Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weight Loss Series- Tip #4-Pro Biotics Targets the Core for Weight Loss

Great health is determined by the health of your gut. It simply starts there!

The first area I investigate when seeing a new client is the digestive system. It just is a prime indicator of what their state of health is as a whole. With just a few questions I can gather enough information to begin understanding where the person needs to start with their health and wellness goals.

There really is no point in trying to treat or prevent any ailment or disease process if the diet is not clean, and the digestion compromised. It simply becomes a maintaining cause and obstacle to achieving relief of symptoms.

Your digestive system is the "second brain" and makes up a huge part of your immune system. Some medical experts have gone as far as stating that the bacteria in our guts actually communicate with our brain or nervous system.

I find this fascinating! Having read the book "The Second Brain" by Michael Gershon, I became convinced that we truly have a network of astounding connections in our gut to our whole organism. Its incredible, how each and every part, cell and atom of our being relates and works in tandem with each other and creates the whole.

Good bacteria vs Bad bacteria:

The gut contains bad bacteria and good bacteria. In a healthy functioning gut, there is a roughly 80% to 15% good versus bad bacteria ratio. In many north Americans, the ratios are reversed! It's no wonder diseases and conditions like IBS, constipation, colitis, Crohn's, diverticulitis and cancer is so prevalent.

Good bacteria keeps the bad in check, and helps it not propagate to extreme levels. Good bacteria is essential for everyone. Our modern day lives don't grant us much room to dispute the fact we need to supplement with a probiotic.


Probiotic actually means for life. A good probiotic will ensure you give your digestion system the protection it needs. Bad bacteria will always exist, and the point isn't to eradicate it. Actually we need some to stimulate our immune system and keep it working and protecting us. It's when things get unbalanced that the body becomes compromised.

Find a reputable company that will ensure a safe source probiotic supplement. Yogurt does contain some, but such a minimal amount that it won't provide enough of what you need. Most yogurts are now marketed with the "probiotic label". They are misleading and do not guarantee you will get the recommended amount of bacteria needed.

Aim for a supplement that gives you at least 7 billion units per capsule or serving. If you already have digestive organ disease or intense symptoms, you will need to take more. As a word of caution when you begin to supplement with a probiotic, please GRADUALLY increase the amount till you take the full recommended serving. If you take too much too soon, you will experience a bacteria war in your gut. This may result in a lot of bloating or gas, pain or cramps, and distention. SLOWLY introduce the supplement, especially if you are dealing with an illness.

Fiber, water, probiotics = Winning combination

So you are drinking more water, eating more fiber, and now are going to take a probiotic! You have a winning combo to achieving a healthier, better functioning gut. You will lose weight because you will digest your food better, and assimilate or absorb more nutrients from your food. This translates into fewer cravings, and fewer calories needed to keep you satisfied. You will also improve the elimination and detoxification process leaving you more energy, and less to carry around ;)

Ultimately when you improve your digestive system, you increase your natural immunity. You will notice that getting sick with colds, flus and infections less likely. It just is all connected ;)

So "Core Connecting" is essentially the focus of all of this. When we address the Core of the issue, we connect to what is needed to achieve the health and well being we all deserve.

Recommended Reading: "The Second Brain" by Michael Gershon
"Colon Health" by Dr. Norman W. Walker
"Breaking the Vicious Cycle" by Elaine Gloria Gottschall

The three books above will provide an essential foundation to understanding colon and overall digestive health. I will dedicate a whole series on digestive ailments in the coming weeks.

Please send me your concerns or any specific questions. I will respond as best I can :)

In health always,



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