Thursday, March 17, 2011

Core Connections is LAUNCHED! Welcome to my website!


My new website has just been launched!

I welcome you to browse, take the toxic test and find out more about what I offer and how I may help you achieve better health and wellness. So what is Core Connections? A concept I believe with every cell and atom of my being. My life work is devoted to expanding the awareness of Core Connecting for the greatest and highest good possible.

I’m so very excited to present to you an avenue to wellness many search for and yet never find. It really isn’t so hard. At Core Connections we understand that life is really something that must be cherished and celebrated. Life is not a part time endeavour, it’s every moment you inhale and exhale.

Life thus is a process. We often are inundated by various media and external messages telling us we must strive for goals, we must search for better positions, and run, run, run from where we are to get to where we think we ought to be. In all this running, grasping, and searching we have lost the ground beneath our feet and the anchor to our Core.

The place to begin any change, any “improvement”, anyTHING is right where you are! It begins by connecting to the inner core of your Self, and goes on evolving from there. Isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t knowing we are always evolving, shifting and experiencing higher grounds exciting and also a relief? What if there is no specific “target”? What if the target is the actual process, and the learning we are offered each day?

Awareness is true freedom to all perceived “problems”. When you begin to change the way you look at things, what you look at changes all on its own. The change must start within your very Self. Change your mindset, the angles at which you see things and begin to discover there is a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities.

So to Core Connect really means to come to what is, with a compassionate heart, mind and soul. Based on years of studying both ancient and contemporary philosophy, medicine, and health I have made my life work that of offering people better solutions and strategies to achieve thriving health and wellness.

I guide people to use their own very powerful innate tools to achieve this connection, which is possible in every moment, day, week, month, year and for the lifetimes ahead. The ancients knew this and we can know it as well. Come to know it through your own Core Connection. Awareness begins right here in this present moment.

Namaste :)

I invite you to send me your questions, and concerns and I will answer to the best that my Core Connection can offer.

Health and happiness always,


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