieties of Ginseng available. Panax Asian ginsengs are the original sources used by Chinese medical doctors. These are said to be the more effective forms to use medicinally.

Ginseng Benefits for Women:
  • Hormone balancing properties will address PMS, and menopausal ailments
  • Increases energy, supports fatigue states particularly for working or stay at home moms who are inundated with tasks, and child rearing responsibilities
  • Increases libido: particularly useful for menopausal women
  • Increases mental focus and memory, which is sometimes impaired with the onset of menopause and the hormonal disturbances that occur at this time.
  • Weight loss aid: Can help increase energy levels, by supporting thyroid and adrenal function, and improve overall metabolism

Ginseng Benefits for Men:

  • Erectile Dysfunction: helps to support overall systemic blood flow and boosts testosterone levels, which lessen with age
  • Infertility: can help increase sperm counts and their overall health
  • Increases stamina: Both physically and mentally, allowing you to be more productive (pun intended ;)
  • Improves immunity, and resistance to viral or bacterial infections
  • Supports prostate health, by assisting the body's hormonal balance

So if you feeling tired often or exhausted, having trouble in the bedroom, or keep getting colds or flu type infections you are a good candidate for ginseng therapy.

Contraindications and Precautions:

Children, and women who are pregnant or nursing should not use ginseng.

Also if you are diabetic and taking insulin be cautious with ginseng. Ginseng may lower sugar levels, and interfere with your medications. Make sure to advise your doctor about this, and she/he can adjust insulin prescriptions accordingly. It has been proven to treat diabetes successfully by lowering insulin naturally.

Also those with hypertension (high blood pressure) should avoid using this herb until they have adressed that first. Ginseng stimulates the body and that includes blood pressure.


Which form is best?

The most well metabolized form is in liquid tincture. It is better assimilated than capsules or tablets. You can also buy the actual root from a chinese herbalist. This will require you to prepare it by boiling it for a set time and ingesting the broth. It is far easier to take the tincture in water 2-3 times a day depending on your particular circumstances.

May Ginseng put a bounce in your step, and make this Spring one full of renewed thriving health for all of you!

In health always,



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